March/April 1993

Orvotron Message

              MARCH / APRIL 1993
               SOLINUS AND KORTRON

PHASE TWO of Earth's Ascension

Greetings Ascending Star People. During the two months since
our last newsletter things have accelerated to the point
that we are now in what I call PHASE TWO of Earth's
ascension. This statement should be good news to those who
have waited so long for the completion of our combined Earth
mission to be on the horizon. In many ways this experience
has been a supreme test of our patience, inner strength and
ability to adapt. This has created many wonderful
opportunities for learning. The fact that we are present on
Earth in a time of change from a negative to a positive
reality will result in our achieving much soul growth. This
is being imprinted in our very beings and will serve us well
in the future as we continue our service to the One Creator
in similar transitions.

Some Lightworkers have already awakened and are now moving
through the maze of negative programming, rising above it as
positive entities to join with others in the creation of
Heaven on Earth. Many, however, are still engrossed in the
illusion due to the use of "mind control" on
Earth, the trap we were warned about prior to volunteering
and entering Earth's influence. It has been estimated that
only about six percent of the world's population have
the ability to "think" or clearly perceive
the real situation. These souls are caught up in
repetitious, staged dramas of little value which are
unrelated to what is really taking place. This has been
frustrating to the Lightworkers since these souls could not
perceive truth or see things as clearly as we do. Mind
control has their attention and focus on what doesn't really

Mind Control used on the Masses.

Mind control of the masses has been carefully orchestrated
by the dark forces and has been recorded in history for many
bloody centuries. Some examples would be the French
Revolution, the Spanish Inquisition and the Dark Ages. We
have been programmed since birth to accept a false
reality  which directs the flow of individual energy and
personal power to a few who are in control of the many.

In a variety of ways this is designed to keep your focus and
attention away from any possibility of seeing the reality of
what they are actually doing. All this is based on lies
creating any illusion those in power wish to perpetrate.
These diversions are then repeated to us by the media
they control and are simply programmed into our minds
as a reality which is staged to hold our focus. This is also
the method and means used to prevent us from detecting we
have become a controlled, fear based society and which
prevents us from creating a world based on love. The souls
caught up in this great deception believe they are informed,
protected and free but in actuality they are puppets
of forces who play mind games and pull their strings. The
controllers know that a herd mentality produced through mind
control techniques is much easier to manipulate, control and
police. Any behavior which is different can be easily
detected. Those who can resist the programing, see the truth
and attempt to unveil others are quickly discerned, degraded
and even eliminated if necessary.

Direct Programming.

When systematic programming of the masses began the controls
were based on a fixed consciousness so a basic fear of
change was easy to implement. Early use of programming
started to erode as a faster magnetic pulse entered
Earth's magnetic field beginning in the 1960's to bring in
higher a consciousness based on love. New and more extreme
methods of mind control were then needed as consciousness
became harder to control. Mass hypnosis, subliminals, mind
altering drugs, food and water passive additives which were
already in use could not offset the naturally rising

Early experiments in microwave technology revealed a way to
transmit information directly into the brain to influence
thought patterns. Thus, a more subversive method
could now be used to induce negative, fear based
programming. The old adage "Divide and Conquer"
was then applied to alienate and separate neighbor from
neighbor so that any group endeavor could not be easily
accomplished. If by chance it did occur it was closely
monitored or in some cases destroyed.

We will call this "direct programming" because it
can be implemented whenever and wherever necessary through
the use of ground devices or satellites. Unbeknownst to
those targeted, large blocks of information can now be
transferred to any individual or large group in any staging
area to produce a completely different than normal mind set.
Microwave Programming has come of age and is being used to
corrupt the thinking of the world's population and to alter
or offset Earth's changing consciousness in these

Magnetic Fields around Earth.

