Re: Learning I, II & III, Gregory Bateson, Steps to An Ecolo
Fri, 18 Nov 94 12:12:57 EST

Andrew has asked about Bateson's learning I, II, and III. I wrote my masters
thesis on this long ago. I hope this example is 1) accurate and 2) useful:

Level O Behavior: Turn one doorknob
Learning: learn about one event in one context

Level 1 Behavior: Turn all doorknobs
Learning: Generalize (learn unconsciously what makes up a set across contexts
and be able to operate based on that learning)

Level 2 Behavior: Turn doorknobs, push swing doors; create new kinds of
Learning: Discriminate (learn unconsciously the characteristics of one set
versus another); be able to articulate the rules of a set and generate new

Level 3 Behavior: Teach people how to distinguish between doorknobs and
swinging doors; create new methods for getting people through doors
Learning: Consciously describe discrimination; generate a new set based on
Level 2 rules

You can think of each level as a "territory" of skills and the level above as a
"map" of the skill set below. Therefore, as you move up to the next level, you
have conscious access to the level below and unconscious access to a new set of

I welcome comments!

Marilyn Darling