Drang Nach Osten: Eric's Game

I have just finished turn one, less production, and here is what happened.

MJ '42

The war starts with the mandatory DOWs. Japan DOWs the US/CW, Germany the USSR. Sweden is activated as an ally with troops next to Oslo and along the Finish border. With the Russians defending in depth the Germans take a land and do not play their chit. Lvov is taken and 2 INF are killed and 2 GAR KGed. The Sweeds exchange INF but advance into Finland. The Germans ooze along the front wher they can. Japan port strikes Pearl and SIN. Lucky for the Allies their rolls are low to prevent excessive naval points in the attacks. The US take a pounding losing 2 CVs and 3 CAs, a further 3 CVs are damaged. The naval air armof the Pacific Fleet is gone for 2+ turns. (one CV sunk was bottomed). The CW fare a little better losing a CV and a CA. They also have 2CVs, BB, 2CAs damaged. Per the errata the Australian unit in Rebaul was moved back to Australia so the Japs invade unopposed. DIVs move along the New Guine and Borono coast. MAR DIV takes Guam, another takes Hong Kong. IJA forces move out of Siam and advance next to Singapore and occupy Rangoon (left undefended). SUBs have cleared the Bay of Bengal of CW CPs so the Mayala units are out of supply. Both Corps in Singapore are flipped by naval ground strike (two 1's rolled) and Yamamoto attacks at 3-2 +4 (18 to 12). With Singapore taken the IJA steps on the CW fleet and forces them to scuttle 4 BBs and 4 CAs, one CA is captured. The remainsing units (3BBs and 9CAs) flee to India. Cw fleet actions are seriously hampered in the Pacific/Indian Oceans.

The Allies respond with a DOW by France on Germany, and Belgium opens its door to the French Army who advance to the German border. A good attack is set-up (3-1 assult) but it is decided it is better not to attack and give the Germans a +.25 for one hex. The US tries to DOW the Germans needing a 6 or less and suceeds. The Turks are activated by the CW to boost its production and to set for and invasion into Bulgaria. Other units advance into the USSR. The US takes a naval and pulls the fleet out of the Netherlands and sends reinforcements East and West.

Russians finally get to move and fall back along all fronts. A stop line is formed (yeh right - make that speed bump) along the Dneiper and around Vitebesk. Odessa is railed into the Urals. Turn end number is at 13 after 3 rolls, this could be a long turn.

Clear weather continues with a 9 and the Japs take full advantage of it. With the US at war with the Germans Japan DOWs France and moves into Hanoi with a DIV and INF. An extra corps is landed in the Phillipines and Manila is taken at 4-1. Fleet from Pearl returns to Truk to get clear of any silly American moves. All CVPs were flipped. In Europe the Germans take Riga and Odessa w/Rumainan help, activated this impulse. Two more INF killed but little ground is taken as the Germans run out of units - they can not present a strong front only 3 hunter-killer stacks. In the West the Germans Blitz into Rotterdam and capture the resource hex. Germans in the West are also stretched thin but have more air power.

In the Allied impulse the CW takes a land and reinforces the Rock and moves into Persia taking the oil resource. More units are set to sail to Turkey. Either the CW will DOW Bulg to get a common border or Germany will activate it, either way the objective is achieved. In their glory the Turks attack a Russian INF at 2-1 +1 and kill it but lose two corps. Now the Turks have lost their advantage in numbers against the Russians.

Russians fall back on their impulse and the Commie Chinese pass. Turn end is 33.

Clear weather again (8 rolled). Japan takes a land and moves along the Borneo and coast some more and set up to attack Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur is taken in a bloody 2/1. Japs do kill MOT, FTR and NAV. In Europe Norway is invaded and Oslo falls in a 3-1 attack killing a Swedish Corps. Germany activates Bulgaria to prevent its fall and rails an HQ and ss INF there to boost ratio for next turn. CW can not yet DOW. Amsterdam is taken and the Neth are conqured. The Germans, at the end of their rope in Russia take a combined and sail the Kreigsmarine into the Bay of Biscay but fail to find the US Fleet and its TRANs.

The Allies respond with a successful search in Biscay that sees 2 CVPs for the Allies and the Condor for the Germans go down in air-to-air combat. AA aborts all factors cleared through. CW lands more units in Istanbul. If the Germans had more AMPH/TRAN and the French were not in the war the CW might worry about leaving the UK almost undefended.

Russians and Chinese pass with turn end at 53.

Weather stays clear with a 9 and the IJA now turns its fury on the Chinese and attacks out of Canton with a 2-1 +1 blitz shattering the Defender and remaining face up. Yamashita and his DIV advance to the India border with Burma. In Russia the Germans take Minsk but can not advance in strength.

The Allies strike again at the Kriegsmarine in Biscay in an air battle that aborts all bombers. The Germans then retire not wanting to press their luck against the combined US/French fleets. China and CW pass.

Russians pul back on all fronts but Turkey where they advance. Turn end at 75.

The weather finally goes bad with a 3. Germans looking to set up and offensive in the West next turn try to force the Rhine and blitz the hex northeast of of Brussels but trade MECHs with the French doing so. Everywhere else things are quiet - Yamashita advances into India with his DIV and Jap CPs and escorts are sent into the Bay of Bengal to support the offensive.

French and US reposition their forces in Belg for the coming battle and the CW moves up its MECH and MOT in India to block the Japs. CW has massed 2 MECH, 2 MOT, LND and Turk INF and GAR next to Bulg with a HQ on the way. All they can do is wait, Spain will bring extra units and hopes are to break the pack in 1943. The Italians sit idly by. The turn finally ends with PARTs in Finland, Yugo, Iraq (stealing a CW oil), and China.

So is the story of the first turn of the first game of Drang Nach Osten.