As Earth moves into the uncharted seas of the higher
frequency of fifth dimensional consciousness those in
control of microwave technology now simply match the shifts
of consciousness by boosting the power to the transmitters.
Rather than seeking a safer way for the individuals
effected, safety was thrown to the four winds. In their way
of thinking many brain dead people would be much less
threatening than dealing with a world of awakened, thinking
people who could see through the controls and become aware
of what is really going on. After two decades of microwave
use and experimentation scientists now estimate that only
six percent of the targeted population are able to think

To make matters worse, the many high voltage lines
crisscrossing the world are destroying the ozone layer at
the poles and are slowly altering the magnetic field around
Earth. Large doses of increased microwave use are further
enhancing the effect. On top of that the frequencies coming
in from outside Earth's atmosphere are also changing things.
The protective shield that has encapsulated Earth and
kept her quarantined from the rest of the universes is now
being removed and soon will be completely lifted. This means
that much that was previously veiled from the
inhabitants of this planet can no longer be hidden and will
soon be discernible, understood and revealed to many. You
might say this is a second opportunity, and in most cases
the last, to wake up and make a free will
choice to join Earth as she ascends to Mansion World

None of this is taking place without a biological effect on
all life forms. Certain organs within the human body are
already not accepting the changes in Earth's magnetic
fields. We have received reports that many are having their
gall bladders removed and in the future this may effect
other organs as well. At some point Earth must be evacuated
for a short time until the establishment of the correct
pulse and flux is achieved. If cooperation is achieved
during Phase Two this will go off smoothly and life will be
returned to the surface when it is once again safe.

Protective Shield Removed.

The removal of the protective shield is being done for
two reasons: The first is that the
electromagnetic field of Earth cannot advance through the
next stages of activation surrounded by an encapsulating
shell. Lifting the protective shield will increase the
energy needed to repair the electromagnetic field damaged by
high voltage power lines and microwave transmissions.
Without this energy work being done for the transition the
reaction will not be as intended. Instead a condenser effect
or surge would be created that could not blend with the
solar system patterning that is now rising to be in harmony
with all other creation universes.

The second reason is that the Earth must be further
opened to the light energies that are now approaching. These
energies will divide the negative and positive realities
into two separate groups and eventually eliminate the
negative aspect. This statement also refers to those
entities who are now approaching and who will leave shortly
thereafter. To further understand what I am saying here
meditate on this statement: Nothing Is Ever Wasted In the
Universes. By their own choice some will come and some will
go on Earth. These will be effected by choices which
are fixed, in transition or already changed.


                         Peace and Love, Kortron



In mid February we made a nine day trip to Florida while
Sundance held the fort here on Stone Mountain. It was a
working vacation as we touched base with earth relatives as
well as many brothers and sisters from the stars. The main
emphasis of our talks with these people was the need to pull
together in a more tightly knit fashion lending support
whenever and however possible. Our concern is not just the
linking together of those we are presently networking, but
the joining of the efforts of the Pleiadians,
the earth based Ashtar Command, those from Sirius and
Arcturus, etc. We are all here for the same purpose -
to create Heaven on Earth by awakening as many
souls as possible to a love based reality - but thus
far the various groups appear to be working separately
rather than in a group effort.

We have plans to seek answers to specific questions
regarding the group aspect coming together from the
Pleiadians through Barbara Marciniak. We were pleased to
attend one of Barbara's sessions in early February in which
the Pleiadians spoke about the Uranus/Neptune conjunctions
and we feel we made some important connections within the
group attending this meeting. We left doors open for a two
way exchange in the future.

Tom Smith channels Ashtar.

Our presentations to the groups in Florida revolved around
channelings from Ashtar through Tom H. Smith, whom we
introduced to you in our January/February, 1993 newsletter.
He has been instrumental as a bridge of communication
between Orvotron and the Ashtar Command above since we do
not personally channel Ashtar. Tom received word from Ashtar
that he is now a designated spokesperson for planet Earth
for The Confederation of Planets. This is a great honor and
we feel because of his giving, loving heart that he is the
right person for this important job.

Channels come and go but few hold to the task or accept the
commitment. We have felt for a long time that this position
needed to be filled in order for the necessary exchanges to
take place and for the development of a common ground in
task and deed to bring this world out of darkness into
vibrant love and light. It is hoped that Tom will fulfill
this role as he channels several other entities who are
involved in the Earth mission.

Orvotron, Metatron, and the Earth Misson.

The following five sections are the channelings from Ashtar
to Tom H. Smith which we presented to others while we were
in Florida. We feel it is important to include this
information as it answers questions posed by many who wish
to understand the role of the Metatrons in the Earth
mission, the significance of Orvotron and what each of us
can do to contribute to the successful completion of our
combined Earth mission. We hope that you will find this
information not only interesting but helpful as you move
forward in your awakening process and are inspired to learn
more about your personal role in our mutual effort to create
Heaven on Earth.


