Hello UFO buffs,

This series of messages will be long, dry in some areas, informative, speculative, humorous, intriguing and enlightening. I, personally, have suffered a 16 month campaign of net-abuse in another network called Fidonet. Excuse me, but I have learned alot through this experience, and want to share with you my suspicion that there are factions within our united states government, who take interest in what we discuss about ufos on the public nets. The bottom line conclusion that I have drawn, is that a group called the Aviary has people on the nets who work to disinform and misinform the readers. This Aviary group has ties to the Central Intelligence Agency. If you are unfamiliar with the Aviary, or even the notion of there being psychological operations perpetrated on these ufo conferences, then I advise you to read on. Otherwise, if you know of that which I speak, then the next paragraph is a succinct summary of what happened, and you can scan through the rest. ;)

In February 1993, I began to read the UFO conference in Fidonet, and noticed a man named Walter Bartoo who was expousing some different views on the ufo question. Soon, it became apparent that Walter, and anyone who held similiar views, were subject to ridicule in UFO. In March 1993, I created the SearchNet network, and the I_UFO conference for people who were used as whipping boys in the UFO conference. A year later, in May 1994, I added our I_UFO conference to Fidonet, and then the moderator of UFO and his friends came into our conference and started attacking Walter Bartoo. Seven Months later, I had BANNED all of those attackers, and I_UFO finally was able to evolve into a friendly discussion area for people who have had UFO related experiences ('experiencers'). Nine months have passed, since then, and still these attackers have been spewing propaganda against I_UFO, in the other ufo related conferences in Fidonet. They repeat, often, that they wish to somehow have I_UFO removed from fidonet altogether; of course, they cite my moderation of them, as good reason. Today, their campaign continues. Today, I want to tell you all about it, as this experience can be a lesson to all of us who are searching for answers to the UFO enigma. Our experience will show you, that from the very beginning, we were targeted by the Aviary, and that they wish to stop I_UFO, at all costs. Here then is our story:

This story will be told by a collage of people's messages, and my postings on this subject in the past, and two newsletters that I wrote and submitted to Fidonet's Fidonews. Contemporary comments by me, now, will be shown as GS>.

In the beginning....

 GS> Don Allen, is moderator and controller of the Fidonet
 GS> network's UFO conference. We call message conferences,
 GS> 'echos', on Fidonet. Fidonet is probably the second
 GS> largest echomail-type network, after the Internet's
 GS> usenet newsgroups.

GS> These messages from February 1993, will outline the GS> genesis of a new UFO paradigm on Don Allen's fidonet GS> UFO echo. They indicate an emerging IDEOLOGY that GS> gradually became totally unacceptable in the UFO echo. GS> Before I met Walter in the UFO echo in March, 1993, you GS> will see that he and others had already started to GS> network. Walter was working on ways to express his ufo GS> paradigm to the general population, in ways that they GS> could understand. I was a user in UFO who was GS> understanding Walter's approach and wanting to help GS> raise awareness also. You will notice that I found GS> Walter's BBS, downloaded and read his newsletters, and GS> defended him when people were asked to vote whether he GS> should share his ideas in Don Allen's UFO echo. You GS> will also see explanations of what Starseed are, and GS> their purpose. GS> When I look back, now, I can see how Walter, I, Scott GS> Scheffler, and others began to look like a threat to GS> the Aviary's paradigm lock on UFO. I do not think that GS> Don Allen was aware of this, even at that time. If Don GS> has been compromised in some way, it took place some GS> time between 1993 and 1994. As long as what Walter had GS> to say on the nets, was confined to the UFO echo where GS> he could be ridiculed and laughed to scorn, the GS> paradigm could control what ideas people would CONSIDER GS> on the UFO question. Experiencers have always been GS> picked on, in UFO echo, until, again, these days, they GS> are running another "EXPERIMENT". They cannot even GS> admit that they will not allow and protect discussions GS> by experiencers, instead they have to have moderator GS> approved, and limited experimental, "experiencer GS> threads". The atmosphere in UFO against experiencers is GS> so hostile, that they are relegated to one, tightly GS> controlled, thread. GS> So the conflict was always one of IDEOLOGY. It was GS> never a silly ego-competition of my echo is better than GS> your echo. It was always the claws of the Aviary GS> reaching into the nets to control what IDEAS, that GS> fidonet readers would be allowed to discuss. I_UFO was GS> created and maintained, totally OUT OF the Aviary's GS> control. GS> Here then, is the pre-history of the NEED for I_UFO on GS> fidonet. BTW, I learned alot by going over how it GS> unfolded.

Glenda seeks Walter's BBS Number

Conference: 25,HUMAN
Date: 1993-02-01,17:04
To: Don Allen
Subject: New Book

+-Don Allen---------------------------------------------------------------+
|It was short and to the point..mainly the call was to let me know about  |
|the book (I hadn't read it at this point yet) and he expressed the desire|
|to hear feedback. I got the book via Walt's board. The guy seemed OK and |
|fairly lucid..seems pretty nice.                                         |

Will you post the number to Walt's board? I would like to call there.


Conference: 975,UFO-F
Date: 1993-02-09,09:48

+-Jack Mathias---------------------------------------------------------------+
|Walter                                                                      |
|                                                                            |
|This is to let you know that I have just made my first connection with your |
|BBS, Spirit and after the 48 hours are up for confirmation you should be    |
|getting traffic from me regarding the topic which has come up. Since it is  |
|Long Distance I will not be making daily calls but feel that having the acce|
|is very important at this time.                                             |
|                                                                            |
|Adonai                                                                      |
|__Jack                                                                      |

Is Walter's BBS public? and if so, can you post the number?


Scott speaks of Commanders and Starseeds...

Conference: 975,UFO-F
Date: 1993-02-09,09:26

+-Scott Scheffler------------------------------------------------------+
|2 commanders, they are what are refered to as Star Seeds, one who in a|
|past life lived on another planet where they have solved alot of the  |
|problems we on this planet face.  This group of volunteers came to the|
|Earth to help the people now.  Many of us are now and have remembered |
|why we are here and who we really are.  These commanders have these   |
|memories and are being of service helping others remember and help the|

this sounds similiar to the teachings of the Pleiades. I am
looking for a file of the Pleiades teachings dated 1990. it
is on StarSeed BBS but it is a corrupt ZIP file and is
incomplete. Have you seen, or do you have the complete file?


