Intro -- Art Kleiner

Art Kleiner (
Fri, 21 Oct 1994 05:54:54 -0700

I like the idea of introducing ourselves and realize it
has been a week or more since Rick and Shirley started...

I'm a coauthor of the Fifth Discipline Fieldbook, and was
an editorial consultant on The Fifth Discipline. That represents
a lot of my introduction to the learning organization concepts.
But not all. I once worked for the Whole Earth Catalog, and
for the past five yeras I've been interviewing people about the
history of the "social movement to change large mainstream
corporations for the better", especially from 1960 til the

The book that will result is to be called The Age of Heretics.

I have looked at a wide variety of stories, ranging from
the Gaines dog food plant in Topeka, and the P&G Lima plant,
to the battles between managers and shareholders (and environmentalists)
in the early 1990s, and much in between.

I'm enjoying reading the comments that come through on this
mailing list.