A new way to new physics

Hello, I'm Doug, Stand-Up Physicist

Bringing theoretical physics to Cable TV and the Web!

This is Doug Sweetser's own work, so it may be wrong, but at least it is entertaining.

Only BIG goals are saught: unifying gravity and EM in a way that gets along with quantum mechanics, finding a better way to understand mass than the Higgs mechanism, understanding why quantum mechanics is weird, justing say no to dark matter, figuring out how time is an arrow.

DVD's are on sale! 12 shows are one three disks, more as shows are developed. You can even get them autographed!

The show was on Boston's Community Access TV station, Channel 23 or RCN 83, 11:30 PM on Tuesdays in the Fall of 2005. 14 shows have been made, 12 more are planned. Lower resolution shows are currently available for download from archive.org.

The project devours both time and money, but is fun and might be important!

See the technical companion site, only if you are, well, technical:

Doing Physics with Quaternions

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