Conference: 975,UFO-F
Date: 1993-02-12,11:05

Hi Glenda,

 > this sounds similiar to the teachings of the Pleiades.

This should sound familar I came from the Pleiades. For I am
a Star Seed. It sounds like you have a very deep interest in
the Star Seed material.

 > I am looking for a file of the Pleiades teachings dated
 > 1990. it is on StarSeed BBS but it is a corrupt ZIP file
 > and is incomplete. Have you seen, or do you have the
 > complete file?

After reading your post to human for Don Allen I understand
what file you seek. The channeler Tom Smith is a good friend
of mine who live here in Louisville too. The file is also on
my friend's BBS called the spirit. His name is Walter
Bartoo. His phone number is (704)297-5973. I will also get a
current copy of this and post it on my BBS (502)495-2380. I
would like to correspond with you some more. Have you ever
thought about setting up a BBS? I would be willing to help
you. Walter and I are working to set up a network called
StarNet for allowing Star Seed info and Astar Command info
to move about the world. I am also a channel for the Ashtar
Command and the Confederation of Planets. I have a computer
consulting business in Louisville. If interested I would
like to meet you. I am in Cincinnati quite regularly.

Scott Scheffler "ThunderPath"

Glenda asks for Walter's Newsletter...

Conference: 975,UFO-F
Date: 1993-02-15,14:50
Subject: Starseed coming together

+-Walter Bartoo--------------------------------------------------------------+
|our last going out this way. Also sent John Komar a copy he puts them on his|
|BBS. Peace and Love Walter                                                  |

what is the name of the newsletter? I am on John Komar's


 GS> Notice that, as of 2-15, I had not gotten Walter's
 GS> Newsletters, yet.

 GS> I posted messages indicating my personal understanding
 GS> of what Walter and Scott were saying, even before I
 GS> eventually read more about their paradigm in Walter's
 GS> newsletters.

Conference: 975,UFO-F
Date: 1993-02-14,10:49
Subject: Walter Bartoo

+-Scott Scheffler------------------------------------------------------------+
|credibility in this author is Brad Steiger.  How do you explain the growing |
|worldwide understanding what Walter and I talk about. I swear that before la|
|November Walter and I have had no prior contact and we say mostly the same  |
|thing about what is going on.  If you look at many BBS's around the country |
|including Mike Christol's and John Komar's BBS with Mufonet you will find   |
|information about what we are saying.  This includes channeled and Star Seed|
|informtion.  We also talk about a balance not to deify nor condemn them.  I |

I just wana say that I support the position that you and
Walter hold. I have read confirmations of some of the
channelled ideas in several books. There is a worldwide
consciousness raising going on that is spiritual in nature.

also, I wanted to ask you if you run a BBS, cuz when I call
the BBS does not load.


Glenda starts to put it together....

Conference: 975,UFO-F
Date: 1993-02-15,14:08
Subject: Ashtar Command

+-Scott Scheffler------------------------------------------------------------+
|                                                                            |
|Also Don - no offense ever from you. And thanks for your work that you do to|
|help!!!!                                                                    |

I would also like to thank Don, for many of his postings
have confirmed informations I had gotten elsewhere over the

I just wana make two points:

1) The law of free will, which was jokingly referred to as
the 'Prime directive', is a real one, which accounts for why
neither negative E.T.'s nor postiive ones have made a mass
landing on the white house lawn. Because of the free will
clause, the E.T.'s can only contact those who draw them.
Like attracts like. If your path is service to others,
knowing that other-selves are one with the self, then you
draw positive E.T.'s. If your path is service to self, with
domination over other-selves to serve self, then you draw
negative E.T.'s. This is the polarization (drawing people to
the two poles) that is going on with this UFO phenomenon.

2) This like attracts like idea, also works in reverse,
where unlike repels unlike. I think the reason that the
people involved with the postive E.T.'s do not feel
comfortable, or let me say also, do not feel 'led' to speak
more freely about their experiences, is because the
atmosphere here is repelling that expression. I have been on
other echoes where there is an easy atmosphere to bring in
this kind of info. You will notice the negative E.T.'s use
much more physical means of contact, through there physical
emissaries (negative E.T.'s in physically dense bodies) and
through the sharing of physical technologies. This is the
group most in this echo are curious about and investigating.
Whereas the positive E.T.'s make contact through mostly
non-physical means, through telepathy and similiar spiritual
mind contacts.

Therefore, given the two points above, I, personally, in my
opinion conclude that both the negative and positive E.T.'s
are participating in the UFO phenomenon on this planet. And
for this reason, people who are involved with postive E.T.'s
feel drawn to echo conferences like this one.

Best wishes,

Conference: 975,UFO-F
Date: 1993-02-15,13:43
Subject: Another Alien

+-Walter Bartoo-----------------------------------------------------+
|actually handle. The reason is this information can only processed |
|and accepted                                                       |
|with a firm foundation few possess of whats really going on.       |
|......                                                             |
|These souls discuss this on netmail to each other and then         |
|find ways to                                                       |
|make this information digestable to all the rest. We aren't hiding |
|information                                                        |
|but looking at it in ways all of you can understand and accept it. |

I understand this part of your mesage. In my opinion, I
personally have obtained this foundation you mentioned. I
find I am able to understand where you and Scott S. are
coming from; completely. Because, however, I have as yet had
no 'contact' like you guys have had, then I would be able to
express some of these issues in other terms that some folks
can process. For example, I have a 13 year background in
Christian faith, so I could relate some of the information
you have been describing, in a way that Christians could
assimilate, thereby helping in their awakening. As they go
into search mode, they will draw more info to themselves of
the kind they can use and grow from.

I hear ya,

Walter feels unwanted in Fido UFO...

