The following excerpts may contain some current commentary by Glenda Stocks, a.k.a. ladynada, which will be denoted by GS>.

September / October - 1990

 GS> Kortron opens this issue with a confirmation of
 GS> who we are. Five years later, are we ready to be
 GS> REAL?  Are we Ascending Light Beings?  If we are,
 GS> let us Think and Act like it is Real.

 GS> You know, I really think Kortron wrote these 1990
 GS> newsletters, for 1995!

Greetings Ascending Light Beings.  Here we are again
and the bridge which once separated us is now in our
vision, our experience and is opening us to renewed
realization of the Fifth Dimension.  It is now
coming in, flowing over all of Earth and sweeping us
into yet higher and higher octaves of the eternalness
of the Father/Mother's radiant Love.

The Throne energies also separated from us for so long
are now bathing us in ever faster, stepped-up energy
bringing in a new realization as wave bathes Earth in
the everlasting Heavenly Octave Resonance of the
"Infinite Love Light".

 GS> Many of us actually felt the difference in the
 GS> incoming energies, at around the time of the Fall
 GS> Equinox, in 1995.

This "now" acceleration is ever faster
opening closed doors to yet newer consciousness and
remembrance.  As this new outward expression of love
comes out in our lives, a renewed connection with the
Infinite Source Love fills us.  We are becoming once
again our full embodiment as awakened souls in Spirit.
We are the Star Seeds and are now springing forth
birthing Earth to its fullest Starborne radiance.
Sing cheers oh children!!  Holy is the Holy.  Our
Father/Mother Spirit essence returns.

 GS> Notice, again, restoration of The Mother, to Her
 GS> Right Place.

Praise "Yod Hey Vod Hey" in bringing us back into the
living light, our true and everlasting home.

In this opening new knowledge we must rejoice, not
fear these changes as Earth redeems itself, all life
on it, and in it, and as its many dimensional bodies
become radiant Love.  Fear not, for Love is our primal
blueprint.  We are now opening to full cellular
memory of who we are, what we are and why we are here.

Fear has no place in our Father/Mother's house of
love.  It is part of the illusion which will soon be
nonexistent.  Those holding to fear will be whisked
out with all illusion.  In opening to love we start to
see Heaven as it descends to Earth.  In seeing this we
should accept as children, embracing a joyous new
experience with our arms outstretched, crying with
waves of great joy.  This cannot be made clearer.  Do
you understand?

Infinite patience is the Spirit's nonjudgmental Love
which embraces all of you who are out of harmony.
Both you and Spirit are rejoicing as each part
reunites and unifies in returning to the other.  This
is why renewal is so loved by those who understand
Spirit's influence in all of creation.  You, dear
ones, need to be loved, and as parts representing
Spirit, that need is in Spirit also.  It is the
Oneness that brings all together into reality, as all
is Spirit.  Do you understand?

(Our Purpose on Earth Assignment)

Many of you write in or call asking what your job in
the Mission is.  Indeed, this is being embraced by us
as we organize a functional World Command.  Each of
you have a job in this that is very important to the
Earth Based Command of which we ALL are a part.
Patience!  We are setting it up as fast as
possible-even as we speak.

Just sit awhile and think about all you have learned
here on Earth not knowing why many of these things
were pursued by you.  Does a picture emerge?  It may
not be a picture which represents what you are doing
now to support your existence, but be assured it has
definition in relation to your support part to our
world Mission, your real reason for being on Earth at
this time.

Many things are needed as we assimilate and evolve
into a working group.  If your support is there, ever
present, and in place, many pieces will fall into
place as the Command forms to do Spirit's work of
creating Heaven on Earth.  Do you understand?

If you are reading these words but sitting back and
still not doing your part to support Spirit, on every
level, then you are not doing your part to support
Spirit, and Spirit will not support you.  On the other
hand, if you are doing more than what is asked in your
support of Spirit, then a door opens and you find, by
giving, you are receiving more to give, and then
things are much less tedious and more fully abundant.
Why?  Because dear ones those supporting Spirit's work
here are being supported by Spirit.  Do you

...Everything is now accelerated children.  The time
is NOW to accept your part and find your true reason
for being here.  Then will come new understanding of
how these things are going to be supported by Spirit.

