Building a FlightStar IISC

Joanne and I decided to build a FlightStar in February 2001.
We chose the model IISC powered by a Rotax 503. We completed it, had it registered as a two place experimental (N4077L) by June 28, 2001. Not to shabby ... aye.
I mention this because a lot of people don't realize how quickly a plane like this can be built. We worked on our plane between 10 and 20 hours per week. And, before you knew it, we were ready to truck it on down to our local airport.
And then ... and then ... and then it was time for flight testing
The rest of this website is a blow by blow description of how we got the job done
We hope you enjoy it

Phase One Weeks one to ten
Phase Two Weeks eleven to fourteen
Phase Three Weeks fifteen to twenty one
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