Conference: 975,UFO-F
Date: 1993-02-15,14:49
Subject: Investigating Ufo's

+-Walter Bartoo--------------------------------------------------------------+
|are yours? Be heard for a change I'm fed up being the one stepped           |
|on by a few.                                                                |
|If I'm the one and your in full agreement with the flamers be heard,        |
|speak up.                                                                   |
|If I'm not speak up and you find my posts interesting say so. If my input   |
|here is not welcome speak up, Hey it's ok. I wont stay where my input is not|
|appreciated. Let me know this is not my idea of why i'm here. Are you guys  |
|reading this Bruce, Danny, and Mark. Maybe if the silent majority speak up  |
|we can then get on with finding out the truth in this echo.  bye Walter     |

I am a latecomer to this echo. Actually, I read in another
one that Don allen was moderator here, and I had been
enjoying his multiple-posts on other echos, and that 'drew'
me here. I was 1800+ messages behind! I am still catching
up, but wana say, that I DO wana read your posts, Walter. I
think I can assist, at times, with my own ideas, which
include some infos like the ones you are wanting to bring
out. I posted a message earlier, in which I tried to point
out that people who are involved with positive E.T.'s are
drawn to a conference like this, and they belong here also. 

I vote that you dont leave this echo.


 GS> After those postings, I then got access to Walter's BBS
 GS> and read more about his viewpoints on the UFO question.

Glenda wants to network with StarNet...

Conference: 975,UFO-F
Date: 1993-02-19,11:05
Subject: work with pos. E.T.'s


 > I ran a BBS from March 1987 to October 1991. I have just
 > fired up my mailer last week and am working on the BBS.
 > My Fido application has been sent, but the Fido powers in
 > my area are, shall I say, snooty, so it will be quite a
 > while before I get another Fido node, maybe three weeks.

 > In the meantime, I DO want to carry your network. I left
 > some netmail for Walter when he gets back from FLA.

 > also, I am willing to help in this echo, if I can, to
 > relay what you guys are trying to say, in my own words,
 > based on my own understanding, background, experience,
 > and belief; and hopefully we can carve an acceptable
 > niche in this echo to share our viewpoint of the UFO
 > phenomenon.

 > Glenda

Hi Glenda,

If you have your mailer setup what are you using? The reason
I am asking is to be able to netmail you directly and we
could start using StarNet between ourselves. Also do you
ever get to Cincinatti? I have a close friend in Cincinatti
that I visit regularly so maybe we can meet. My voice phone
number is 502/495-2411 and BBS is 502/495-2380 (up to 14.4

Scotty of Starlite

Glenda gets access to Walter's BBS...

Conference: 975,UFO-F
Date: 1993-02-19,18:08
Subject: Another Alien

Hi Glenda: You have access on the BBS. Was down last night
due to hardrive problems. Managed to salvage the works but a
slow format was the key with a safe cpbackup. Then found
another problem in the power supply that needed fixing my
fan quite due to dust buildup. All solved now but did order
a new power supply. All told got out six more megs then
before (Grin). Need to upgrade off this RLL drive it's
showing age and I need more memory. One hundred Megs doesn't
get it around here as the system eats much memory in all it

Seems being away left us volunarable and is the time to
attack the system. This makes six crashes in twelve months.

Saw all your messages and we look forward to exchanging

Peace and Love Kortron (Walter to everyone else).

 GS> I want to point out, that I was not unduly influenced
 GS> by Walter's newsletters. I had, from my own experience,
 GS> and my own thinking, come to see where he and Scott
 GS> were coming from. It was all NEW to ME also! I could
 GS> see, already, that their ideas were being censored and
 GS> not given an unqualified hearing in UFO. The seeds of
 GS> the need for another UFO echo on Fidonet, were already
 GS> being sown. I defended Walter's right to share his
 GS> ideas in UFO, before I knew much more about what his
 GS> thinking was. I wanted a CHANCE to read his sharings,
 GS> and to make up my own mind. 

 GS> The campaign to STOP WALTER BARTOO began right here in
 GS> February, 1993, in Don Allen's UFO echo. Certain
 GS> individuals then, in May, 1994, came IN TO I_UFO to
 GS> continue that campaign. Walter was only a user in
 GS> I_UFO, and my need to moderate their attacks against
 GS> Walter's free speech, allowed them to propagandize that
 GS> I was protecting Walter, that he and I were scamming
 GS> the nets, and all the other contrived lies, that they
 GS> continue to repeat, to this very day; influencing
 GS> people like Ben LaCount to publicly call for people to
 GS> dump messages into I_UFO from internet. Ben publicly
 GS> wishes he could have I_UFO removed from Fidonet, and he
 GS> even has convinced himself that I_UFO is such an
 GS> INACTIVE echo, that it should be removed from fidonet,
 GS> due to lack of postings. ????? This is how far their
 GS> propaganda has gone. Is Ben a victim of the Aviary's
 GS> Psy-Ops?

Glenda tries to define StarSeed...

Conference: 975,UFO-F
Date: 1993-02-22,14:48
Subject: Starseed

+-Jason Coates---------------------------------------------------------+
|Walter,                                                               |
|Can I just ask exactly what is a starseed? I am somewhat bewildered by|
|the goings on and terminology of this particular echo section.        |
|        Could you please help me out.                                 |
|                                                Jason C.              |

maybe I can answer your question from my understanding of
the term. Simply put, Star - seed, is a human whose genetic
makeup (DNA) includes that which originated from beings from
a star other than Earth. I think. Anyways, the result is,
that at some point in the human's life, he/she becomes aware
of realities other than the one we take for granted as
'normal' for humans. These realities can manifest in many
ways, such as memories, visions, dreams, telepathic
communications, spiritual experiences, knowings, and/or a
feeling that your life here is for a specific purpose or

At this point in time, it may be possible that many of the
starseed are coming of age in order to fulfill their
missions, which principally are to bring unconditional love
to this planet.

I hope this helps.


Conference: 8,UFO-F
Date: 1993-03-13,21:02
Subject: Newsletter files

   +-Walter Bartoo--------------------------------------------------------+
   |Much is written in files has anyone                                   |
   |including yourself D\L any newsletters on the bbs 704-297-5973???     |
   | Hope we can get on with this in a better light. Peace and Love Walter|
   |(Kortron).                                                            |

BTW, I have the newsletter files available for download on
my BBS at 1:330/201 or 508-586-6977 (freq SPIRIT for a list)


Steve Jones Sees Psy-ops Coming...