(Unification of Earth's 12 Sectors)

Commanders of the other Earth sectors are starting to
blend their energies, as the Spirit of cooperation is
now becoming a less guarded aspect of our Mission.
Much is now being shared.  Some who have subscribed to
this newsletter have asked that their names not be
passed on.  New thinking must release fears so that
your Commander can find you and get you into the real
command structure on Earth.  By allowing us to share
this information you will greatly accelerate being
united with your soul group for the final job here.
Drop all aspects holding you in fear.

(Communications A World Link-Up)

To all officers out there who are involved with
computers:  Communications Commander Settron is now
wide awake and waiting for you to step forward.  Fax
and computer link-up will be included in the world
telecommunications network soon to be on line!!  It
really is taking place on a planetary scale in ways we
all dreamed of, yet still grander than any one of us
could envision.  Get involved in every way.  Do you

Islands of Light around the world are also being
networked into a planetary team.  These will support
each other now as everyone's job comes into our field
of expanding vision and each of you finds your place
in the Mission.  Each part, from the individual to the
evolving teams of 12 needs support for this important
structuring to take place.  Donations need to flow
from everyone if we are to establish this.  In turn
this will create support back to the individual in
many ways few see yet.  In the future many of you will
rely on what we are now creating.  If you're sitting
back saying this is nice but doing nothing then that
is what you will get in return.  This is what was told
to me.  Do you understand?

 GS> hmmm... and in some ways that has happened in the
 GS> ensuing five years; almost nothing, in terms of
 GS> establishing the commands, communication between
 GS> the commands, and communities and Light Centers.
 GS> We do have a good start on the
 GS> telecommunications' link-up. Perhaps, now,
 GS> Light-Workers will begin to manifest the goals of
 GS> of their respective missions.

Duty stations are being redefined.  Much of what gets
set up must go in and out of this HQ. Command Center.
Don't get left out in the cold.  You are a piece, a
building block of a grand picture.  No one piece is
more important that any other.  We need everyone's
help!!  Do you understand?

 GS> Does it make sense to have a central command
 GS> center, for the coordination of efforts and
 GS> communications?  To me, a central command IS
 GS> needed.  Can you imagine, that there are Light
 GS> Workers with special skills for building
 GS> communities, but are not connected to any group
 GS> that is actually doing anything?  By establishing
 GS> a central hub, actual building projects can be
 GS> initiated, and LightWorkers connected to the hub,
 GS> can find their place, where their skills are
 GS> needed. In this sense, these LightWorkers can
 GS> then DO their missions.  LightWorkers, it is time
 GS> to get organized, together, in groups, and
 GS> connected to commands.  We can make all of these
 GS> goals a reality.

 GS> For what reason or reasons, should we NOT
 GS> implement these five-year-old plans?  Fear?  Fear
 GS> of what?  Fear of getting ripped off?  Where
 GS> would Kortron and ladynada go?  Have we not been
 GS> REAL for as long as you have been aware of us?
 GS> What could you be afraid that we would do with
 GS> donation money?  Would we disconnect our BBS',
 GS> mailing lists, web pages, and shut down the
 GS> pyramid, and move to a resort island?  We are not
 GS> going ANYWHERE, until the job is done.  Donations
 GS> will help us pay the telecommunications bills,
 GS> and contact more LightWorkers, especially
 GS> commanders, worldwide.  We would be able to get
 GS> their contact names, addresses, and descriptions
 GS> of their missions.  In this fashion, we could
 GS> communicate to you, the existence of other
 GS> commands, and you can involve yourself in one
 GS> that suits YOUR mission.  This activity can only
 GS> further confirm the reality of who you are, and
 GS> accelerate your ascension process.  The more
 GS> HANDS-ON that we all get, in doing our missions,
 GS> the more REAL we become, and the more that we
 GS> manifest Heaven on Earth. We will SEE, HEAR and
 GS> TOUCH our creations.  We can actually DO this.

 GS> Lightworker, tell me if you have SURFED the World
 GS> Wide Web for Pages with information related to
 GS> the Ascension?  Have you not found ten's of
 GS> pages?  Twenty?  Thirty?  Did you count all the
 GS> links from each page to others with similiar
 GS> information?  The point is, LightWorkers are
 GS> world wide, and they are AWAKE, and wanting to do
 GS> their missions.  Let us now, LINK all of us
 GS> together for the ONE MISSION that is common to us
 GS> all - creating HEAVEN on EARTH; and completing
 GS> our individual Ascensions.

