GS> Some Vintage Kortron. :) Notice that Walter Bartoo has
 GS> been consistent in what he says. I Found this in my
 GS> archives. This was posted in Don Allen's UFO echo.

Conference: UFO
Date: 1993-03-15,11:53

 > How about: what or where is safe ground?

(WB) This is a "Big Problem" for many. Being in contact,
issuing change time forcasts and in many cases verification
occuring has created indivdual paranoia. We have always
stated inner guidence is the best way to proceed in any
change one might follow in relocating. We are in what my
guidence states is safe ground. But as I respond here there
is five feet of snow on our roof putting extremes on my
dezign and the county is declared a disaster area by the
governer of the state. Earth as you know it will experience
changes on its complete surface.

 WB> creates a very strong case for whos good or bad when
 WB> this occurs. So it has been decided to let the dark
 WB> side fully expose itself prior to any attempt to a full
 WB> scale reality check to occur by fully showing you and
 WB> everyone our forces.

 > Is there a need for the "dark side" to expose itself?

 > Does "a full scale reality check" mean "abrupt" change?
 > Or does it mean "slow"?

(WB) There is a need for people to realize things aren't
always as they accept them to be. People need to break away
from the herd aspect and learn to think for themselves. My
feelings are things are now approaching a more intense stage
of actual changes. In making this statement all of you need
to understand there are two conflicting ways changes are
occuring. The first is a natural change, and the second is
man made creating harsher outcomes less predictable from a
stand point of predicting outcomes. The newsletter posted
should exspound on this statement.

 > What are they most afraid of?

(WB) The system has programmed in most a deep fear of
change. Look at why people do things. Why they vote for whom
and the value they place on things. This is all based on
wanting things to stabilize that are controled by an
external means not necessarily in their behalf. An example
would be can you eat money? Ofcourse not! But people want
money more than anything but do not grow their own food.
When food dissapears what good is money? What i'm saying is
changes coming will create new value systems. Much today
felt as a valuable asset will be look at quite differently
down the road. Everything is based on false ideas of
reality. Reality checks are nothing more than reinstating
what is really important not what is believed important.
When this occurs certain things will also occur that will
wake people up to what they base their reality on. This
stimulis will go into every part of their lives. Then we can
atleast have some consensis in what many refuse to even look
at. Our present delima as it stands.

If another can paint their picture of reality into you and
others then what chance has the real agenda have in your
lives? If you can think independently and reason
independently you are on your way. But it will be quite
different from a group mind set. A herd of Buffalow will
follow its leader to their death over a cliff in a stampede,
this is your present delima in a herd programed situation
based on illusion. Reality may not get you through whats
coming but it certainly ups your odds.

 WB> to sell the bad guys as good and us as bad. What would
 WB> you do under a similiar situation? So in all
 WB> probability your situation is not your desire for truth
 WB> but your inability to see it. Walter (Kortron).

 > Perhaps our desire not to see it, too.

(WB) Exactly! This we respect as your freedom of choice.

 > Thanx Walter. Some other questions:

 > How many different "parties" or "interests" are we
 > talking about?

(WB) Two factions made up of many different life forms.
Divisions being in allowing universial laws to be freely
accepted as the means of anyones choices in it being their

 > What would YOU do?

(WB) My situation is opting for each of you to see reality
and have free will choice in any decision you wish to make
in realization of anything that is effecting your life in
this full awareness.

To further answer your question I'm doing what I want in my
free will choice to do so. I've prepared for what I have
seen as best I could. Although due to external control some
pieces are missing. The missing pieces are free energy
because this is monitored closely and not allowed. However
I've been told this wont matter in that we are being
monitored and protected. But I am willing to die in this
vehicle in my full awareness death is illusion. Hope this

Walter (Kortron).

 GS> Thanks Walter, this is over 2 years old, and indicates
 GS> what your contribution and your intention, has been on
 GS> the computer nets.

 GS> I found another old message by Walter Bartoo, which he
 GS> posted in Don Allen's UFO echo, over two years ago.
 GS> Thanks Walter, this was posted the same week that I met
 GS> you.

Conference: UFO
Date: 1993-03-21,11:37
Subject: What we are up to!

This is a good time to declare what we are doing and why.
The History of this planet goes back way before any records
indicate as to your recorded history. Different worlds in
this Solar system also have their history that relates in
many ways to Earths with the exception different dramas
resulted in different outcomes.

