Orvotron - 1990

As Solinus said, in her section here, she and Kortron first began to reach out to Light-Workers worldwide, through publication of her Orvotron Newsletter. The newsletter is now called "Life Times". In my opinion, their very first issue proved to be prophetic. I will share some articles from this Jan/Feb 1990 issue with you here. Afterward, I will give you my comments, as to why I think the articles apply, especially, today.

Bimonthly Newsletter
East Coast Power Point
Transformational Updates
January/February, 1990

Greetings Ascending Light People!

Now that networking is all but complete in our worldwide web the very next step is one of getting everyone in the Beam of the Ascending Light as a Command. Each of you will soon know the things which are very essential to the transformation and your part in it.

Networking, in itself, is inefficient if the very wrong things flow into those passing information. Many, in essence, were getting from others a lot of what they passed on as channeled material and in the translation much of the essentials important to the work in Earth ascension was lost. This created a need for better methods. It was decided to set up an Earth based Command for the creation of new methods for the exchange of information in the coming new reality. Information will now be transmitted via commanders and other officers in the Command so that those receiving information will get it through a command structure which bypasses those who feel the need to gather people around them that look up to them as high souls in the work. None of you could possibly understand the reality versus the illusion unless your eyes were completely open as these changes manifested. Directives were the key "eye openers" for this newly formed "knowingness" and "new understanding".

What you perceive as a consciousness shift is nothing more than a redirecting of thoughts into "emotional key paths" which trigger your electronic, biological, chemical brain computer into forgotten unused circuitry paths which then open to evolution information. The idea of blueprints and grids of energy forming and traveling in different directions was to grab your attention and focus it into different possibilities. These would allow you entry into new circuitry paths to open you into higher consciousness with "corrected" focus on these events.

Once this redirection work reached a certain level the formation of new habits could proceed to fully awaken you to much higher awareness states. Steps had to be taken to undo things that had held you fixed in limited micro-circuitry. In this some of you found yourself quite by accident ahead of others in opening to mid-range path circuitry. Then things really started opening as you started to realize you were complex, multi-leveled, biochemical, electronic computers. This was a big step back to a reality which opened you to full recall linking you up to your source computer called God or the Creator.

All this is progressing in stepped up modulation as more are now becoming better receivers. Soon the "biological conductors" will increase as a unified field mind opens and much higher thinking evolves. Because of networking your groups can be easily updated more efficiently as it will allow you more interaction with ones like yourself on Earth assignment. You then can link your energy to all concerned by entering these stepped-up fields of perception. All these things and much more are becoming possible as the old ways and concepts of doing are being replaced by a new grid work called "networking modulation" and step-up which few understand.

At this very moment the Commanders are sending many of you replanned schedules for seminars and new workshops in 1990 to make room for these special ones to enter into your fields of stepped up understanding and reality. Power points of vortex energy now held by these Commanders are being opened. Commanders are now on Earth bringing together organized efforts and clarity. Word is passing in preparedness for this. Many of us have been told to now move into your view for clarity definition work as the time nears for your part in the ascension work for Earth's next evolutionary step. Do you understand?

Until recently many did things only partially aware of why they were being asked to do these things. Now all will fit and make sense on every level where before it would have been a hit or miss affair to reach out to all. Our hats are off to those that have done this fine job of networking. The high councils are more than pleased with the unselfish work of these souls. Please realize this now needs to be shared with clarity and taken into fine tuning as information to be used by the forming Command structure. Everyone must see this. Do you understand?

A plan will now be instigated through which up to the minute directives can reach those seeking this, plus certain Centers will be Headquarters Commands for those in receivership of these updated directives. These will be shared in newsletters, updates, meetings and computer bulletin boards. All this will bring together those receiving new directives and those in other areas of transformation work. Interaction work can then add input in a defined work area in the Sector Commands. This can now evolve by making full use of the networks keeping all informed right down to individual needs finally being met. This was impossible in the past. Let us not applaud yet!

Now that we have reached this point there needs to be a true spirit of cooperation between existing and forming parts of this network. The previous lack of cooperation hindered directives going out or getting to where they needed to go resulting in where we are presently at. NO ONE IS GREATER IN THIS THAN EACH SINGLE INDIVIDUAL PART WHICH REPRESENTS THE WHOLE. "ALL IS ONE". If the spirit of cooperation exists and is used (especially toward those doing and getting little help from the many) as the Earth based Commands form then much work can be completed. It is important that this is understood. Do you understand?

Some of you have been told that you are power people still needing to link up to your points of reference concerning your jobs in the grid. This needs to now be looked at, as fine tuning and resonance work is beginning in the manifestation of the Dove. The Dove is the vehicle being created for a massive lift off and this work must now be stepped up by those that have chosen this as their part in the Mission. In meditation ask your part then follow Spirit without hesitation.

Some of you feel an urgency to get it together in your respective place, part and definition of your job in the Mission. All this has been stepped up in the councils of the high and this has been done to get you placed exactly where you're supposed to be. YOU NEED ONLY TAKE THE TIME AT THE SAME TIME EACH DAY AND LISTEN! Your personal directives are being sent at this very moment. Odd hours are best to meditate.