Conference: 8,UFO-F
Date: 1993-03-14,12:44
Subject: reality changes

               +-John Baker----------------------------------+
               |    On 3/11/93 STEVE JONES was saying to YOU:|

+-Steve Jones------------------------------------------------------------+
|     I agree with you that what we may be seeing is the beginings of a  |
| Second Inquisition, and I feel that it is the result of a direct threat|
| to "duly authorized authority," aka The Sacred Cows.  People who are in|
| a position of being designated as "authorities" on a subject are indeed|
| treatened when someone questions what they are saying.  It is not a    |
| matter of talking logically.                                           |

+-John Baker----------------------------------------------------------------+
|believe that I have seen changes of reality occur and have questioned my   |
|sanity because of it.  Is that what all this UFO stuff is about anyway, a  |
|change of reality, or the way we perceive reality?  If those in power would|
|lose because of a change in what we think of as reality, then they do      |
|anything to hide the truth from the people.                                |

I agree that this is part of what it is all about. The
reality is changing, as more people become informed
(awakened) about what is going on. As long as most of the
world remains duped and under control, the reality created
for them exists, but now that is a changing. People are
'knowing' a different reality and it is breaking up the
false holographic image of the world that has been created
for us. I think you hit it right on, and this point is one
of the ones that Walter Bartoo is trying to make. He wants
more people to wake up, and for those people to contribute
to the new awakening realities.


 GS> Steve Jones has always publicly posted his insights of
 GS> psy-ops on the nets. He, correctly calls it a second
 GS> inquisition, and he saw it coming, before I did. Yet,
 GS> Steve, in misunderstandings between Clark Hathaway and
 GS> me, later, seemed to have sided with the inquisitors
 GS> themselves. Steve is still welcome here in I_UFO.

 > People are 'knowing' a different reality and it is
 > breaking up the false holographic image of the world that
 > has been created for us. I think you hit it right on, and
 > this point is one of the ones that Walter Bartoo is
 > trying to make. He wants more people to wake up, and for
 > those people to contribute to the new awakening
 > realities.

 GS> And Walter has been consistent in making his points for
 GS> the last two years; all he needed was a FORUM where he
 GS> could do so, and where people could feel comfortable in
 GS> discussing the issues that Walter raises. I_UFO has
 GS> become that forum, not only for Walter, but for all of
 GS> you. Only you can preserve the forum from the
 GS> machinations of the Aviary, who will stop at nothing to
 GS> remove I_UFO and/or it's moderators.

I_UFO STILL Under Attack...

 GS> The reason that I chose to digress into this issue of
 GS> whether this I_UFO echo should exist or not, or whether
 GS> I or Walter Bartoo should be allowed to moderate I_UFO,
 GS> is that, still there is a REAL effort to either remove
 GS> I_UFO from fidonet or remove I_UFO's moderators. The
 GS> leader of this effort has always repeated these goals,
 GS> and is actively recruiting support in fidonet's
 GS> Z1_BACKBONE echo (where sysops and moderators hang
 GS> out), and where there are proposals to create some kind
 GS> of ECHO-REVIEW-BOARD, which MAY be given power to
 GS> remove echos or their moderators. This proposed board
 GS> may only be able to make SUGGESTIONS against echos and
 GS> moderators, or be lobbied to place it's stamp of
 GS> approval or disaproval against echos or moderators.
 GS> Whether you choose to believe that this is going on or
 GS> not, I cannot ignore the real threat that this has on
 GS> the PEOPLE who read fidonet echos. The people are the
 GS> targets of this proposed censorship, therefore, the
 GS> people need to be informed enough to make up their own
 GS> minds.

 GS> This posting contains a series of OLD messages that
 GS> will outline the history of me meeting Walter Bartoo in
 GS> Don Allen's UFO echo, the creation of SearchNet, the
 GS> genesis of this I_UFO echo, and the real NEED for I_UFO
 GS> in Fidonet.

 GS> Compare these actual facts, to the propaganda in UFO
 GS> and BAMA, that is designed to deceive readers about
 GS> Searchnet, I_UFO, Walter Bartoo, and me, Glenda Stocks.

Brief TimeLine 1993-1995

 GS> A brief timeline is that I met Walter in March, 1993,
 GS> his newsletters were a great help to ME on my spiritual
 GS> path, so I began to support his work, monetarily. I
 GS> GAVE $11.00/month which I HAD been giving to CBN-700
 GS> club, but their teachings were not progressing my
 GS> spiritual understanding anymore. I support where my
 GS> help comes from. Walter worked with me to start
 GS> SearchNet as a place for discussion that is OFF-TOPIC
 GS> most everywhere else. Don Allen advised me to get I_UFO
 GS> onto the Fidonet backbone in 1993, and I did not do so,
 GS> until May, 1994. Their UFO and BAMA echos wanted only
 GS> provable scientific evidences, which was their choice,
 GS> and our I_UFO wanted to ALLOW everyone's input, proven
 GS> or not. Our choice. They have tried to stop our I_UFO
 GS> echo ever since, even now, continuing to propogandize
 GS> fidonet users with their fabrications. My suggestion,
 GS> now, at this stage of THEIR imposed conflict, is they
 GS> act in concert with the stated goals of the Aviary
 GS> (government sponsored UFological disinformation
 GS> organization).

Walter and Glenda plan first voice contact...

Conference: UFO
Date: 1993-03-19,23:04
Subject: Newsletter Files

 WB> Hi Glenda: Things are moving quickly now we need voice
 WB> connection to respond better on this. Kortron. 

Howdy Kortron,

Sorry it took so long for me to reply, I was WAY behind on
my mail. Also, I had a surgery on 3/1/93, and been
installing, configuring, and all else on getting my BBS
straight. I ran a BBS for 4 yrs b4 from 1987 to 1991.

Also, I will be sending you a monthly donation, as soon as I
setup my electronic bill program to send you a check. All I
ask in return is that you cash the check in a timely manner,
you know what I mean. You dont have to send the paper
newsletter, I am fine reading the online version.

As to your quote above, you seem to indicate that something
happened, is happening, will happen, and I dunno what you
are referring to. I can say that I have not been on my PATH
since before my operation. I have been caught up in worldly
stuff, mostly the BBS (it was almost an obsession b4, thats
why I burnt out and took the dar thing down.) But I put up
my BBS this time for folks to get spiritual texts and
conferences. I have a lot of em hooked up, in about 5 or 6
nets already. You are welcome to think about using my BBS as
part of any network that may come about (especially with
these EC's (earth changes i.e. snow) happening all around.)