Long ago in Earth time-space terms, it was decided by a
hierarchy of universal overseers to establish a group or
committee-type structure that would, in turn, oversee the
development of the planet Earth and its inhabitants. The
make up of this group would be essentially the same as that
of the hierarchical committee. That is, it would consist of
representatives of all the different worlds somewhat
adjacent to the universe in which the Earth existed, as well
as a selection from other universes. In this way there would
be participants who were most familiar with many of the
local issues of this universe, as well as those who could
bring in their own world experiences and also learn from
this one. This group was given the name of Intergalactic
Counsel. It was constituted as a true counsel of different
worlds, with the primary focus on matters concerning the
Earth and surrounding planets and dimensions.

The Introduction of the "COMMAND"

As "time" went on and the war lords took control
of planet Earth, it was decided that there was a need for
another group whose function was to be almost exclusively
focused on the Earth and her inhabitants, primarily the
humans. The Earth also requested this. This group
"reported" to the Intergalactic Counsel. Remember
you are dealing with mostly light beings, but all were
beings of love. Consequently, those who served in the
respective positions did not need to be told to report to
anyone, as we all serve out of true love. But the various
missions and responsibilities were so vast that it was
necessary to have someone "in charge" of the
different organizational levels to coordinate these
activities. So another counsel was established, what many
are now referring to as a "command" and very
specifi- cally the "Ashtar Command" at the present

It was not always Ashtar's command. At one time Sananda was
in the approximate position I am in now. For those who do
not know, Sananda and Christ are the same energy.

This has been a very summarized version of how the
Intergalactic Counsel and Ashtar's command came about.
Ashtar is a member of the Intergalactic Counsel, as is
Sananda and others with my command. We work at the ultimate
direction of the One Creator, although the One Creator
rarely is directly involved with us for Its own reasons. But
we do function with the blessing and assistance at times of
the One Creator. I will add that the Creator is becoming
more involved as the time for the Great Harvest of Souls is

A single voice of Information

It is our goal to serve in love and to serve as a single
voice of information to those on the Earth and surrounding
planets. We are love. We are light. Even so, there are no
absolutes. We have difficulties of our own communicating and
coordinating. Since there are essentially an infinite number
of factors and energies at work in the "global"
situations, it is difficult to assure that all involved will
be functioning at the optimal level. In your terms we have
had some failures. But we have learned from these as well.
The largest obstacles to overcome have not been the dark
forces as such, but the results upon humankind of the work
of those dark forces. They have in effect manipulated and
controlled the human species almost to the point of "no
return". Of course this can and is being changed, even
as I speak.

This is some of the general background to bring us current.
There is far more to say concerning the make up of the
Counsel membership, such as specific roles and members. That
is a topic for another time. There are publications
available for those who are interested in more details on
the Counsel and the command.

The MetaTrons

The Counsel made a decision at a point in "time"
to call on the assistance of the Metatrons. We felt that the
Trons had the exact kind of experience and know-how to work
with the probable energies that we anticipated to be
emanating from the Earth's inhabitants. The Metatrons were
more than willing to assist, as they are of love and light.
As each of the other represented races are unique with their
own history and characteristics, so too are the Metatrons.
They are indeed from a mature universe that had already
evolved through many of the same situations as are occurring
within this one, including Earth. So we had that
"expertise" to call on.

This is not a story about the Metatrons, either, but one
designed to give a special flavor of the possible roles of
the Trons. Many of those called into service to the
Intergalactic Counsel were warriors. Their knowledge and
skills were needed by the Earth as well as the Counsel. Yet
the warriors created their own unique opportunities. They
did not have the human history experience that many of the
other races had. This meant that they would have some
difficulty adjusting to the human situations. But, as they
agreed to do it, they are expected to proceed and
participate as any others in the flesh, subject to all of
the same physical and universal laws.

Communication between humans and E.T. essential.

So this brings us very quickly to now. The Intergalactic
Counsel and the Ashtar Command are fully supportive of each
other and each element within the respective groups.
Although each functions as an independent energy, we are all
of the One and therefore are one. There is a tremendous need
to communicate at our level and at the Earth level. This is
absolutely essential for the successful completion of the
Earth mission.

Role of Orvotron.

