Re: Org Charts for LO

Keith Cowan (
Sun, 13 Nov 1994 08:44:52 -0500 (EST)

Sometimes just breaking the old paradigm can cause changes for the
positive - I call it getting rid of organizational "rust". Two years
ago, we shifted eMail from host-based to cc:Mail, and installed VoiceMail.

An immediate degradation is response time on eMail (i.e messages went from
immediate delivery to taking up to three hours to get across 15 nodes)
caused a shift to VoiceMail and acceptance. Messaging became more personal
with less copying. The savings in cc:Mail of over $1 million per year not
only paid for VoiceMail but paid off in improved communications.

OK, we were lucky, but this was implemented with an end goal in mind of
getting people away from their PCs and back to more human communication.
This represented a forced paradigm shift caused by envvironmental tools.

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