Lemme know a good time to call u voice this weekend.


I_UFO is Born!

Conference: UFO
Date: 1993-03-27,20:29
Subject: Another Alien

 > Walter Bartoo

 > The sad situation here on this echo is the hard headed
 > bunch that thinks they know it all and that they are the
 > experts preventing the rest from seeing this new approach
 > when it is being explained by those who already use it.
 > Past posts of redicule directed at me reveal this nicely
 > because they are trying to hold fast and make you also
 > see things their way. In a changing world with changing
 > consciouness this serves no one. However once this group
 > made itself known they also cut themselves out of the new
 > echos forming that will not allow them into these further
 > discussions. Glenda Stocks is the lady to contact if you
 > are interested. Hope this helps? Walter (Kortron). 

You are referring to the new NETWORK I have created. Those
interested may FREQ SEARCH from my BBS. 


 GS> This is where a misunderstanding arose, where people,
 GS> such as Jack Mathias' friend Lauri Waterson, thought
 GS> that Walter's comment meant that certain people would
 GS> not be allowed to participate in SearchNet's echos. I
 GS> had no intention of barring anyone. I do not think that
 GS> is what Walter meant, but that those people had already
 GS> shown by their RIDICULE that they would not be
 GS> interested in SearchNet echos. All were allowed to
 GS> participate, and the ones who attacked I_UFO and people
 GS> in I_UFO, were eventually excluded, based on their own
 GS> behavior (which should HAVE BEEN predictable, just as
 GS> Walter's earlier comment indicated). Yet, these people
 GS> had every opportunity to behave respectfully toward
 GS> others in I_UFO, and they chose not to. Again, the
 GS> Aviary wanted to stop I_UFO at all costs.

Don Allen helps with advice for I_UFO

Conference: UFO
Date: 1993-03-30,14:59
Subject: New Network

 +-Don Allen----------------------------------------------------------------+
 |My own recomendation to you & Walter is to ... create your own            |
 |echo, follow the Fido guidelines to placing it on the backbone & then have|
 |it listed in the 'Elist' (Echo list) so as to it's availability.          |

And so, now I may plug a new network, called SEARCHNET. It
has an echo called I_UFO, meaning Identified and
Unidentified Flying objects. It will allow some of the
discussions that are now off-topic in this echo. Anyone
interested in carrying it and other SearchNet Echoes, may
FREQ SEARCH from 1:330/201, or call XBN BBS at
1-508-586-6977 and download the info packet or the echoes in
QWK format. 

Once the echo is moving with lotsa traffic, we may be able
to get it on the Fidonet backbone, as Don Allen has

I hope this ad was within the rules, since it is offering
another place to discuss UFO and IFO.


Conference: UFO
Date: 1993-04-04,08:17
Subject: New Network

+-Glenda Stocks-----------------------------------------------------+
| And so, now I may plug a new network, called SEARCHNET.  It has an|
| I hope this ad was within the rules, since it is offering another |
| place to discuss UFO and IFO.                                     |

   +-Don Allen------------------------------------------------------------+
   |Thank you for posting that and it is very much appropriate. I think it|
   |best in the interests of the echo (not to mention my sanity!) that    |
   |these topics be moved to your system.                                 |
   |This conference _here_ , is going in a totally different direction    |
   |altogether. A scientific one with hard proof in mind. I wish you      |
   |luck and great success in your endeavors. Please gimme a holler if    |
   |there's anything I can do to help.                                    |

Okay, thanks. And I will take you up on your offer to help,
at some time in the future.


 GS> Here you see that it is established that both UFO and
 GS> I_UFO have VALID and different approaches, BOTH
 GS> providing a service to fidonet readers of ufo related
 GS> echos. In my opinion, the Aviary came into the picture,
 GS> once I_UFO was more WIDELY available on Fidonet, in
 GS> May, 1994. As long as I_UFO had limited readership in
 GS> only SearchNet, the echo was not seen as a threat to
 GS> the CONTROLLED PARADIGM that exists in fidonet ufo
 GS> echos.

Conference: UFO
Date: 1993-04-16,17:46
Subject: A Serious Thought...

  Mike Sullivan ---------------------------------------------------------.
:       How many times have we heard the familiar "This echo involves    :
:       Serious UFO discussions" and/or "This is considered Fringe or Off:
:       topic to this echo due to it's Paranormal/ Psychic/ and-or       :
:       Religious content so please take this thread to Netchat or       :
:       Paranormal or Whatever..."                                       :
:                                                                        :
:                                                                        :
:        The real problem ,IMHO...is that there does not exist a "proper":
:        conference where users can go to discuss the UFO phenomenon in  :
:        light of these other "realms"                                   :

Part of the reason that SearchNet was created, and has an
IUFO conference which allows the fringe discussions. If you
want a Sysop in your area to carry Searchnet, you can put
your money where your mouth is, so to speak, :) and call and
download SEARCHNT.ZIP. It is the information and application
packet for Searchnet. It is about 22K. You could upload it
to your local sysops, and let them decide if they wana carry
some of the echoes. The BBS # is 508-586-6977. Can DL on
first call.

Another idea I was contemplating, is ask your sysop to list
the echoes in a system news message, and as his users if
they are interested. That way he wouldnt be blindly adding
the expense of carrying another network, without at least an
indication of his users' interest in it.


Conference: UFO
Date: 1993-05-18,13:26
Subject: This Echo

 BJ> And there is the Bama (Fringe Science) echo on the
 BJ> Backbone, as well as plenty of Occult echos in ParaNet.

After recently seeing the posted rules on BAMA, They still
want a scientific (provable) base to the discussions there.

Best Wishes On You!
Glenda Stocks

I_UFO was needed in FidoNet

 GS> It was well established, then, that Don Allen's UFO
 GS> echo, and John Powell's BAMA echo, would not allow the
 GS> kinds of discussion topics that I_UFO echo was created
 GS> for. I suggest that readers be aware, that the moves
 GS> against I_UFO, have always been based on IDEOLOGY, and
 GS> have nothing to do with I_UFO's right to exist, nor
 GS> I_UFO's moderation, nor I_UFO's reader participation.
 GS> The people behind the 16 month campaign to destroy
 GS> I_UFO, are motivated by the stated goals of the Aviary.