One of the major functions of the Trons is to assist in
realigning the energy grids of the Earth, at all levels.
They also have other responsibilities, including countering
the activities to the dark forces and governmental roles, at
least to the extent these roles interfere with the Earth
mission. At our level, we are in constant communications
with the Metatron overseers, those who are working very
directly with their own beings on the planet. Orvotron is a
location that is involved with the energy alignments I
mentioned previously. It is equally important for those on
the ground to communicate not only with the Tron overseers,
but also all others on the Earth who have any role
whatsoever in the Earth mission. Much of the communications
is direct, others will be indirect. Orvotron is very
important, but it is not to exist in a vacuum. It is to be
supported by all those at our level and on the Earth plane.
It in turn is to support all others. It is not to exist for
its own sake, but for the benefit of the planet. And it is
indeed of much benefit. I and those in my command are
totally aware of its importance. Orvotron is an integral
part to the success of the mission, as are practically all
the other elements. We support the Metatrons and work very
closely with them. We are all as one.

I hope this answers the concerns of Kortron. I am always
ready to respond to his and others needs and concerns. It is
of equal importance that Kortron recognize the roles of
those he deals with. To be successful, there are no mutually
exclusive roles. Support is needed by each who has agreed to
this most important mission on the planet Earth.


Kortron has many concerns as he tries very hard to link all
the different aspects of the ET connections, as well as
other related areas of spirituality. There is no difference
between spiritual development and us space friends. We are
all you, you are us. We are all one. So it is in the view of
oneness that I suggest that each of you is on a unique path.
All of your paths ultimately lead to the One. When all
people can be heard as a single voice, a single collection
of energies, the affect on your individual worlds and on the
planet Earth would be beyond your wildest imagination.

Regardless of your individual paths, it is best when there
is a link of energies. Each of you is unique. At the same
time you speak and hear many of the same messages. We do not
tell you which messages you must listen to. This is your
choice. But I and all those on whose behalf I speak at this
time, encourage all those who are of the light to work
together and do not be in competition with one another. When
you are of the light, you are of love. When you are of love,
you allow each to be who they are and you agree to serve in
a manner that enhances your own growth and that of the

All roles are of equal importance, as you are all equal to
all others in the universe. Each has chosen their own path
to claim this so. It is a claim to each of us and to the One
Creator that you have agreed to assist in your own specific
and special way. This is why you are here at this time. When
each does a part, we all benefit.

There are indeed what may appear to be more important events
or circumstances than others. This is not entirely true, as
I have said you are all equal. Yet there are certain events
or locations that are extremely important for the success of
the Earth mission. There are different physical locations
throughout the planet that are key areas of energy and
focus. As each of those on the light path awakens, you will
become aware of these and why they are so important. Of
equal importance is the spiritual support that these centers
need, including support of those who have agreed to
coordinate the different activities. It is not necessary for
each of you to totally understand the significance of all of
this, or even accept it as your truth at this time. At a
point you will begin to know what most of these centers are
about. But it is important for each who truly claims to be
on the path of light, to allow the various energy centers
the freedom to expand. It is important that each support in
some form the spiritual growth of the whole. You do this of
course by honoring yourself with love.

Orvotron belongs to ALL of us.

I have been asked to specifically speak of the work Kortron
and others around him are doing. It is important that all
those on the path link together to create the greatest
possible fields of energy. It is important to work together
in all aspects of spirituality. It is important to support
each other and to communicate that support and information.
Kortron for one has much love and information to share. He
is a guardian of a most sacred place on this planet. It does
not belong to him. It belongs to all of you. It belongs to
the Earth. But Kortron has a most difficult task as, he has
agreed to help direct the paths of light to a large portion
of the Earth. He has agreed to deal with the skepticism of
many of those who do not believe he is who he claims to be.
He has agreed to the difficult task of provid- ing a most
important energy link of people, of those who are willing to
join as one to support this center in concert with their own

Kortron's Role.

There is a location referred to as Orvotron that contains a
very high energy vortex. This vortex remained inactive until
Kortron was led to this area. He then activated the energy
fields that were waiting for this time. Of course Kortron
did this with the help of the space friends. But he was the
ground level activator and it was necessary for him to be
present to prepare the area and to remain as guardian and
protector of the site.