 GS> A few dollars to support a central communications
 GS> outlet can go a long way toward linking all
 GS> LightWorkers together.  Also, from Orvotron and
 GS> SearchNet, seed monies can be re-donated to other
 GS> groups for their projects.

Those of you who are in hard situations or of meager
means are there because you are not following or
supporting Spirit.  This can be changed by changing
your thinking to a different, expanded field of vision
of new possibilities.  This is done by going within
and linking up to your guidance from Spirit.  Ask
Spirit for help and then do Spirit's work.  This must
be openly established by your sincere commitment and
desire to serve Spirit in the Mission.  Then, do what
Spirit says!  There is no other way for any of us here
in service.

The Spirit Bulletin Board Computer Link Information
Service will be up and running by the end of
September.  For log-on information write us.  This is
designed to get out much quicker bulletins and updates
to your area so that information exchanges can flow
rapidly back and forth.  We are setting up a huge data
base to support areas that have had difficulty
receiving or sending out needed information.  By
ignoring your commitment by not being a supporting
contributor you are in fact cutting your link to many,
if not all, areas of Earth Assignment.  Sysops already
running BBS's out there should log on to be on our
Board as a part of the world network.  The number is

 GS> This idea, later expanded as SearchNet, in 1993,
 GS> and then to our mailing lists and this web page,
 GS> now, in 1995.  Our premier discussion areas are
 GS> available via SearchNet, Fidonet, Mufonet, and
 GS> Internet. The HUB for communications is FIRMLY
 GS> established, and now we need to link,
 GS> SPECIFICALLY, with Commanders, Officers, and
 GS> LightWorkers.  Please send a message to us, and
 GS> let us know who you are, and what you or your
 GS> group are doing.,
 GS>, or, are all
 GS> personal internet addresses that you can use to
 GS> write to me (Glenda Stocks).  I am your
 GS> Communications Officer.  :)

 GS> This next section is an eye-opener, please check
 GS> it out.

(Personal Development-The Truth of Ascension)

Some of you are earnestly pursuing personal
development and doing little else.  Guess what?  All
of you Angels, Doves, Eagles, walk-ins and ascended
hosts here on Earth Assignment are already Ethereal
Ascended Masters.

We came here not to ascend but to help Earthlings find
their way.  By constantly searching for what you
already have, you are wasting time and creating stress
on those now carrying the load you're ignoring, in
your desire for personal development.  Many of us down
here and above are frustrated by your stubborn refusal
to see you have already ascended.  If a repeat
performance is your wish, so be it.  Time is short.

Your true gift by your return here, is to receive
Christ Consciousness, which can only come from being
in embodiment and experiencing Love with a heart,
while at the same time being temporarily separated
from the Father.  Those of you who are still not doing
your part can expect to wake-up one day in one of the
new karmic schools which are being created for those
not graduating.  These souls will be set back by their
refusal to open, to see who they are and to accept it.
A great burden rests on all of those doing their jobs
plus yours.  How plain can this be said before the
very many doing this will realize the hour is late and
the need is great in every way.

(Assuming Your Light Body)

You are changing in many ways right down to your
cellular blueprint, your DNA, your thinking mind and
how the Soul and Spirit interact within you.  Some of
these body changes are being diagnosed as life
threatening disorders requiring operations or less
drastic medical attention.

Women may have irregular menstrual fows or spotting
which continue for weeks.  Some have eventually found
regularity to return without any drastic measures.
Others have been diagnosed as having tubular
pregnancies.  Two of these had surgery resulting in
ovary removal or other procedures relating to this
type of condition.

Men may experience gastro-intestinal problems.  We
were told that this symptom is the result of the
lightening of the body structures during the
alteration work for your less dense Light Bodies.  My
immediate advice here is if you're not in severe pain
and running a high fever don't jump head over heels
into the doctor's office.  If you do, get a second
opinion.  Many more changes will occur while you
change.  Women may feel that they have every sort of
life threatening disorder.