 GS> Here are some excerpts from an introduction to the Aviary, cross-posted in
 GS> November, 1993, from the Paranet UFO conference, by
 GS> Don Allen himself!  The people
 GS> campaigning against I_UFO, have made public statements
 GS> revealing their contact with known or suspected members
 GS> of the Aviary, including Dan Smith, John Alexander, and
 GS> Ron Pandolphi, all of whom are known to be involved in
 GS> CIA psychological operations. They monitor the nets,
 GS> and have links to and from the nets. The Aviary is what
 GS> is behind the attacks on I_UFO all along.

A Look at The Aviary

From: Don.Allen@p3.f2112.n2430.z1.FIDONET.ORG (Don Allen)
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo
Subject: Eschatology 
Date: 21 Nov 93 07:12:12 GMT

Mike Corbin could stand it no more and blurted out to Don Allen:

 > I am really curious here...

 > With all of this Dan Smith crapola about MJ-12, Pandolphin,
 > and the others, what is the story on them claiming that
 > they are the MJ-12 group?  This is absolutely ludicrous!
 > What proof have they offered, considering that the MJ-12
 > group itself has never been proven, and for the most part,
 > the documents have been dismissed as hoax?

Not MJ-12..Aviary. Not Pandolfin - Ron Pandolfi = "Pelican" .

The following is offered as a possible answer to your questions.


Courtesy of C.E.R.N., the Close Encounters Research Network. This
article published in the CE CHRONICLES, the journal of C.E.R.N. in
the Nov-Dec 1993 *premier* edition.


The Aviary, the Aquarium, and Eschatology

    by Vince Johnson

Admittedly, a lot of what follows is based on rumor, hearsay and
circumstantial evidence. Much is derived from numerous phone calls
from Dan Smith, whose religious beliefs regarding the UFO phenomenon
have induced a messianic zeal to "spread the Word."

These calls have provided a flurry of information on what I have
previously termed "fringe" beliefs, as well as providing the names and
backgrounds of the birds who comprise the Aviary. According to Dan,
who undoubtedly is privy to a wealth of accurate, though not widely
known UFO information, this data is being released through him due to
the grave concern by high government officials about impending
metaphysical catastrophe - the eschaton, or the end of the world.

Mr. Smith first came to my attention after the "Aquarium Conspiracy"
article (see inset) was disseminated to computer bulletin board
systems in the Spring of '93. In this article, Smith and Rosemary
Ellen Guiley, directors of the Center for North American Crop Circle
Studies, warned of an "eschatological emergency, "the reaction of
various organizations--both inside and outside the government, and
their attempt to establish a network of spiritually advanced
individuals, the "Aquarium," to assist the Aviary in dealing with this

-- inset --

The "Aquarium Conspiracy" by Dan Smith and Rosemary Ellen Guiley

"In the beginning there was eschatology--the branch of theology
dealing with the end times. Dan, having spent many years first
studying physics and then metaphysics, came to the conclusion that the
scientists have been looking at the world upside down. Mind, not
matter, is the foundation for all realities. Moreover, the materialist
paradigm was in danger of imminent collapse, being subverted on the
inside by its own contradictions, and on the outside by the growing
body of evidence for the paranormal. Creating and maintaining a
reality is no easy game. It requires a lot of magic, and a lot of
conscious critters like ourselves who are pretty good at collective
self-deception. Fortunately-- or perhaps unfortunately--our particular
reality game has about reached its natural conclusion, and we are
waking up to the fact that mind and matter are not separate. We are
undergoing an exciting but stressful revolution in our collective
consciousness. This revolution, or global spiritual emergency, will
bring upheavals and overloads in our global consciousness that will
impact the material Earth for better or worse, and may quickly get out
of control. We also will be opening up to other realities that will be
impacting us as well. Our present very tidy sense of reality and its
boundaries is due to become much more fluid and permeable. Every
spiritual tradition takes very seriously its prophesies about the end
of the world, but for the first time we are seeing these prophesies
turning into believable predictions of earth and reality changes. That
is how Dan fell from physics into eschatology. After experiencing
numerous slammed doors among his former scientific colleagues, he
decided that the most logical place to find fellow eschatologists
would be in various intelligence agencies and among investigators of
the paranormal.

 Dan next addressed how to communicate about the
eschaton. Even a small hint that the government is worried about the
end of the world might start a chain reaction of panic, which could
possibly serve as a trigger for the eschaton. On the other hand,
people inside the government might be wanting to set up a kind of
civil defense network vis a vis the eschaton, and so they would be
looking for people on the outside who could much more freely network
among the general public. An important link in the communication chain
is what has become known as the Aviary. This is the final link next to
the public network, and so it must be heavily disguised by its own
surrealistic smoke screen. The Aviary functions best by amplifying
people's own misconceptions about the paranormal. It does this by
helping to overinflate individual pieces of the puzzle so that
particular investigators get pushed further into their own blind
alleys. People are encouraged to be so distracted by the trees that
they fail to see the forest. This cacophony by people looking for
truth in all the strangest places provides an excellent cover for the
deadly serious business of clearing the decks and battening down the
hatches for the eschaton event. It is like a Manhattan Project going
on behind the scenes of alien grays and praying mantises having sex
with humans. However, this eschaton conspiracy is being orchestrated
by higher powers, and we don't mean the Committee of 300. Very few of
the people even near the center of the orchestration have a clear
picture of what is coming down, but they do know that something is
coming and that they will have front row seats. The Manhattan Project
relative to the eschaton is a global civilian network of people who
will serve as a lightning rod for the cosmic energies coming in during
the consciousness revolution. They will be looking to channel these
energies into expanded realities. Thus, they will provide a degree of
protection for those people who can find their places alongside the
network. Outside of the network there will be greater levels of trauma
and confusion. The pieces of the network are already in place, the
remaining task is to properly activate and link the pieces into a
critical mass of awareness. This last step is now underway. This is
how an Aviary helps to spawn an Aquarium, and how birds learn to swim.
The Aquarium is our business, and we are working to reach people who
are ready to be activated in the consciousness revolution."

