The Unicode Hebrew Character Combinations
		      Needed for Yiddish According to its
			    Standardized Orthography

    Letter               Unicode Sequence

 1. veyz                 05D1;HEBREW LETTER BET
                         05BF;HEBREW POINT RAFE

 2. kof                  05DB;HEBREW LETTER KAF
                         05BC;HEBREW POINT DAGESH OR MAPIQ

 3. pey                  05E4;HEBREW LETTER PE
                         05BC;HEBREW POINT DAGESH OR MAPIQ

 4. fey                  05E4;HEBREW LETTER PE
                         05BF;HEBREW POINT RAFE

 5. sin                  05E9;HEBREW LETTER SHIN
                         05C2;HEBREW POINT SIN DOT

 6. tof                  05EA;HEBREW LETTER TAV
                         05BC;HEBREW POINT DAGESH OR MAPIQ

 7. pasekh alef          05D0;HEBREW LETTER ALEF
                         05B7;HEBREW POINT PATAH

 8. komets alef          05D0;HEBREW LETTER ALEF
                         05B8;HEBREW POINT QAMATS

 9. melupm vov           05D5;HEBREW LETTER VAV
                         05BC;HEBREW POINT DAGESH OR MAPIQ

10. khirek yud           05D9;HEBREW LETTER YOD
                         05B4;HEBREW POINT HIRIQ

11. pasekh tsvey yudn    05F2;HEBREW LIGATURE YIDDISH DOUBLE YOD
                         05B7;HEBREW POINT PATAH

Compiled by Mark H. David for UYIP -- send errors, ommissions, corrections via email to

(GIF images of Yiddish characters shown above appear courtesy of the Online Yiddish Dictionary Project)