All life here is being redefined and restructured.
Many of these things are following patterns due to the
octave energy changes.  Once our data network is up
and running it will be easier for you to get
information on this before you jump the gun and get
medical help that may not be necessary.

As you assume your light body little, if any, of the
present medical drugs or remedies will be beneficial
or work on your new restructured body.  A return to
herbal remedies will bring better results, as plants
are also in change and will provide a less traumatic
treatment for many of these new disorders.

 GS> Where are our LightWorkers who have expertise on
 GS> these issues?

We are still waiting for our Medical Commander to
check in to explain this more fully.  Use discretion.
Don't over react is the key regarding radical medical
procedures and cures.  I'm not telling you not go to
your doctor.  I'm merely saying that a lot of symptoms
are a result of assuming your light body but is easily
diagnosed as something else.  Do you understand?

( Where Is Our Support? )

Many of you have heeded the call and subscribed.
Eventually the point of profit will be reached so we
can then assemble some of the things needed.  The need
is great.  Profit will cover some but not all that is
needed.  We have been running just over a break even
point.  Donations on every level are needed as organi-
zation is tedious and also very expensive.  All of you
can help to insure we complete our missions.  It only
takes a little from each to help keep things going
ever forward.

The Commands are designed to bring in the information,
log it and pass it out where needed.  (Most of which
you could not possibly find without us doing so.)
But, few see this and few send the needed money.
Others carry most of this load.  This lack of support
from the many creates unnecessary hardship for a few.
You pay bills, buy needed things in Babylon, take many
forms of recreation, but refuse to finance your reason
for being here.  We are a source of information for
your very survival.  This is sad as those loving you
and all life here give it their full time commitment,
then get little support from their real Star family
who agreed to merge as one light to get the job done.
For one excuse or the other many don't come forth to
help beyond doing meager tasks and some just take,
giving little or nothing in exchange.  This will stop
being supported, as like, now, will get like in
return.  Do you understand?

I've been beating around the bush on this for some
time but all must realize the final hour nears.  If my
job is to shake you into reality then that will be
done.  As a "Tron" of the Metatron group, (that)
means I get the job done, thus my position of Quadrant
Sector Commander.  Do you understand?

( Like Attracts Like )

What does this mean? Put simply a division is taking
place. It is dividing Earth into two different aspects
that will then separate. The one "Holograph" is the
Heavenly Octave Fifth Dimensional Ethereal world
emerging. The other is the separated world whisked into
a location out in the merging energies of the
Father/Mother's presence which is creating yet another
Astral planes school for those refusing ascension. Now
is the time to fully support and merge with your next
experience. Attaching to one world or the other is
where you will end up. This effects every one of you.
The line is being set. It is like a single cell which
separates to become two separate cells which are
unrelated to each other.

There comes a time in evolution when things evolve and
then separate into a higher unrelated existence. Both
parts still have identity intact but are separate and
not exchangeable with the other. Sananda did this as
did others. In his return Earth must reach his
vibrational octave frequency. Sananda cannot return
here until Earth evolves into Ethereal existence.
Everything representing you bonds you to one or the
other and is now about to split completely. Think about
this as being very important. Do you understand?

(The Situation Defined on Earth)

ALL are aspects of the One God. You have been observed,
nurtured, ans schooled in the reality of this presence.
All life constantly emerges as a seed planted in soil
emerges and becomes what that seed is in its
blueprinted, life-coded expression. You are like
that-each of you.

Observed: All evolving life seeded on worlds that can
sustain life are monitored. For the most part this
monitoring is done without the life form's awareness.
This is done on many levels similar to how science is
broken down into fields in your own society. It is the
study of life and the energies effecting it.

Nurtured: All life whether here or elsewhere sprang
from other existing worlds or biological laboratories.
Unique life is created to fit situations of a peculiar
nature or ones requiring some form of modification to
the seeded place they will inhabit. Everthing
originally came from outside your planet, or for better
words, from the stars. Constant reseeding and
observation take place. Few see or understand these
occurrences. An example would be fish falling from the
sky. There are many references to this that confused
eye witnesses. These are monitored seed programs
balancing the Wheel of Life when it becomes weakened.

