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A Public Information Utility

The World (, operated by Software Tool & Die, Is an Internet service provider with headquarters in Boston, MA, USA.

In 1989 we were the first commercial Internet Service Provider on the planet for the general public. And we're still proud to be the best.

– Internet Access
Dial-Up remains an inexpensive, flexible way to access the internet supported by all major computers and operating systems. Some computers require the addition of a modem, usually under $50, which connects the computer to an ordinary phone line to either the computer's serial port or a USB port. If you need help setting this up Contact us

The World has over 8,000 dial-in phone numbers in the United States (not Alaska), including Puerto Rico, and Canada.

We also provide bulk dial-up pricing for companies with devices requiring ten to thousands of dial-up sessions spread across our coverage area. We can generate automatic account creation for devices, detail billing, cost optimizations, accounts management, etc. Contact us with your requirements.

We support pop, secure pop, imap, secure imap, and terminal-based email software for shell accounts.

Together this supports almost every email program on Windows, Macintosh, Unix, and Unix-like (Linux, BSD) systems with an easy set-up. We also support most smart phones such as the iPhone or android-based phones.

We also have webmail access to your email. This is a program which works like a web page in your browser letting you do all the common email functions such as view by sender and subject line, read email and attachments, respond or compose new emails, delete and otherwise manage your email, etc.

You don't have to choose! You could use imap from your smart phone and webmail from your home computer or laptop.

Webmail is particularly useful for checking your email from someone else's computer, laptop, or smart phone as the login and and all interaction occurs within a browser window. There is no need to configure the 'borrowed' system in any way. Many also just prefer the interface provided by webmail which relies more on our powerful servers than their own puny, little, cheap computers :-)

We do spam-filtering at the system-level to block the most aggressive abusers and provide tools for customers to refine their personal email filtering needs.

We have zero tolerance for spammers and retain the right to shut down anyone determined to be spamming, based primarily on complaints, with or without warning and to assess charges for work incurred by us in response to their abuse.

If you are a spammer please go away! Our success in hunting down spammers and holding them responsible both financially and criminally is well known, ask around.

If you have ANY questions about whether an email activity you plan might be considered abusive PLEASE CONTACT US! We will give you our best opinion without judgement or hassle. Often, with a few simple changes, a potentially abusive email campaign can be turned into an honest business venture. We've been in this business for over 20 years, give us a chance!