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Crossword Puzzle Pointers

The Art of Crossword Construction (pdf)

Become a Crossword Super Solver (pdf)

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La Divina Commedia
Dante Alighieri

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Chess Sets for Fixation

Customize your version of Fixation with traditional chess pieces.

Chronos Chess Clock Quick Start Guide

A PDF file with simple instructions that can fit on the bottom of your clock.

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Through the 6x6x6 Color Cube
An Interactive Voyage

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How the Uninfected Are Affected by AIDS

By William I. Johnston

Exploring the psychological and social
issues facing HIV-negative gay men.

complete online edition

print edition

New York: Insight Books-Plenum Press, 1995

paperback ISBN 0-306-44951-X abebooks amazon
hardcover ISBN 0-306-44947-1 abebooks amazon

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