Schooled: Each evolving world has one form of life
which has the ability to create change. Another way of
putting this would be to say genetic engineering takes
in simple to complex forms in the Wheel of Life. The
most complex life is given dominion over the rest.
These are aspects of the Father/Mother you call God.
They are the stewards of these evolving worlds. They
are the caretakers, the keepers of the Wheel of Life.
The Wheel of Life is a precise balanced ecosystem that
is a vibrant, pulsing, interconnected system. When
studied these are seen as vibrant healthy environments
when properly maintained which are abundant and in
constant self-generated renewal.

This is where the law of One comes in: Everything is
connected to everything else. All Is One. Nature,
your "Wheel of Life", is the understanding of the
Father's Essence in All Life.

The dominant life form on Earth is MAN. This form of
life is in the Father's "IMAGE", the caretakers of this
domain. Beyond that aspect there are the Overseers.
This is our influence on all life as the arm of the
Father. We are his Legions in service to all life in
respect to the three previously mentioned terms:
Observed, Nurtured and Schooled.

The term rarely used in our directives of limited
intervention and interference is called "Policing"
all Creation. Creation must be policed because
everything effects everything else. This form of
limited intervention came about because natural laws
governing natural events are constant and in cycles to
keep things in harmony. On rare occasions imbalance
requires the need to quickly intervene to prevent great
damage to the much bigger ecosystem of which you and
everything else are a part. This is now Earth's
situation. We are here to prevent the complete collapse
of all life here. Yes, Earth is being overseen and
policed to prevent its demise by a few who control the
means to do this. Nuclear weapons are the imbalance
that could even destroy your soul. This will not be
allowed. The great councils in the Central Sun Suns
have decided this will never again be allowed to take
place. They have assembled a force beyond belief that
will enforce this directive.

Cycled Renewal, is a natural event in all Creation, and
is running neck and neck with evolving humankind in a
test of what will destroy this world, "the human
drama", or what will renew all life here, the return of
"Spirit" cycled Renewal.

All life originates from "Spirit", each part having
"Spirit" in it. Your idea of Spirit is God. When things
really get out of balance like now exists here in your
world, Spirits in service of a higher form of life take
physical bodies and come to a planet in an effort to
head off the planet's problems. These Spirits are
called Ethereals-"you and me". Earth, in its last
evolving school stages recreates actual experience with
embodied spirits in a school. These are called Astrals.
Upon graduation from an Astral school (Earth is about
to become one of these) you become an Etheron, then
after a short adjustment an Ethereal.

Ethereals evolve in yet other schools to become
complete in understanding and in harmony to Spirit on
ever higher levels and enter into the Creator's bigger
family of which you are all now invited to become a
part. The Bible in difing Heaven versus Karmic schools
(which some call Hell) is a less aware understanding
of the term. Hell is not in the ground or up there or
somewhere else. Hell is a place of cause and effect
which teaches creators how to create. Karmic schools
are Hell to be in. Just ask anyone. Do you understand?

School never gets out. It goes from Astral to Etheron
to Ethereal but it never stops. Some of you here on
Earth now are Ethereal Spirit beings here in service to
Spirit. Some of you are Astral pupils now ready to
graduate to Etherons. Still others, not yet high enough
up the ladder of evolution, will go on to another
school for evolving life in another Astral plane
existence of continued and renewed experience-yes,
another Hell. Earth is also evolving and will be reborn
fresh and new, devoid of Astral existence as a limited
part its higher self. It too is graduating out of
Astral Plane existence and service. So, you see Earth
is a living part of everything else. What few of you
comprehend in our massive attempts to uplift
understanding on this planet is:


Life is abundant in every tiny minute part of creation
from a particle of dust to a great Nova Sun. Do you

Now that I have your attention here is the great
opportunity humankind has at its doorstep. The source
you call God in its return to every part is focusing
its attention on your particular part of its ever
expanding many and one Universes in the grand event of
CYCLED RENEWAL. What does this mean? It means that the
Creator's attention is going to FOCUS AND REGISTER not
at a distance but at a very close proximity to your
particular life form, your planet and all life here.
Think about this in terms of your representing one
aspect of many varied forms created in its IMAGE.