There is a group that do not follow Gods Universial Laws.
This group has at times intervened in the developement of a
Race and gained control of a Planet. The way they operate is
to separate the life on these worlds from any factual
knowledge of the Creator and the Divine Plan. Some call
these being Satonians. They are the Rebells that fell from
grace in the negative energy zones of systems in opposite
polarity that keeps all energy in motion. Everything "you
see" is in motion. These negative and positive polarities
are necessary to keep energy flowing. A life form that
enters the negative polarity becomes influenced by it. The
effect is that, that life forms' energy frequency lowers to
a lesser frequency then it had in the positive polarity
zones. If the two were not different in frequency energy
could not move as this would create a resistence to flow.

Earth has under this influence against the Divine Plan
greatly diminished it's ability in the Wheel Of Life to
sustain life. The Life forms on it's surface also became
victums of this condition effecting their vehicles and
brains to the point they were operating on a condition near
starvation in relation to nutrients necessary to a healthy
functional entity. The beings doing this never respected any
universial law in relation to balance or harmony or freedom
of choice. Although they believed their way was as valid as
the Divine Plan. In every instance it created a situation of
total ruin and degradation to life on these worlds. These
beings relish everything that creates disharmony and fear in
what they control. Deceit, Lies, and illusions are their
game. After a while the life forms believed this condition
was their reality because anything that taught otherwise was
stamped out or hidden from them. They had very little to
compare this condition to in relation to seeing a means to
correct anything they were subject to as this progressed.
After this reached a point where it appeared to the
controlers the planet itself was dying they then
systematically raped all natural resources and destroyed all
social systems they created. This resulted in a situation
where almost all life would die. Because their misuse of
everything created the condition they then would step back
allowing the planet to reseed itself by allowing some to
survive. Due to the lack of mistreatment eventually a
healing effect would take place on the planet. This has
taken place on this planet over one hundred times. Each time
a race reached it's apex it was destroyed and then started
over again.

This time will be different and this is where the
Confederation of Man and Planets will intervene. This group
of concerned evolved love beings, peaceful children of the
Creators divine plan, and overseers of this and other
systems have decided the cycles of disharmony imposed on
Earth will end. This plan started when Jesus entered this
plane and taught correct living. This was put in a two
thousand year cycle with full freedom of choice to all life
on this planet. It was hoped life would evolve in a way that
would balance itself against the controls in place on Earth.
However at every turn things digressed into a less than
workable way out from under the control that was destroying
every planet under it's influence. Everything will transpire
as it did hundreds of times before, with the exception the
control here will be removed. The cycles will be broken. The
reason is Earth has chosen not to be in this situation any
longer. Earth is a life form that has freedom of choice as
you do. Earth has asked this degradation stopped and her
call for help has been heard! She now has had enough and
wishs to return to higher frequency.

Each of you in this are simply put, recipients of a gift
creating a home on her that has been abused and polluted.
Those seeing the cause of this who are in acceptance of the
Divine Order will take your place as caretakers on her in
her new state of higher frequency. The cycles of
destruction, pain and suffering will end along with all
those who refuse to see the Light of day in accepting the
Divine Plan. Those refusing to accept it as their way of
life and refuse to wake up or change to an attitude based on
love towards everything else will be removed forever from
Earth. The Reptoids claim this as their planet and those
controled as their cattle. Are they coming? The answer is
yes. Will they harvest their negative life forms? The answer
is yes. Are governments aware of this? yes! If not why have
they built under ground cities? What do they know you don't?
Think people! Light and Love is your only way out in
aligning with other systems living in this frequency and
energy. We are here to help you in your free will choice you
have to make or be harvested by whats coming. They, these
Reptoids have no power over the Light Forces as their
technolgy has never come close to ours. Our directives are,
help those based in Love. No more, no less, your choice.

The Starseed are here gathering up those able to see this
Light. Those able to accept Love. Those able to get beyond
negative reality and enter into the higher frequeny of Love.
Our mission, our love, and Earths new way of life. Wont you
join us and those doing this worldwide and become a being of
Gods Eternal Love Creating what exists elsewhere, Heaven On

                   Peace and Love Kortron

 GS> And more Kortron from a year later.......