Most do not know that Kortron has had to ward off the
intrusions of the negative forces as they have become aware
of the existence and purpose of this particular vortex. The
negative energies have "assaulted" this area and
Kortron with everything from direct attacks on his well
being, to quasi-military interventions, and even with the
infiltration of their own agents. To date Kortron has
recognized each effort, and has successfully repelled the
energies directed towards him. It is to his credit as a
warrior, and that of his Metatron family and others, that he
has been so successful in maintaining the light focus on the

Help protect Orvotron.

This part of his task would be much easier with the link of
other light energies around him. It is not necessary that
others even need to be physically there, or physically
living in the area. It is by each light worker's intent to
link with this powerful and beautiful energy, that is most
beneficial. This is not to suggest that there is no benefit
for people of like mindedness to physically locate there.
Indeed, it is intended as a light workers community and
gathering place, as well as a location for those who wish a
permanent residence. With more energies to link there in the
physical, it will be a stronger, more unified energy field.
The Earth has selected this area as one of the highest
energy areas on her surface. There are more wonderful things
in store for this site, but it is best to not speak of these
at this time. Each who is drawn to this location out of love
and service will become aware of all this is to occur.

There is much information available on the energy vortex
that Kortron is the guardian of. It is located in the
beautiful mountains of North Carolina. He is always pleased
to share his knowledge and wisdom. It is not the only energy
center, but it is very important for the balance of the
planet. It is indeed a place where the human energies can
gather as one, and enhance even more the natural light of
this region.

So it is with this background that the need for all to be as
one in love and light should be more apparent. Kortron and
Solinus will remain and enjoy the beautiful energies of the
mountains, and endure the negative attacks by the dark
forces, as long as we and the One Creator asks them to do
so. But their tasks, and indeed all of humankind's, can be
much easier with the joining of loving energies for the
common goal of helping the Earth and each other.

Link your Energy and Love with others.

I encourage each one of you to become aware of your oneness
with all and with the ALL. When you are truly at peace with
the One, you will have no difficulty accepting the loving
light of all those around you. You will then be willing to
link your energy and love with all others, your knowing with
all who wish to know, and your support for all those on the
path, even if a different path than your own.

So I offer these words at this time, as many of you must
learn to work through your own ego and see how equal each is
to you and you to them. Share your love. Share your common
goals of spiritual growth. Take charge of yourself and do
not be concerned with taking charge of others. Be as one.


This is Ashtar. I have heard your request for information on
behalf of Kortron and I am pleased to respond. I am honored
to do so for you.

I know all of those whom Kortron visits on his ships. I know
them quite well. Xonephia is the name of the planet from
which Kortron originated. The name of the universe and where
it is located is not important to anything happening now,
period. However, the planet is in another dimension and is
not "visible" from this one. In terms of distance,
it is some 1,000 light years from here. But keep in mind it
is in another dimension, so you cannot get from here to
there by traveling 1,000 light years. It is necessary to
traverse 2 dimensions, and then travel that great distance.
You have been there during your travels as a light being.
This is how you first met the Kortron energy. There is a
name for his universe, but it has no name that can be
interpreted in your Earth language, any of them. His planet
is located approximately 1 million miles from his central
sun. This is all that I can give on it at the present time.

Reptilians of the Light.

There is a race of reptilians who are of the light, the ones
Kortron referred to as Atech. Actually there are more than a
single group of reptilians who are of the light. There are
others who are now working towards the light but who have
much to do to correct their balance of love. They have
agreed to do this and are well aware it will take a long
time in your terms. The Atechs are a race who have almost
completed their return to the light. These are indeed
working with the light forces. They do not wish to be seen
in the physical on Earth, as they are aware of certain
confusion in the future. People will be unable to
distinguish the "good" from the "bad"
reptilians. Of course those with discernment would be able
to . But it could cause too much confusion. So they will
remain in the background. However, they have agreed to a
very specific role as advisors in different capacities. They
occupy a small planet near Orion, but separate from Orion.
There are not great numbers of them. However more will be
joining them as they open to the light.


To our friends from other countries and indeed to those of
the entire planet Earth, I and all of us in the spirit realm
do thank you for undertaking your missions on earth. It is
only through each and everyone of you that the positive
energies of all of you can be spread and come together as
one. This not only helps others, but primarily helps
yourself and the Earth.