This goes for those serving as well as those evolving
here. How does each part with the ability to think and
create change want to be reviewed? Think about this
long and deeply as this occurrence does not happen
often in a Spirit's existence. Those in higher
understanding see this as a very wondrous event to be a
part of, behold and experience. Others conceive this as
a bad situation to be pondered and feared. In higher
thinking this is immersion into self as we are aspects
of it and it us. There is bliss in the experience so
why do some fear this event?

Let us take this opportunity to create Heaven, by
releasing beliefs based on half truths and join us in
creating your idea of Heaven on Earth. To all reading
this-Star people, Doves, Eagies, walk-ins and Humans-is
this too much to ask? If all works well in this
endeavor we all become one family. In reality we
already are. When will you come home and open to truth
and join with all of your brothers and sisters on Earth
that have graduated before and now are here again to
help you out of the illusion of fear?

( The New Way Defined )

The new way is forming in ways beyond your present
realization or understanding. Reality is opening to
the full knowledge and the futility of the illusion.
Much is still being censored or concealed by those
controlling information in a last attempt to keep those
effected by changes from understanding them. Very few
of you are being exposed to the real knowledge of this
as a means to understanding individual experience.

The reason given is to prevent world panic with little
regard for your ability to making any decisions
effecting your slurvival. Much of this will effect
densely populated areas with little if any warning
given by those in the know. Many of you living in the
shadow of this reality will be in a situation of
non-belief when this occurs. This is not our intention
as we realize the need of a rapid, uncensored exchange
of information going out to all. Those not answering
the call when asked will understand very soon the real
distress of putting their lives in the hands of those
who seek to control others. Then maybe all our attempts
to get your support will bare fruit.

Peace and Love, Cmdr. Kortron

Solinus Comments

After months of being encouraged by Kortron and others
to "get out from behind the scene", to express perhaps
a slightly different view, I now introduce myself to
you. I am Solinus, Kortron's lady. I have had the
pleasure of talking with and meeting many of you-some
more enlightened that I, others seeking knowledge that
I have only recently come to know and thus can share.

I can identify with those of you who ask the question,
"What is my role in the Mission," as I too have
wondered and asked others what my contrbuition really
is, or will be. Finally, after many frustrating
moments, I have accepted who I am and what my role is.
I am a support person to Kortron. I can say that with a
smile on my face and a real feeling of involvement. My
job is to keep all else rolling when Kortron is in his
"Cosmic mode".

As I look at my life I know that I have always held a
supporting role be it within a family framework or in
Bablon trying to make ends meet. I have been a support
person out of choice as it gives me great satisfaction
to know that my job is essential. It creates order,
security and peace of mind. It is my contribution to
Heaven on Earth. So, to those who question what their
mission is I say., you are well trained. You have been
doing exactly what you should have been doing all
along. The only change which may be necessary is a
redirection of all that energy, all those skills.
Channel them into creating Heaven on Earth where all
can live in peace, love and harmony.

The major fringe benefit of loving is being loved.
Sharing, giving, receiving are all part and parcel to
loving, but they're the strpping stones, the building
blocks, not the total picture. We are very blessed to
have so many loving souls grace our lives. They affirm
and renew our commitment to create Heaven on Earth many
times each day. This is what we want ALL to embrace and
enjoy. That is what networking and creating the
"command structure" is all about. Wouldn't you rather
associate with loving souls who are creating Heaven on

A sister in The Mission received the information during
meditation that she was soon to visit an "Alien
Embassy". Three days later she was touching Stone
Mountain and made contact with us. How does "The East
Coast Power Point and Alien Embassy" sound? That is
what "ORVOTRON" is all about.

Kortron often has an interesting way of turning words
into pictures and thereby causing the receiver to view
that word in a different way. Sometimes it's completely
inadvertent or because "Alien" really is his first
language. Regardless, it has a tremendous effect in
terms of consciousness raising. I would like to share
one of these "enlightenments" with you that I recently
experienced. Kortron is a staunch supporter of yin
energy. Everybody should have a good dose of it (at
least 50 percent). While expressing this thought he
said "ying" energy and I realized I had heard him refer
to this "ying" energy before. This time, however, I
saw a circle which was white wide open and totally
devoid of a line separating yin from yang. It was ying.
Not the balance of two opposite and often opposing
forces but the complete energy merged in white light.

In the Light of Love, I AM, Solinus

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