20 Jul 94  15:12:01
By: Walter Bartoo
Re: Life In The Stars


Hi All: Ever wonder why anyone stating there is life beyond
Earth is imediately open for redicule? Ever wonder why the
government and scientific circles refuse to confirm this
even when the facts are abundant this is more than mere
speculation? How does one bridge this and find out the

Let me answer the first question. In the years I've
researched this question I found myself distancing myself
from others in doing so. The more I found out, the more the
field dwindled in who was able to address or discuss the
facts. I often wondered why this was so and in doing came up
with a few insights.

First off everything is based and set in ideas that are
carried in a group mindset. I found early on anything
upsetting this mindset was up against a brick wall. It's
funny because until you think for yourself you are not even
aware this wall existed!! This further got disjointed as I
saw and the realisation hit me this wall was no accident. We
as a society were being from a very early age
Conditioned/Programmed to react this way. In other words we
were programed to think a certain way. Why was this so?
There had to be a rational answer here that justified why
this was being done. The answer did come one day quite by
chance when I realised the truth of the influences effecting
us and the truth of Genesis. It came when I understood how
we were created and by whom. How Religions started and why.

Heres what my research revealed. As man the creation began
to evolve and understand things beyond being beasts of
burden had to change. What this change indicated was man was
part beast and part God. In order to control the God part
that part had to be veiled in mystery from man. If this were
not done as man had intelligence he would undermine the
power over him the Gods had. The more man related to his
creator the more he became less a beast of burden and more a
God. To prevent this the Gods masked and hid their side of
things from mans eyes. At this point cult religions were set
up and Priests were the go between to the Gods. Man could
see the wonders but not directly know the ones creating the
wonders. Knowing was becoming what had made Man in the first
place putting man on equal footing with the creator.

Some of the Creator Gods wanted man to evolve as a God.
Others did not! The controversy became heated and created
conflict for many thousands of years. So great was this
conflict, Wars became prevelant across the Earth. The side
that eventually won did not want man to understand his
origins. This is where we stand today. The other side having
lost is now returning to set man free and give him his place
in the Stars. The main group weaker than the victors could
not muster the need forces from the mother planet till it
was in a closer approach to Earth. This is now close to
occuring and one of the most hidden secrets from Earth
inhabitats. Many have died having kept this a secret.

The above is the reason for disimformation on
extraterrestrials and the refusal to release the truth
hidden in our history revealing what and who controls this
planet and why. When one aspect becomes known then every
other aspect becomes suspect and eventually the truth
demanded will then surface.

The way to stop this from occuring was to program the whole
human race with lies based on more lies further dezigned to
hide the truth. So great is this on going deception that it
takes real initative to uncover and see the real facts
behind this plan and who is really behind it and why.

When you relay this few will accept it, unless they too have
gone the extra mile to see and find the truth. Because in
doing it tears at everything we have ever been taught and I
mean EVERYTHING! To suggest this is to totally discredit
yourself to those who are still stuck in the lie and refuse
to go out and find the real truth behind everything. You see
there is a difference for some that is hard to see. That is
the only way to get beyond ones beliefs is to have the
desire to seek the truth, once found you no longer believe
but KNOW. Many do not and will literally fight you to the
death defending their beliefs not realising the word belief
comes from the word belie meaning not true.

Once the truth comes out Religions fall. The Controls become
highly suspect no longer having a hold over humanity and
people will have to accept a new responsibility for
everything based on truth versus living under beliefs as the
way to go. On that day belief wont cut it! The human race
will have then grown up and have become adults not children
irresponsible in almost everything because they will
understand and not be side tracked in not knowing anything.
WHY? Because nothing will be the same and to understand
anything will require learning the truth. Once the Bubble of
deceit bursts a rush will be on to understand everything.
Because everything will be then seen differently. This is
what the Space brothers that wanted for man to become as
they are, to understand. This is what the deceiver never
wanted you to understand. Once understood they cannot hide
from you, use you and control you, because they are then you
and you are then them. You will not accept class distinction
any longer and they know it!

Is the truth worth learning? I can say yes only because
those finding it are a group growing rapidly and we are not
any longer alone. When you find the truth a funny thing
happens you then meet others like you and your life takes on
new meaning and changes abruptly. For the better I might
add. Dig for the truth it's well worth learning and the
result puts you eons ahead of most everyone else. DO NOT
and you shall find, look and you will see, and listen and
you will hear. Then you are on your last leg home the Stars
and your bigger family.

regards Walter

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