The following excerpts may contain some current commentary by Glenda Stocks, a.k.a. ladynada, which will be denoted by GS>.

March / April - 1990

Greetings Ascending Light People!

In a twinkle of an eye all the hardships and feelings
of desperation and disconnection associated with Earth
Assignment will be long forgotten. On every level
things are beginning to peak with the new vibration and
very soon the encapsulating experience of time will no
longer exist for us. After our missions are completed
we will return to our home in timeless eternity; the
place of our origin the Fifth Dimension.

Many of you still fear the unknown even as you enter
into new awareness. This is understandable and in many
ways normal. It takes a certain amount of courage to
take that step into the unknown, trusting completely in
the Father/Mother Source in doing so. The result
however will be stepping out of illusion back into
reality, your true home.

 GS> Notice how the Father and Mother aspects of
 GS> Creator are honored.

You have faced this fear before. You have been in
similar situations in which you had no reasonable
choice but to blindly trust your intuitive guidance.
What joy you felt when that new choice lead you to
experiences completely new and exciting. Your first
step when learning to walk was one of these and now you
can run and climb a tree - a long way from that first
tentative step. 

You may be asking where will this new step into the
Fifth Dimension take me? You have a right to ask, to
know your options when choosing the path and direction
of your life versus basing your decisions on blind
trust because you felt you had no other rational
choice. The best way I know to answer this question is
to say that only through experience can you understand
and then relate to a new experience.

Remember the time you took your first solo out of body
experience and remembered it? Can you recall the
freedom you felt in the experience? If not, may I
recall for you? There was great joy in knowing you
could escape body confinement and then travel anywhere.
Stepping into the Fifth Dimension will be like that and
yes, there is much more. 

It's also being able to see everything all at once by
just directing your attention in any of the many new
directions by opening to universal expanded
consciousness. You then can direct any thought in
exploration just by thinking about any subject. It's
like a fresh breath of air after coming out of a rank,
confusing and closed place. It's also embracing things
you felt were just beyond your understanding. In
actuality you will be free from external controls and
the confinement of feelings of limitation. You will
feel and express love in a completely new way which is
more open and fulfilling, but never demanding

So, my question to you is, " Why fear the unknown? " It
has always been there in your life. It was one of the
things moving you ever forward into new experiences,
new discoveries. It kept you from becoming bored and
often left your heart racing in anticipation of your
adventure. Everything you experienced in your past you
chose to experience. 

What holds you back from embracing this new experience,
the Fifth Dimension - your next reality to explore? Is
it death you fear? Don't! It doesn't exist. It was put
into your thoughts by those who wanted to control
others. You won't die entering the Fourth or Fifth
Dimension or any of the myriad levels of new awareness
for which you are now preparing. Only through habit
have you entered into the New Age still holding onto
the limitation of fear which keeps you from finding
your real identity and self. This, I might add, is just
another illusion you've created which limits your
awareness. The time has come to release it because it
is only real in your mind. 

Everyone can achieve the Fourth and Fifth Dimension
just by allowing it to be their experience. It will be
no different than all the awakenings of the past you
thought were going to be so difficult but weren't. You
made it hard on yourself because you thought you needed
to do this or that. The Fourth Dimension is about over
and the Fifth awaits you. All can get there by just
wanting it to be their next experience and by letting
go of all external limitations in finding true self.
You constantly look out, finding nothing of worth, when
in reality it was and is in you. Look in not out! It's
your Spirit in you.

In reality you're a child with many old souls around
you helping you over the rough spots in remembering who
you really are. We are coaxing you back to this
understanding long forgotten by you. Why do you resist
what has always been your birth right? You have
listened too long to half truths which take you into
repeated circles preventing you from finding your real
way home. Wake up children! It's time to do so. It's
time to leave your limitation and open into the radiant
flower you're keeping tightly held in its bud. By
releasing this you become radiance and expanded
consciousness resulting in the full essence of what you
really are, Golden Angels of Divine Light. 

We, as volunteers, have been in your position before.
Wake Up! Wake Up! That's why we are here now helping
you to put aside all the things you put in your way.
Just allow Spirit in. Go in and let it happen through
your free will choice and it will become your reality.
All those idyllic thoughts you're playing with in your
idea of how to be accepted are in reality your
inability to just be what you are. This statement is
where real peace of mind is hidden, awaiting you to
find it. In your toy box of created thought there is
infinite existence, reality and the ability to create
as the Angel you really are. Wake up! 