The evacuation is, in reality, a staged event not needing to be constantly dwelled upon. Why? Because we need to do our jobs and stop requesting lift off. You aren't abandoned here. All will leave when it's time. The whole planet could be evacuated in fifteen minutes. So let's do our jobs and stop worrying. After July there will be a feeling of being less protected as more things speed up and effect life here. Those who are aware of this have agreed to weather this and complete their mission. No one is leaving yet. Do you understand?

This Center is the Headquarters for the East Coast and our function is to see that things keep progressing as planned. Now is the time to ask and take your rank, duty station and Starseed names. These individuals will have a defined job to do. Some will not receive star names and these will need to give support and assistance to the chain of command in Earth ascension work. Your Commander's name is Kortron and may be reached through this Center. As you awaken you will be assisted as each part relates to the whole. Everything outside of Earth functions as a working whole. That is one requirement for creating Heaven on Earth. Do you understand?

Those sitting back doing nothing can expect the same in return. Each of you will now be expected to do your part whether it is donating money to those doing the work or actual hands on work when asked. The time of doing nothing and receiving are over. All in positions of helping the rest have received this directive. Many getting this latest communique will tell you this is so.

Those of you reading this with rank and star names (and there are many) check in at this Command Center as we are setting up for 1990 through the year 1995 for the East Coast. Earth Councils will now start meeting and the result will be actively put out to all the rest of you.

Sector Officers need to get their points of reference in place as defined in their active job functions, plus set up the needed support teams and open path flows of communication. These also need to be firmly in place as points of communication.

Old habits are hard to break. This came in as the reason many receiving were reluctant to give in return. Many were holding fast to illusion, not quite believing it was really happening and this created a doubt atmosphere. This prevented needed support going out to the Centers and those helping others who were beginning to awaken to the new consciousness. This must change.

I would like to say that doubt is our self made veil and the real barrier to acceptance of change as it is created in fear. If you are open to love then the veil drops as thought is, and always will be, the creating force of all experience in your life here on Earth. Progress is stymied or opened by your ideas and thoughts. You're now creating your reality. Only you through your free will choice can totally open to reality by pushing aside fear and doubt.

The difference now, more so than at other times, is that thought energy now coming into the planet is creating the change. Your blending to it or not is your free will choice. Those still holding fast and unaware that anything is taking place are those souls who are "refusing or allowing any possibility" of change. All will eventually be changed by it and will experience it. Those who refuse to change will create massive energy blockages. At some point the vibration in their cellular structure will create friction and heat which will cause each cell to burst into spontaneous combustion consuming their bodies.

The magnitude of the Infinite Source energy in cycled renewal cleansing cannot be withstood. The eternal fire got its name by this in its cleansing of creation. Spirit is now rising in soul, mind and body to its highest vibration. Resistance only causes a holding pattern resulting eventually in a breakdown creating rapid step up and combustion to the body. Spirit, mind and soul will survive it. Such phenomenon in the past is referred to as the burning death.

None of you wavering at this time need experience this. What is now needed is to "accept and allow". By doing this and remaining open you will not be resisting the energy frequency rises that many are stubbornly resisting because of their fear of change. There was never any plan to destroy life in any of the many and one Creator's universes. Life forms in total ignorance of the Divine Plan and its ability to police itself as an unchangeable universal law force create their own end. Do you understand?

Life everywhere is respected and loved. If this were not true why then all the talk about evacuation and space ships? But there is a job to do first! To put it simply your specie is one that is very much loved in its higher evolved form of "HU"man (Heavenly Universal Man). These will be evacuated to return or populate one of the many worlds ready to receive new life. If this weren't true there would be no need of ships to take people off when this planet becomes too unstable to support life. Do you understand?

This will be your choice alone. No one will or can make that choice for you. Your heart is painting the picture of your desire to become a part of the Creator's larger Cosmic family. All networking must be in place no later than April 31, 1990. A command structure is forming that you now need to affix to as your part represents a piece of a Divine Puzzle which will evolve into a grand picture. This will follow a plan all agreed to prior to Earth assignment. Now is the time for sharing, giving and loving as the Divine family we represent.

Peace and Love

Cmdr. Kortron

Lady Nada Comments:

Orvotron - 1990 - Continued

( The East Coast Network NewsLetter )


Those of you wishing to be in the network with the up to date news of Earth Ascension and what it means to you can now subscribe to our news letter. We are doing this because many of you have requested we do so as a contact point.

Our job on Earth assignment is to inform all of you of both individual and group news relating to the present and coming cleansing of space ship planet Earth. How this will effect you and what you can do to become a part of the plan to save life here will be our main focus. Our job was defined to us as the east coast Command Center for this. Much of what we will report will also be correct for other areas of the planet.

(Updated subscription information for 1995.)

One year subscription is six issues, for $42.00 (U.S.)
Send check or money order in US currency to:

Judith A. Wells
1609 Stone Mountatin Road
Vilas, North Carolina 28692

Profit in this endeavor will be used for things being done to further the cause of personal transformation in things told us needing to be done. One of these was the immediate building of a pyramid seminar center that nears the initial step in this project starting. The site now cleared of trees is about to be leveled off to start the actual building.

We are told this project being completed would function as a device to open the awakening process in many by just being in this energy field. Crystals are to be placed in it in a certain way raising it's potential beyond structures built in the past. We are excited about this in it's manifested reality as we see much good coming from this venture, then back to all of you.

Peace and Love

Cmdr. Kortron

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