Re: The Scientific and the Soul

Richard Karash (
Wed, 28 Sep 1994 20:59:29 +0059 (EDT)

Hello, learning-org!

The message (below) from Sue Inches refers to the oct 13th event in Boston
on the topic _Reconciling the Scientific and the Soul_ with Peter Senge,
poet David Whyte and pianist Michael Jones. As I mentioned in my earlier
post, this should be a very interesting evening. For info, contact Sheryl
Erickson at 508-278-6603.

Sue mentions that a discussion on this topic is presently going on on The
MetaNet system in the conference OD94. The MetaNet is a conferencing
system that has quite a few OD practitioners, but you need an account on
that system to participate. For information, call them at 703-243-6622.
Sorry, I don't have a good email address for them (the system is

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On Wed, 28 Sep 1994, Sue Inches wrote:

> Rick, I put an item on the Oct. 13th topic, Reconciling the Scientific and
> the Soul, in OD 94 conference. The idea is to have some on line discussion
> there, and then make the info available to Sheryl, who may decide to share
> it at the Oct. 13 event. You might want to check out the on line
> discussion.