agenda for 11-27-2000
pages on usability and eliterature
talk on magic and HCI
agenda for 11-27-2000
in the margins
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links for a talk at Emerson College's Online Publishing seminar

my background

Technical writing, information design, usability research, ui design...

Trellix creates tools that let regular people build web sites quickly; if you want to see our latest product, Trellix Web Express, in action you can build a web site at Bolt (or a dozen other sites).

(readers are) skimming

key resource: Jakob Nielsen's How Users Read On The Web (see handout)

bonus links: Julia Hayden's Language, The Ultimate User Interface
an article of mine on personality in interface text (applying Nass / Reeves research): remove unintended effects first, then add personality

(readers don't mind) scrolling

key resource: User Interface Engineering's As The Page Scrolls (see handout)

chunking (is an art)


key resource: Dan Bricklin's Write links that don't have to be followed (see handout)

good content is hard work

a picture of an iceberg from another talk

personality issues

For those of you who don't know her work, I'd like to recommend Amy Gahran's Contentious. I totally subscribe to the content in her article, "What It Takes to be an Online Content Pro" in which she says we need to be

Curious * Brave * Self-directed * Disciplined * Organized * Emotionally strong * Humble * Cooperative * Versatile * Flexible * Savvy * Ethical * Outgoing * Patient & persistent * Fun-loving

Gahran is also involved in encouraging print journalists to move online.

Jeffrey Zeldman's A List Apart hosts Curt Cloninger's Usability Experts Are From Mars; Graphic Designers Are From Venus...

change is constant

which is why the margins of the web are interesting

my favorite resources

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