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Bryan Frew (
Wed, 9 Nov 94 06:41:34 PST

I'm part of a small research and consulting group in Sydney, Australia working with organisations
to apply "systems thinking" to structure and performance issues. We call this Process Management
at the moment, for want of a better name. BPR (as a name and practice) has too many bad
connotations. (From the tone of his note I have this view in common with Norman Frank and
probably many others.) For example, Permaculture (Permanent Agriculture, developed by
Australians Bill Mollinson and David Holmgren) is the name given to the application of systems
thinking to farming. I'd be interested in your thoughts and ideas on a suitable name.

I have started to explore the use of ithink to help me with what I do. I have never used a
product like this before (which was another reason for joining this forum) so I need all the help
I can get. I hope to use it to (1) introduce organisations to systems thinking in an
experiential way. (2) Use it to model and "trial" alternative process designs especially to
isolate the vital few process measures. Any comments, suggestions will be appreciated.

I am wading my way through the Fifth Discipline Fieldbook and I find it jam packed full of useful
tools and ideas its really great. I am also reading Ralph Stacey's book, Managing the Unknowable
which I think is really good. I'd be interested in hearing what others think.

Finally, Wolf I would also be very interested in getting a copy of model and helping in any way I
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