Do not be of the mind that you have this gigantic objective
to deal with. Rather view your own individual roles as equal
and as important as all others. Then consider how you can
best learn to love yourself. This may sound like a strange
message coming from an ET at a time like this, at least to
some. But it is in loving and knowing yourself that you then
can know and love the One Creator of us all. It is in
knowing and loving yourself that you can truly come in touch
with your total beingness including your higher self. It is
in knowing and loving yourself that you spread your light to
all others. When we are all one, we are all love. After this
there is nothing else.

So this is my main message to each of you. But I also have
other things to say. If you listen to any of my words,
listen to what I have just said. Through love, love of self,


While each of you learns to overcome your own programming to
self love, there are other things to keep in mind. While
love of self is the most important love you can have, it is
absolutely essential that you learn and know the meaning of
true self manifestation - creating your own reality. With
the knowledge of manifestation, you will be able to do
anything, and I mean ANYTHING. I have already spoken of the
subject in a general way in another channeling through Tom,
so you may wish to read that. This will enable me to move on
to another message. I encourage every human on this planet
to have total comfort and confidence in knowing how you can
create your own reality. This is so very important for you
in the near future.

Every time someone awakens and begins to feel good about
teaching others, there always exists the potential of
different perspectives of the same truths. In fact this
pleases us, as it is good to have many views of similar
beliefs. It gives each the opportunity to better understand
and accept, or reject, these teachings.

Acceptance between groups.

Often what may accompany one teacher or group of like minds
is the idea that others might tie into and even accept their
position, often at the exclusion of others teachings. These
ego situations are what many humans are still seeking to
overcome. I encourage each of you to keep in mind that the
Earth mission, the mission sanctioned by the One Creator,
can only be successful when there is love, understanding and
acceptance between such groups. You must learn to accept
each other and even encourage the flexibility that others
may know more than to you about some things. But no one
knows all things, so each of you is an important link to the
light work.

Kortron needs you - you need Kortron.

You will also find as you search on your path, that your own
knowledge will be opened to areas and energies you did not
even know existed. You may have had a focus on or be used to
a certain spirit energy. You may have begun to believe that
is the most important speaker from the One. Remember, we are
all equal, you and I and all of our space and spirit
brethren. So be open to all positive channelings and
teachings of information. One of these is our brother
Kortron. He has a mission, just as each of you do. His
mission as a Metatron requires the love and cooperation of
many people, as should he be the same way towards others. I
encourage you to listen to his words, and to support the
message of love and cooperation he will speak of. Then go
within and determine how you may be able to support his
mission in conjunction with your own. He too must support
yours. This he will do with the successful completion of his
own and in other ways he is asked to do.


The Earth and her inhabitants are not as you may seem. In
one sense you are an illusion. I say one sense as all forms
of thought create illusions, at least from your physical
perspective. This may sound like double talk, but it is
really an attempt to give a simple explanation for your
basic premise of existences. It is not my intent to confuse
in this matter, so I will not dwell on it further.

Since each of you can feel the physical around you, you are
thinking it is very real, very solid. It certainly is that,
for this perspective of you. But there are many other
probable selves, some in physical reality similar to this
one, and others in a non solid form. But they are all of you
and they are all real and they are all illusions, from
different perspectives.

It is the firm belief by most of you that what you see, feel
and hear are absolute, beyond a doubt, the way you and
everything around you is. Because of your programmed
beliefs, it is difficult that you could imagine other
existences occurring at this very instant, all around you as
well as throughout the universe. But this is true. It is
difficult for many of you to believe these words are coming
from anyone other than the person or alter ego of Tom,
unless of course someone else is writing it in his name.
Many cannot comprehend that words and information outside of
Tom or any other instrument are real and not made up. Yet
each of you is capable of seeing, feeling and hearing the
other dimensions and realities I previously spoke of.

You are each capable, but by the mere fact you do not
believe it so, therefore you are not. It all relates to your
ability to create your own reality. It does not matter how
esoteric or physical you wish to be, "to be" you
must create it. This "in fact" is what you are and
what is all around you. You have created it directly or
participated with others to create it. When you participate
with others to create things, it is called a collective
creation or a result of a larger mass consciousness.

