axonometric of TETRA BLOCK

The image represents a 7 x 7 x 7 cube with a standard cryptic fill in three directions and 2 x 2 x 2 cubes removed from four of the corners. In the solving diagram at the bottom of this page, the numbered slices are standard Across and Down grids. Through answers are entered with one letter in each slice, working down the page. Three answers are capitalized; one is not MW.


1Teacher paddled one (5)
4Catch club jazzman's mimic (7)
8Attacker excited tremors (7)
12Almost loses head before allotted time (5)
15Wreck of Hesperus does not have run in old city (7)
19WASP, for example, is intimate in morning (7)
20In rush, all others get herb (7)
21Lost respect for authority (7)
22Fluster disturbed calm (7)
26In type of leather I may be steadfast (7)
27Swift, for one mixed in riots (7)
28Muscles curve, bearing first of colorful inflammation (7)
29Broadcast made a mistake out loud (5)
32Clear-cut act holds back plague (7)
33Onlookers listened to springs in England (7)
34Import Tasmania's premier variety of strong ale (5) [NI3 usage]


1Hits Buddy's nemesis? (5)
2Sanction administration's head roaming after pages (7)
3Immigrant is confused on crime (7) [NI3+]
7Try without heart to adopt skill of a streetwalker (5)
15"Pleases" smoothed passages (7)
16Grass present includes bag (7)
17Using lethal part of excited atomic state (7)
18Pack animal in sound Civil War fort (7)
22Adjust caliper to make reproduction (7)
23Rest on most of work shirt rolled up to view TV shows (7)
24Elastic marks, I'll say (7)
25T. S. Eliot made new literary device (7)
29A Bronx High School of Science student sounded irritated? (7)
30Last fragment of George Washington seen in torn bit of money (7, two words)
31Pranks executed on operating system (5)
32Follow mother's doctrine (5)


1Drive ox (5)
2Encephalograph, as I age, to reveal result of brain damage (7)
3Battering of rains to such extent (7)
4Hot in outrageously performed bit (7)
5Excessively prudish joke about "lovely" meter maid (7)
6Across Rubicon, ten days' struggle (7)
7Enticed, Turner goes after short-term employee (7)
8Assigns rehabilitation for dissing (7)
9Dog leaves scientists' study speaking (7)
10Feeling of ill-being after gender reassignment of head of Normandy town (7)
11Repaired toaster revolves (7)
12Rising from water redeems anew (7)
13Sailor embraces designer back in refuge (7)
14Tree stripped bare reveals battlefield (5)
18Without half its liberals, city turns to hodgepodge (5)
21Callas upset after loss of large opera house (5)


not MW = not in Merriam-Webster dictionaries
NI3 usage = usage in Merriam-Webster's Third New International Dictionary
NI3+ = word appears in NI3 marked as dialect, slang, archaic, or the like

SOLVING DIAGRAM . . . also available on a separate page

slice diagram for TETRA BLOCK

Puzzle by Will Johnston. Originally published in The Enigma, official publication of the National Puzzlers' League, June 1998, pages 20-21. Reprinted by permission.