I was intrigued after reading the "Aquarium Memo" because it implied
that the authors had cultivated sources within the intelligence
community. The only question was whether this information was accurate
or bogus. I drafted a response and uploaded it to Don Allen, moderator
for the FIDO UFO conference, requesting that he forward it to Dan
Smith. Several days later, I received the first of many calls from

Since Smith had alluded to his close contacts with the Aviary, most of
my questions centered around this mysterious group of alleged UFO
insiders comprised of scientists, military personnel, and inteligence
analysts. Dan's primary contact with this group is "Pelican" who
reportedly mans the "Wierd Desk" (UFOs,etc) at CIA. While Pelican's
main job with the CIA's Directorate of Science and Technology is to
monitor foreign technological developments, Pelican also tracks
millennial/eschatological communities, "entering a twilight zone where
psychic techniques are being generated by humans and other entities,"
says Smith.

According to Smith, UFOs are primarily a psychological/metaphysical
phenomenon which are both preparing us and pressuring us to develop
our own psi abilities. Not that UFOs are a single type of entity,
Smith asserts that there are "powers and principalities" at work --
presumably supernatural entities like angels and demons.

Furthermore, he said that a radical program of parapsychological
research and development is currently underway near Los Alamos, New
Mexico. This group's development of psychokinesis, and psychotronics
(a term used to denote psychic warfare techniques) represents a danger
of eschatological proportions. "These techniques have been available,
but controlled, throughout history. Now, other entities are forcing
the issue," said Smith.

During the course of our first conversation, Smith was unable to
provide much proof of his claims. He reported that his governmental
sources "hinted at" an eschatological emergency. To prove the evil
intent of the entities involved, he referred to reports of human
mutilations in the Amazon which have been officially attribbuted to
drug dealers, but according to his sources, were committed by these
evil entities. When I asked why the CIA was interested in eschatology,
he replied that the ramifications of the eschaton event represented a
serious threat to national security, and thus, fell into the parview
of the intelligence agencies.

The Aviary

Dan proceeded to call me regularly. Each call provided tantalizing
snippets of information -- some simply incredible at first hearing,
but with confirmation on some of the data coming in from disparate
sources all across the country. Naturally, my curiosity centered
around the identities and activities of the Aviary. I suspect that
many believe the Bird People to be cogs in a giant conspiracy to
manage the public's perception of UFOs. Not necessarily so, according
to Smith. Far from being a well-funded, omnipotent secret society of
the guardians of UFO data, the Aviary is nothing more than an ad hoc
group of highly-placed "UFO buffs."

Initially, the factor that seemed most important was that Pelican was
being so forthcoming -- presumably with the knowledge and consent of
his superiors at CIA.  This in itself forced me to conclude that there
are two possible motives for all this apparent glasnost:

1. There is indeed an eschatological emergency as described by Dan
Smith, i.e. fulfillment of biblical prophesy with attendent
catastrophes; and/or

2. There is a new twist to the ol' UFO debunking game, capitalizing on
new-age mysticism and millennial "apocophilia."

Frankly, I lean towards the second explanation. After all, Smith
himself described the Aviary as "amplifying people's own
misconceptions about the paranormal. It does this by helping to
overinflate individual pieces of the puzzle so that particular
investigators get pushed further into their own blind alleys." I've
personally been occupied by this ongoing saga for many months -- a
"blind alley?" I wish I knew, but in either case, Pelican's
involvement in this affair raises the ante significantly.

Has something changed? Could we really be facing biblical "End Times?"
As I mentioned previously, I would have laughed-off such suggestions a
few months ago. However, Smith's references to "out of control"
psychotronic research proved to be more substantive than I first

Who is in The Aviary

The Aviary is believed to be comprised of:

Bruce Maccabee (Seagull) - Well-known Naval photograhic expert who
verified the authenticity of the Gulf Breeze photos, a MUFON
consultant and member of the Board of Directors of the Fund for UFO

Hal Puthoff, PhD. (Owl) - Physicist with the Institute for Advanced
Research in Austin, Texas who specializes in Zero-Point Energy, a
quantum phenomenon that could provide "free energy." Puthoff was once
involved in remote-viewing experiments at the Stanford Research

Dale Graff (Raven) - Performed contract oversight for the DIA at
Wright Patterson AFB. Most recently, Graff was the chief of the DIA's
Defense Technology/Special department. Rumored to be an abductee, and
involved in "black magic" and psychotronic programs at Los Alamos, but
fired recently by DIA. Smith says that Graff is the head of the
"military" UFO working group at Los Alamos.

Jack Vorona (bird name unknown) - Vorona is apparently the most covert
of all the Birds. He is believed to have been a liason between Capitol
Hill and Los Alamos. Was once involved in Project Sleeping Beauty, an
attempt to disable enemy troops using electromagnetic radiation.
Vorona has recently "vanished," and his present whereabouts are

Richard Doty (Falcon) - Former AFOSI agent. Directly involved in the
Bennewitz affair, and the attempt to funnel UFO information (or
disinformation) concerning UFO briefing documents for the President to
Linda Moulton Howe. Allegedly responsible for leaking bogus UFO
reports while in AFOSI at Kirtland AFB. Currently employed by the New
Mexico state police stationed in Dulce, New Mexico.

Christopher "Kit" Green MD, PhD. (Bluejay) - Pelican's predecessor at
the "Wierd Desk" at CIA.  According to Smith, Green at one time had
autopsy reports and photos of a UFO that crashed in a foreign country.
Dr. Green is currently the chief of the Biomedical Sciences Dept. for
General Motors. The CIA awarded him the National Intelligence Medal
for his work on a classified project during the period 1979 to 1983.

Robert Collins (Condor) - Former Captain, USAF. Involved in the
Bennewitz affair, and probably participated in the scheme (with
Richard Doty) to release UFO information/ disinformation to Linda
Moulton Howe at Kirtland AFB.

Ernie Kellerstraus (Hawk) - While working at Wright Patterson AFB in
the '70s, he along with Bob Collins and Dale Graff are said to have
supplied information to William Moore. Kellerstraus is rumored to have
lived with an alien for a while (?), and is probably the source for
the story concerning the aliens' preference for "strawberry ice

Scott Jones (Chickadee) - Well-connected, well-funded (by Laurence
Rockefeller) head of the Human Potential Foundation. Former aid to
Sen. Claiborne Pell, who has had a long-standing interest in UFOs and
the paranormal. Jones is a MUFON Consultant with numerous highly
placed government sources who consistently finds "no interest by
government in UFOs."

