Re: Ford & lurking

Patrick T. Brooke (
Fri, 11 Nov 1994 09:19:03 -0600

On 10 Nov 1994, Mark Tabladillo wrote:

>This summary statement says it all, and many of us share
>the same problem in our own organizations. At Georgia Tech, it is
>compounded by people who say that they are beyond quality (they know

Amen, Mark. I'm the Controller at my institution, and we're just beginning
to look at changing the way we do things (BPR, TQM or whatever). I'm
starting to run into this same mindset. I've had one high-ranking official
say, "This is a college, not a business! You cannot take ideas from the
business world and apply them to higher education!" Even if you ignore the
fact that over half the budget and employees of the college are committed
to traditional business functions, what's wrong with adapting the concepts
to the classroom?

I wonder why so many people in the original "learning organizations" just
don't want to learn.

Patrick T. Brooke
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