Re[2]: Ford & lurking

Thu, 10 Nov 94 13:22:29 pst

Judy Shepard writes:

>When I read Charles Barclay's message, I wondered what I had gotten
>myself into by introducing myself to this forum. I appreciated the
>note from Bill Fulkerson stating that one person can't explain
>corporate culture (at least not on the low rung of the ladder that
>I'm on). I can only speak for myself and would never attempt to
>speak for Ford Motor Company, even if I understood why things are
>done the way they are (I'll be sure to include a disclaimer on future

Judy - That'll teach you to leap before you look. (Old Chinese
proverb: It is best not to plan to cross a chasm in two leaps.) Sorry
if I put you on the spot. I often feel the same way, being fairly low
on the Edison corporate ladder but having strong opinions and a big
mouth. And I don't know Charles personally, but lurk on the TQM list for a while and you'll see that you weren't
being singled out. We've all got a certain style, and that's Charles.

Thanks for following up, and I hope this doesn't put you off the
learning organization list. We're all just trying to learn from each

BTW, I hope you get a chance to read that Fieldbook. I don't know that
I've read the whole thing, as I keep jumping from one place to
another, but I really like the book. From what you say it sounds like
Ford is on the right track. I have a personal curiousity, as I come
from a Ford family myself (grandfather, father, many other relatives
worked at Ford in Windsor, Ont. Mom's family are Chrysler people from
Highland Park, MI)

Sean Gawne
Southern California Edison
"I don't need no stinking disclaimers!"