There is work ahead! None of us here in volunteer
status anticipate anything fowling it up. We would like
to get all of you involved if only to take your minds
away from creating more complications in what lies
ahead. Your lack of involvement and understanding
constantly pushes erroneous thoughts into the ethers.
As in this dimension you will be responsible for all
you create out there. Did you know your thoughts create
and you're creating a mess with your confused erroneous
thoughts and ideas? Why do you keep doing this?

Much of the work to be done is already completed and
the remainder is now in fine tuning. We will try to get
all the rest of you involved. If we can do this at
least you'll have the satisfaction of doing your part
in the achievement. This is (in our way of looking at
it) much better than getting it handed to you - in
doing you'll appreciate your part more. The more we all
do together the more we will be in each other's eyes
the loving whole we all represent.

Is this difficult or are you making it so? You were, in
a real sense, helpless before we came into your world.
By lifting you up and beyond your helplessness back
into your much higher vibrant selves we are helping you
to understand your graduation, the event of your
returning home. This is the beginning of a task you
will in your more open form extend to others. Our many
frustrations in helping you, will in reality, be yours
in the help you will bring to other ascending worlds.
You see this is the way it has always been. We reach
down to pull you up and in doing so we go ever higher
also. Getting out of external bondage in a graduated
life form beyond the human drama, there awaits a very
big task all of you will embrace.

When something was just out of your understanding you
started fabricating all sorts of things to fill those
blank empty places in the hope this would clarify your
presence or worth. The grade was always there and to
reach it you were, for the most part, creating
confusion of how to get there in the first place.
Everything you couldn't or wouldn't understand was
being done for you. Once you understood then you became
a doer instead of a receiver. Once you really
understood you were, in reality, free from what held
you fast. This now allows you to act with many new
found abilities. These abilities are your power to
co-create in a less time oriented fashion. As you feel
more comfortable with them they become permanently
yours. To keep them you have to use them. For some this
is difficult as few really believe they can do these
things even when they see they now can. Heaven is in
you, in your new found ability to create any new

What does this all mean? Simply put it means you're
stuck in illusion until you change it into something
else. If illusion is your understanding of how Earth is
now, a living hell, then Heaven must be reality. Who's
in control of illusion or reality? You are of course. 

You and everything are in constant moving expansion
never stopping, never slowing down, constantly picking
up vibration into yet higher and higher expressions of
self. The reason souls became trapped here for so long
was because this world was involved in one of the many
rebellions that did occasionally spring up. Some
alteration work was done to the Divine Plan by those
with the knowledge of how it worked which created a
system of not quite evolving, thus ever repeating
itself over and over again. But even this has its day
of reckoning as there is a cycled event of all creation
policing itself back into renewal thus catching all
altered parts and putting them back into perfect
harmony. Rebellions aren't looked at as upsetting to
the Father. Everything created by him comes back as he
created it in cycled renewal, a plan he put in all of
his creation and works.

Many schools of evolving gods were set up to teach them
the correct way to create. Earth is one of these. Many
souls are about to graduate to a higher understanding
of what they really are. In doing so they will become
free of all limitations that were inspired by the few
who wanted to control the many.

Each of you are endowed with a power and in full
awakened understanding of it you are in reality Angelic
Gods. The only thing left is to restore your desire to
remember. We are waiting for it to fully sink into your
understanding as the Father raises this planet to the
higher vibration frequency it once existed in. In doing
this all life upon it will also rise to become what
each life form was in it's original created blueprint. 

By being an Angel of God you will in essence return to
full knowing of what you were. Holding fast to the
illusion as it crumbles is just stubbornness that will
affix you to another new situation of learning through
experience. The Bible tells you "God is Love". If this
planet is returning to what created it then you need
only embrace love of self and all life over fear.

We cannot and will not interfere with the Divine Plan.
We respect this plan knowing full well it is one none
of us could possibly better. We, in higher
understanding of it, can't find anything wrong with it
after seeing it over and over again put all creation
back into Divine harmony. The Divine Plan has ever
instilled in us a held fast inner knowingness of our
great love of the Father and profound respect of his
plan and love of us.

None of us as star borne co-creators completely
understand it. We serve it in awe of its beauty,
fairness, compassion and it's love of all creation as
it polices itself. We call this "cycled renewal" and
know it is of great benefit to all of creation. Those
striking out in rebellion against it have never created
anything like it or ever will. It is that beautiful and
keeps everything balanced in his light and love.

Your experience here is an example of one such
rebellious attempt. If my words were not true this
horror would not be your repeated experience. You're
about to see Heaven become the new reality replacing
discordant energy here on Earth. What future could any
envision in what you see here? What drives the wheel of
eternalness in creation is the Divine Plan. It renews
all life to eternalness. It's the renewal of everything
and if it did not exist neither would you, this planet
or anything else. To stand against it is total
ignorance of what life really is and what in reality
"you" really are. Wake up children your time of
infinite forgiveness is at hand! You need only embrace
it as it embraces you in eternal unconditional love.
Fear only sets you up for yet another learning
situation of pain and suffering.

