Re: Intro -- Art Kleiner

Christopher Labash (clabash@CERF.NET)
Fri, 21 Oct 1994 17:59:48 -0500

> I like the idea of introducing ourselves and realize it
>has been a week or more since Rick and Shirley started...

Inspired by Art's resolve to introduce himself, I'm Chris Labash, and for
most of my professional life I've worked in advertising agencies, most
recently as Executive Creative Director of Ketchum Advertising, the 17th
largest worldwide. This past January, I started a company, IdeaLab,
partially in response to the dearth of creative and innovative thinking in
many of my clients' companies: they weren't learning, they weren't getting
better, they weren't innovating, they weren't contributing. That seems to
be a thread in most companies and organizations that are discussed

I've enjoyed reading the comments on the list thus far and wonder, apropos
of the above, do any of us know companies or organizations who _are_ at the
forward edge of innovating and learning? More important, perhaps, is the
reason for their commitment. Anyone know of any studies or whatnot that
*proves* that these are vital to organizational survival & growth?

BTW Art, I've enjoyed all three books you've been associated with and look
forward to *The Age of Heretics.*


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