The following excerpts may contain some current commentary by Glenda Stocks, a.k.a. ladynada, which will be denoted by GS>.

July / August - 1990

            ( Sector Commands )

There are four Quadrants on Earth. In these are one
hundred and forty-four thousand "Master Creators". Less
than one-third of those have awakened. In each Quadrant
there are three Quadrant Sectors each having twelve
Commanders; one Headquarters Commander and eleven
Sector Commanders. In each Sector there are twelve
thousand Light Masters in different jobs and with
various ranks. Along with these are many millions from
the higher dimensions of the Many and One Universes
present to support them. When Sananda said he was back
with the numbers in his service to get the job done he
was not kidding.

My directive is to affix those that answer the call to
their Sector Commands, then to Spirit contact. Upon
opening to Spirit you will then need to follow that
guidance without hesitation. It is the only way. No
other will do. You must keep this connection open. Soon
normal ways of doing things will not exist. We need to
come together and connect to the command structure so
that we can set in motion the plan for the co- creation
of the Islands of Light.

As a Quadrant Sector Headquarters Commander it is my
job to organize this Quadrant Sector called the East
Coast into twelve Sectors. There are twelve Sector
Commanders including me on the East Coast. At this time
only three other Commanders have stepped forward since
the call was issued. Organization cannot proceed until
this is done. Also, there are many officers in each
Sector who need to see their parts and check in. 

What does this all mean? In a real way none of you will
feel separated or alone ever again in the Mission. A
ground support unit will form around or near you
connecting you up to your part of the Mission. Then
comes definition and a real purpose for being here on
Earth Assignment. 

In December of 1989 a release attuning us to events
effecting our next step in organized action came out in
Tuieta's Third Conclave meeting on the ships. Many of
us were present for this meeting. We have now taken our
purpose in service to a new and greater clarity. One of
the directives we received was that the Commanders now
need to take their commands. Because of this my
presence is now known to you. Others who are holding
back must now come forward as commanders.

 GS> The galaxia mailing list is available for
 GS> Commanders who are online.

One result of this was the first ever meeting of
in-flesh Commanders. It was a joyous event. Lady Cmdr.
Thena was present from Florida. Cmdr. Amas was here
from Maryland as well as other Light Officers in this
evolving Earth based command. I'm pleased to say that
for some your Sector Commander is now aware of you.
However, many out there need their Commanders to come

 GS> Where are you people?

The idea behind this newsletter is to keep people
informed. Updates are to be filtered out to you via
Sector Commanders. This is why it is so important for
you to make contact and hopefully subscribe, as these
Commanders are linking up. A Command can only function
if each person accepts his part.

( Getting Out of Dodge ) All of you are aware that Earth is changing. She must shed her polluted form to assimilate a clear, pure and radiant new beginning for all the Light Beings that will flourish on her then clean surface. Not all of Earth will feel the very radical shifts in this cleansing process. These places we can consider as safe from a standpoint of colonization. They do exist and our family now coming together will build Islands of Light on them. In acquiring these special safe tracks a different attitude must develop. Many of you have acquired knowledge to be used in a communal environment on very large tracks of land. Bringing these working communities together will breach the old opening to Spirit for guidance in the evolving New. The knowledge required must now come together without social barriers with those with money in a brotherly/sisterly way if these planned Islands of Light are to evolve and work. Do you understand? Money soon will not exist so all of these Island of Light need to be purchased and opened for development very soon. Certain parts must be fully functional no later than 1992. Now is the time to gather together as a group in this endeavor. While those of you in the cities were accumulating money, others were learning the skills of survival and the new technologies for these Islands of Light. These Islands will be examples of the evolving New for others to see and learn from. GS> We still need to do these projects, people! These projects are in a plan. These sites are scattered but safe and are productive places for the evolving New. These areas are not polluted, little used and not yet developed. In this endeavor there will be an Intergalactic site set up called ORVOTRON and is connected to the HQ. Center here in North Carolina. If you're interested in this send us information as to your possible contribution and part in the manifestation of this endeavor. The model could easily hold one or more thousand Light Workers of varied talents. It will be one of many on the East Coast but most likely it will be the largest. This is another reason the Commands are being set up now. No one is an island in surviving the times ahead. This is one of the things discussed at the first Commanders meeting on Earth. Are you all starting to see how loved you are and the extent of planning now going on involving you? GS> The plans were devised five years ago, so where GS> are the light workers to implement them? Do we GS> realize that the fifth dimensional Earth will be GS> RIGHT HERE? We can get busy building our new lives GS> and our new communities, RIGHT NOW, while the old GS> illusionary ones self-destruct.
( Life Eternal ) Many have asked the question, "Can I awaken so and so?" Some of you are with such a partner in a relationship or have a family member, friend, etc. with whom you are very emotionally attached and want to see awaken. Now is the time to focus on Spirit, releasing all attachments to those that refuse to open to Spirit as the means of bridging the Old into the New. It can be no other way, each has freedom of choice which no other can violate. The two worlds cannot remain together and are now in separation even as I write this. Each soul chooses its path to reunite with Spirit. None of you in your love of another can force that change. Sananda, in coming here two thousand years ago, set the stage for us to freely make our choices. The time has now edged itself into the final hour. None of you must look back by being attached to those who refuse to see and hear. Your direction is clear and must be followed in Spirit, without any hesitation. Spirit is now merging with Earth. Do you understand? The forces are rising and will soon be felt by everyone no matter what degree of rejection exists in their stubborn refusal to awaken to the reality of the one supreme force, Love. Your job is to release past attachments to what will soon no longer exist and direct all of your energy to the creation of your idea of Heaven on Earth, OUR PRIME DIRECTIVE. Granted this is not easy as we all hoped for better solutions and outcomes, never wanting to give up. But now is the time to move forward to unite back with Spirit as the veils of our purpose and reason for coming here are lifted. We, as that group bringing Love to Earth, must unite as one force. Our Spirit Unification will create the needed changes on Earth based in Love. This must be seen by all of you. Do you understand? Looking back to those near or around you who refuse to awaken will only take your attention and energy away from creating Heaven on Earth. None of us can serve two masters when in reality only one exists; that is LOVE. Do you understand? Eternal life exists for all souls. No one will be lost and in their own time they too will reunite with us in the Mansion World reality they now refuse to accept or bond to. Everything of Spirit will eventually return to Spirit. This has been a problem for many, but now must be released directing energy to the job ahead. A Universal Law is that no one can take away or change another's freedom of choice. You must release these souls in love knowing they will eventually return to Spirit. We have much work to do and now is the time to focus on your part of the "grand picture". Each person not creating their idea of Heaven on Earth is a missing aspect of the whole picture. The importance of this is not easy to put into words, but must be understood by each of you. By reuniting our Angelic family we will vibrate as Light and Love overcoming the many sacrifices made in our true service in coming together as the Family of God.
**** Star Names *** Many of you have been trained for a very long time for your part in the Mission. Receiving your "Star Name" will bring new clarity to your conscious understanding of your job. By using your Star Name a spatial energy shift will occur in you which will open pathways to receive directives as to your part and function. Meditate and ask for your Star Name. Ask and you will receive. Listen and you will hear. Then do as Spirit tells you, without hesitation. Now is the time for only one reality.
( Name Clarification ) Due to the similarity of the names some of you have mixed Cmdr. Kortron up with Cmdr. Korton. We are different in name but alike in purpose and service, with the exception that our prime directives are different. My job is not specifically in communications, but I am involved with it in a command structure here on Earth. We are all part of a Master Team in action and service to the Father/Mother Creator Spirit. In that there is no greater joy but to serve. In that we are all one.
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