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T.Ravichandran (GT2749@SIUCVMB.SIU.EDU)
Thu, 10 Nov 94 17:04:08 CST


Date: 10 November 1994, 16:33:37 CST
From: T.Ravichandran O:(618) 453 7191 GT2749 at SIUCVMB
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Hello folks. I joined the list recently. I find the discussions on Ford &
org. structure in L-O, interesting.
Gezinus raised an interesting point on the role of org structures in
supporting learning in organizations. Redundancy and overlap seem to be
some features that have been discussed in the literature. Refer
articles by Nonaka on Honda's product development teams. The articles
appeared in Sloan and California Management review. An important
theme espoused in these articles is the notion of information
creation. In contrast to traditional organizations where org.
structures are designed to act as information filters, the redundant
and overlapping structures encourage information sharing and permit
varied interpretation of reality.
Learning involves a whole cycle comprising of knowledge creation,
assimilation, sharing and translating knowledge into action. I would
like to know of specific practices that have been adopted in
organizations to enhance these capabilities.

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