Because most of you have chosen the experience to forget or
block your true spiritual self, you have also blocked your
conscious awareness of exactly how it is you create all
these things around you. It is not always important to have
a conscious recall of everything you create. In fact, this
would actually get in your way, as you would be thinking and
analyzing so much that you would cease to be creating. But I
tell you this as it is extraordinarily valuable for you to
KNOW how you create everything that is around you. It is the
most powerful aspect of your existence. It is self
empowerment personified. The Creative Source of us all has
very clearly and deliberately created this individual aspect
of each of us so we may have the complete and maximum
experiences we desire.

Know how to Consciously Create.

While it is best that you do not continuously and
deliberately think about creating your own reality, it is
nevertheless of extreme importance that you KNOW how to do
this. It is of extreme importance that you know and realize
from the conscious, to the deep subconscious, that you have
the ability to create everything there is about you, and in
fact you do it. It is of the same extreme importance that
you KNOW you can and do create all this is around your
world. It is important that you know you have and ARE
creating your wars, your crimes, your political systems,
your hunger, your beautiful weather, your happy times as
groups, and all of it. It is all as a result of mass beliefs
or mass consciousness. It is ALL A COLLECTION OF INDIVIDUAL

Most of you will flat out deny this. You will say it is
God's will, or it is a result of chance circumstances. Even
for those who might entertain the possibility that what I
say is true, you will wonder why you would create so much
negativity. Simple. You have allowed yourselves to be
programmed to think or not to think a certain way. Do not
doubt for an instant the total power of mass programming, or
mass marketing, or mass brainwashing. But you each agree to
it. You have simply forgotten over time that this is what
you are doing. But you are responsible regardless.

Think for a moment of the possible ways you can be
programmed to believe a certain way. For instance, look at
the endless ways you are programmed from your TV. You are
told that if you do not take a certain flu shot, you will
get a cold or the flu. So you take these to
"prevent" the symptoms. You may also be told day
in and day out about how much better one brand of cigarettes
or automobiles is over another. This influences your
shopping habits more than you could imagine.

The list of media programming is indeed endless. It is used
to your detriment and your benefit. It helps you create a
certain mind set which is a thought form, which in turn may
correspond to the creation of individual or mass realities.
You say you have free will. This is true. But perhaps you do
not exercise it so freely, as you are swayed by the media
programming just mentioned. It is all done very subtly. It
is not done TO you. It is done BY you.

Mass Realities.

Let us expand our examples or possibilities. If I were
totally convinced a certain belief of mine was so important
for each to believe as well, I might be able to devise a
method to teach you, to convince you of the same belief. If
I am tremendously successful over a long period of time, I
could even broadcast the belief far and wide. Then thousands
or even millions might believe the same way. From this, mass
realities are created. Look at your clothes fashions -
perfect example. This is true of EVERYTHING about your
private and public existences. Religion is another perfect
example, although most might argue this might be a positive
example of creation, unless of course you didn't want it
forced on you. Your style of politics is a reflection of
your mass beliefs, even the corruption within it. You create
it and you allow it to continue. It is yours, period!

I could spend hours giving more obvious and some not so
obvious examples of creating your own reality. The point is,
each does it, including we space friends. We all do it. But
you say, "How do I do it? It is a function of the
energy fields at your "disposal". It is in how you
learn to manipulate the energies at the different levels.
There are many very good publications that may enlighten
you. But it is not necessary to know all the details to be
able to do it. In fact you didn't even know you were doing
it, but you were doing it anyway. What is so important is
you can learn to very deliberately create whatever it is you
wish, be it physical or non physical. If you are not
careful, you can very deliberately create a negative event
or situation for yourself. Caution is advised.

Become aware of your true Empowerment.

The near future is a time when it is in the greatest
interest of humanity to totally understand the ability and
consequences of creating your own reality. There are some
very trying, chaotic and ultimately beautiful times in store
for all those on this planet. The sooner each of you becomes
aware of your true empowerment, the better prepared you will
be. The quicker each can master your own ability to create,
in a deliberate way, your own reality, the quicker you will
be able to meet the challenges head on and work through them
in the most desired way. Ashtar, of The Ashtar Command.

(Let us add a final note here. It is always good when
verification comes from many different levels. It is even
more productive when many factions meet and join in a common
goal. Think what a grand event it will be when separation of
countries and peoples is replaced with a unified body of
love. That time is close and I applaud all who have joined
in this effort.)

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