Bill Moore - (bird name unknown) This former Minnesota school teacher
may have initiated a new regime in regards to ufology by the
publication of "The Roswell Incident." This in itself may have been
the single event that began the stripping away of decades of
well-guarded UFO secrecy. His involvement in the Aviary seems to be
either one of active coordination of the other Birds, or simply as a
dupe, such as in the Bennewitz affair.

John Alexander (Penquin) - Former colonel in Army Intelligence
(INSCOM). Rumored to be involved in the Army's UFO research. Member of
the board of directors of Psi Tech. Currently, head of "non-lethal"
weapons program (see "Secret Conference" article) at Los Alamos. Said
to be briefing Vice President Gore on the UFO phenomenon and psi

"Pelican," PhD - Pelican is a physicist with the CIA's Directorate of
Science and Technology, who mans the "Wierd Desk" (UFOs, etc) at CIA.

Apparently, it is Pelican who provided the bulk of the information
that Smith tirelessly passed on. Smith says that Pelican has received
some heat from his superiors for becoming so visible due to the AIR #1
\report on Bruce Maccabee's relationship to the CIA.


Many suspect that John Alexander is the "colonel" referred to in
Howard Blum's recent book, "Out There". In this book, Blum described a
group of remote viewers in the Pentagon who frequently encountered
UFOs in their psychic "sorties" to locate Soviet submarines. Alexander
seems to have an extremely eclectic background -- he received a PhD.
in Thanatology (the study of death and near-death experiences) from
Georgetown University under the tutelage of the celebrated Dr.
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. Apparently, Alexander is a "mind-control"
junkie, having studied everything from Silva Mind Control, to a stint
in a Buddhist monastery.

When the National Research Council issued its findings that there was
no evidence of paranormal phenomena, Alexander wrote a critique of the
report that was both passionate and eloquent. In this rebuttal, he
compared the report's apparent a priori conclusions to the Condon
Commission's report on UFOs. Interestingly, Alexander is widely
believed to have been instrumental in the Army's UFO Intelligence
activities, and is rumored to have assisted in the investigation of
the Cash/Landrum UFO-injury case.

In addition to his Psi-Tech work, Alexander currently heads a research
project at Los Alamos, New Mexico, focused on "non-lethal" military
technology. "Non- lethal" in the conventional parlance refers to
methods of eroding an enemy's war-making capabilities without the
excessive death and destruction that could possibly harden an enemy's
resolve to fight, or cause a moral revulsion in our own population
that could weaken political resolve to continue a war until U.S.
military objectives could be achieved. Wiping-out enemy radars and
communication electronics through powerful electromagnetic pulses
(EMP) is one type of non-lethal weapon, spraying roads and railroad
tracks with a super-slippery lubricant, thereby paralyzing
transportation, is another.

Alexander has been mentioned almost synonomously with non-lethal
weapons technology in many mainstream news reports, including a
lengthy piece in the Wall Street Journal. He is also rumored to be a
candidate for an Undersecretary of Defense appointment in the Clinton

Surprisingly, Army Intelligence RV operations has become married,
literally, with some prominent figures in UFO abductions research.
Albert Stubblebine is now married to Dr. Rima Laibow, whose scholarly
paper on the abduction phenomenon was the first (as far as I know) to
address the issue in the mental-health community. John Alexander is
now married to the former Victoria Lacas, Dr. Laibow's close

This list of strange bedfellows gets even stranger when you add the
name of CSETI founder and head honcho, Steven Greer, M.D., into the
mix. As it turns out, Greer, whose modus operandi incorporates shining
blinking lights and laser beams at UFOs in the hopes of establishing
communications with the ufonauts, was trained in remote viewing by Ed
Dames. In fact, it was Dr. Greer who introduced Stubblebine at the
Denver symposium.

So, what we have so far is that several former high-ranking military
personnel (Stubblebine, Alexander,and Dames) who were involved in
"psychic" research while in Army Intelligence, and who are now
actively involved in the UFO research community. Further, Dames has
staked his company's professional reputation on the prediction that an
overt contact with aliens will occur in the Four Corners area by
August of 1993. Naturally, August came and went without incident.

One of ufology's more cogent analysts, who is convinced of the reality
of remote viewing based on his own personal search, told me that
Dames' activities had resulted in the successful discrediting of both
UFOs and remote viewing. Was this the plan all along or is Dames just
a charlatan?


** End **

Don Allen - via ParaNet node 1:104/422
UUCP: !scicom!paranet!User_Name
INTERNET: Don.Allen@p3.f2112.n2430.z1.FIDONET.ORG

How the Aviary Links to the Nets

 GS> I last left you with a description of the Aviary. Now I
 GS> will digress from the Aviary story, and show you some of
 GS> the ideas of Walter Bartoo, which, for some reason, the
 GS> Aviary considers a threat. If you have been thinking
 GS> that the Aviary and CIA operatives would not waste
 GS> their time with ufo conferences on the nets, then
 GS> consider that those who do their dirty work, are not
 GS> necessarily, "paid agents". For the most part, they are
 GS> simply UFO buffs like you and me, who, with inflated
 GS> egos, have allowed their own self-importance to
 GS> compromise their common sense. All the Aviary needed to
 GS> do, was call this fellow up, and feed him some 'inside'
 GS> UFO tidbits, to get him hooked. Then link him in with a
 GS> few other Name-Brand CIA people, and his ego will do
 GS> all the rest. Once he is hooked, then they can lay down
 GS> the law of the land on him. Use your imagination. They
 GS> dont have to pay him a cent, and he will still be
 GS> obliged to carry out the Aviary's paradigm on the nets.
 GS> Of course, if you have done any research on
 GS> mind-control, then the idea of getting civilians to
 GS> become net debunkers, seems simple enough. The only
 GS> requirement for the Aviary, is the person has authority
 GS> on the conference, and/or perceived expertise
 GS> (influence). Let's now look at Walter's ideas at that time.

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