The Awareness Technique

William A Reilly (
Wed, 28 Sep 1994 14:53:17 +0059 (EDT)

Hi. My name is Bill Reilly,

I publish the works of Diane S. Harper on =The Awareness
Technique= (TAT). TAT is an approach to finding one's
"inner consciousness." First published in 1970, TAT
has been used by thousands of readers, world-wide.

TAT consists of three books, the first chapters of which
are not copyrighted and may be freely retrieved from the
Internet via FTP or gopher.

Book 1, Chapter 1 (Multi-Level Awareness) may be FTP-ed from
in directory /books/Awareness as file b1-1.txt.
Book 2, Chapter 1 (Multi-Plane Awareness) is file b2-1.txt
Book 3, Chapter 1 (Perfecting The Spirit) is file b3-1.txt

Or gopher to
and select Booksellers, then The Awareness Technique.

~~Bill Reilly