You are creating your experience. Your thoughts, acts
and deeds are your reality. Everything your eyes behold
have been created by "YOU" and only you. A definite
change in how you think can change your reality to
something else. Change your thinking and you will
change your life and everything around you in this
world. If you're saying I can't change anything then
you're refusing to see the illusion of the cause and
effect of what created this Hell. You created
everything here and only you can change it back to
Heaven before renewal does it for you. 

We are now entering a time of speed up in our heavy
dense bodies. We are in essence reaching a light
spectrum of our much lighter existence. Many of you at
this time are in massive body purging of poisons as the
time draws near for the transformation. These slower
vibrating energy forms will soon no longer exist and
from this time on more dense substance will loose its
ability to cling to us. For a time you will experience
discomfort and after purging you will feel much lighter
and more vibrant in a newer vibration of much higher
resonance. All this is necessary as we approach our
last warp which will enter us into the awareness of the
Fourth Dimension overlapped by the Fifth. Those of you
accepting your light bodies will breeze through this.
ALLOWING is the key here for the rest of you to now
achieve the final result. Know it's taking place and
you can help by saying yes, cleanse my body of
impurity. Meditate on cleaning it out.

Another much larger wave is gearing up for yet another
evacuation. This will take place in April for those
choosing to leave on it. Meditate and "listen" for
directives as to when and where. Many feel the need to
leave, but in coming you agreed to do your part, that
we all must do first. So ask if your mission is now
complete. Have little fear as none will be left behind
and some work still remains. To those who have chosen
to stay and feel a pull to the east coast, please check
in at this HQ. Command center. Organization work in
Operation Dove is now being set up and everyone needs
to do their part.

 GS> April? Hmm... April 1990, or April 1996???
 GS> (wondering)

The reason for this is simple. All those leaving on the
ships are doing so in their bodies. The Dove is the
vehicle of another group in a terrestrial mission of a
greater distance and magnitude. They must do this and
depart as one group. The Dove is the accepted vehicle
of choice planned by these prior to Earth assignment.
Others will join this group as awakening to this is
their ticket on it. This will be discussed more at a
later date.

 GS> I sincerely think that this Dove will be a "group
 GS> merkaba". The vehicle will be "comprised" of our
 GS> own selves; the definition of a mer-ka-ba.

Many are aware that July and August represent a very
high significant time in the planet's ascension. The
doors now being opened at the vortex points are ones of
rapid acceleration to facilitate entering your light
bodies. Take the time to now visualize it taking place.
This will drop a lot of the things which create blocks
to this experience being embraced in joy and happiness.
Meditate on love. All these wonders you are about to
embrace will quicken your hearts in joy of eternal

                                 Peace and Love,
                                  Cmdr. Kortron

May/Jun - 1990


For those choosing unconditional love the vehicle of
your departure is now being created. It is called the
Dove. Each of you choosing this as your way home must
take full responsibility in creating it. Although there
are many ascended masters both above and below helping
in the creation of the Dove for your use, all of you
must support your decision by helping to create it
also. Your departure home starts no later than 1992.

The outline of the Dove has been created in the North
American Continent for this the last graduation of
Earth school. This is not the first as it has
previously appeared on other parts of Earth. The
initial stages of the Dove's creation take form in an
outline where vital points of energy at fixed power
points connect with others in a grid work of lesser
points that intersect within it. The major power points
energize and light up the grid with throne energies and
star beams that are being beamed down to the planet to
totally manifest the Dove. The mission is code named
"Operation Dove".

As a commander I am on one of these points and I am now
responsible for the east coast in the manifestation of
the Dove. Your decision in ascension into the mansion
world reality versus the separation illusion experience
requires a support of this venture as a unified body in
your love of all life. The directive in the final
stages of this is to build pyramids on the twelve
vortex points. This will create a massive directional
device which will receive throne energies from above
and direct these energies and light beams creating the
eastern, western, northern and southern parts of the
Dove. You will find on page 315 of The Keys of Enoch a
circle of dots with a triangle in it. Our site is the
lower eastern most corner point.

Ground work has already started for the pyramid and
will continue. Your part, participation and support is
now needed in order to create this structure. No longer
can anyone in their desire to ascend become a wheel
chair recipient waiting for it to to just happen, but
must do their part to make the Dove a reality. Now you
must blend as one energy in unconditional love and help
create this vehicle in that light and love.


                                 Peace and Love,
                                  Cmdr. Kortron

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