Re: Ford & lurking

Rich Kay (
Sat, 12 Nov 94 8:26:33 KST (0826Z)

A comment about the below posting:

>..."This is a college, not a business! You cannot take ideas from the
>business world and apply them to higher education!" Even if you ignore the
>fact that over half the budget and employees of the college are committed
>to traditional business functions, what's wrong with adapting the concepts
>to the classroom?
>I wonder why so many people in the original "learning organizations" just
>don't want to learn.
>Patrick T. Brooke
>Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois 60187>------

Alas there are strongholds in the military with the same argument, we are
warriors not a business. However, the inspriational leaders are the ones that
recognize "there is wisdom in many counselors", as Ford recognized, and at
least take the risk to apply the principles of LO/TQM.

Since everything we do can (well almost everything) be viewed as a process, it
CAN be improved thru the application of quality principles, whether in
business, education, military, etc. The leader in
the above posting in the educational field sadly has not been able to transfer
the applicability of quality principles/continuous learning from business to
education. And he is grooming the next generation of leaders??? I empathize
with Patrick.

Remember the onion patch story in Joiner's Team handbook. Keep Charging.


Rich Kay