The following excerpts may contain some current commentary by Glenda Stocks, a.k.a. ladynada, which will be denoted by GS>.

November / December - 1990

      November/December, 1990 Transformational Updates
                 Cmdr. Kortron \ Solinus      

Greetings  ascending  Star  people!  Well here we are
again after another period has  passed which  was
filled with many new scenarios faced, then processed
and dealt with.  Many of you are wondering, "What's
next and how can I endure all these changes?"  Simply
put, you are much more than you give yourself credit

 GS> Watch now, as Kortron, in 1990, speaks to our
 GS> situation, NOW, in 1995!

As  the mutational changes effect you they will also
change in  you.  By being in you they will mutate back
to  pure  light.  You might say as light seeds you are
pulling all these discordant energies  into your being
and at the same time you are  mutating, causing  these
energies to mutate back to pure light  along  with
you.  Whatever effects you also becomes effected by
your  seeded blueprint.  It  is a passive, unresisting
energy path  for  this planet's new birth - Heaven on
Earth.  Do you understand?

Aside  from these mutational changes many of you are
struggling  with the violet ray, the beam of truth
Archangel  Michael has  invoked  as a means for you to
separate from  the  illusion.  Many of you are failing
to release the illusion and are thus  not preparing
for the needed lifestyle changes that would carry  you
through the coming events.

( Do You Understand?)

A  few of you have voiced your dislike of my using
"Do  you understand?"  It  is  my way of telling you
that  something  is important  and  should be thought
about more.  To  just  leave  a statement  of
importance to the reader's discretion without  some
form  of attention getter is not my idea of how my job
should  be done.  Hopefully this little irritant to
some will now be  overlooked.

( Commanders' Activities )

These  past months have been busy on all  fronts
especially for  the commanders that are actively
involved in their  sectors.  As one of these it went
sort of like this for me.

First there was the tremendous job of trying to get
our SPIRIT Bulletin Board Service (SPIRIT, B.B.S.) on
line.  No small feat to say the least and there are
still some bugs to work out of it.  Tons of "Oh, my
god how will I learn leading edge technology?" were
the result of so much new information piling up to
learn.  Aside from this the list of what we do here at
the headquarters command is growing to the point of
insanity.  We are looking forward to the time when our
team of 12 is in place, each doing what he/she has
been trained to do for the Mission.

 GS> Me too!  Let's here from you Commanders out
 GS> there!

My job is to coordinate action from each of you; to
help you support  each other in the Mission.  The
Earth Command  needs  to address  itself and become
fully functional on every level.  Talk minus action
must now stop.  Each part must  see every other part
and support each other in the  same manner you have
been supporting  yourselves.  This will make the
picture of our group  effort more visible, more
unified as one energy of light.

 GS> Check in with us, here, so that we can include
 GS> information about your Sector and Mission, on
 GS> these web pages.  Let's make ourselves visible,
 GS> and put ourselves in PRINT, for the RECORD.  This
 GS> counts!  For light-workers to browse these pages
 GS> and see that the Light Beings are really
 GS> manifesting Heaven on Earth, will bolster their
 GS> ascension process.

I  should add that this IS taking place now.  The
spirit  of cooperation  in our combined effort is
beginning to  bare  fruit.  The results are being
assembled and sent to those who get it  out to  all
the rest.  Our networking efforts are beginning to
work.  My hat is off with a big smile on my face as
this reaches a stage of  clarity  and productive
results.  Good work!  Also,  bare  in mind that
efforts are being made to get each of you situated
and informed about your job here on Earth Assignment.
This is a  big feat on our end and we will take all
the help we can get.

Those  who heeded the call for donations both
monetary  and action wise have kept things headed in
the direction of  becoming a  reality.  We couldn't
have gotten this far without you.  Many thanks to all
of you.  Many will soon be reaping the benefits  of
your sharing.

( Conversations with Kortron )

Solinus:  Kortron,  all  this  talk  about  dimensions
being compressed and pushing into Earth has really
gotten me  confused.  Can  you explain again what is
happening?  Maybe this  time  I'll catch on.

Kortron:  It's not easy to comprehend or explain in
third dimensional terms, but you're not alone in
being confused.  Some erroneously believe that we are
being drawn somewhere else when in actuality the fifth
dimension is descending, as it were, in wave after
wave of the love vibration.

 GS> Please visualize this next part...

First  off it's important to understand the Central
Suns  in  respect to everything else.  If you could
see all the universes and at  the  same  time see the
Central Suns you would  see  (from  a distance) a huge
donut revolving around a hole of glowing  light.  The
hole itself is not defined exactly like a hole in  a
donut.  It  is overshadowed by the rest of the donut
with only  the  glow escaping from the center.  As the
donut revolves into the  center glow from all sides it
is being constantly bathed in light.  This light
reenergizes  all  that passes through  it  giving
renewal energy to everything created in the revolving

Solinus:  So the universe we are in is in this
swirling donut?

Kortron:  Yes.  Our  universe is just a speck  in
billions  of galaxies  in many universes.  That will
give you an idea of  just how immense the donut really
is.  Once this concept is understood the Law of One
can be understood.

 GS> There is that Torus, as taught in Sacred
 GS> Geometry.


So God is that glow in the donut?

Kortron:  In total truth you are also that glowing
light as it is also  you.  In your fullest expression
you are love and, in  full awareness,  you then are
the full expression of the  glow.  When you actively
become the light, you are the bonding force  keeping
your  part  of the donut glued to the rest of it,
then  you  are aware that you are love.  You are one
of many parts  representing the  extension of the
center of the donut.  In other  words,  you are  a
part of what is called the Creator or God.  Everything
is God.  You  are God.  You are the extension and  the
essence  of bonded  light  that recreates the glue
holding it  all  together.  All is One.

Solinus:  And this glue is light, and light is love,
and love  is God so God is the glue and we are also
God and God's Image.

Kortron:  Yes, and in your physical body you are the
fullest  expression  of God's Image, the fullest
extention of that Image  in the many dimensions it
exists in.  But, here's the clincher,  the part  that
is least understood.  There are seventy-two  of  these
donuts representing all that is.  Seventy-two Creator
Gods creating over and over again, bigger and bigger
donuts in the  endless darkness you call limited
space.  It is ever expanding,  infinite and pushing
light ever outward into the darkness.

Solinus:  So then what is God?

Kortron:  In  reality the one we call God is  Love.
The  other seventy-one  are probably related
expressions of love  also.  To understand we have to
experience these others.

Solinus:  So this is where you reach a point of not
comprehending the situation?

Kortron:  Not one part of any of this completely
understands  all the  rest.  In reality it is
incomprehensible no matter  how  enlightened you
become.  School, the experience of going on,  never
ends  and  the  creator of this many and one
experiences  is  an infinite  number  of ways also.
Every minute part feeds  it  new experience. It is
changing as you are, through your input.  Nothing is
stationary.  Everything is always in motion, in
consciousness.  Do you understand this
incomprehensible statement?

Solinus:  Of  course (chuckle).  It sure is a relief
though  to know you don't know it all.

( Atomic Energy. Why say no? )

Atomic  energy is the reverse of subatomic  energy.
Atomic energy  is  created  by splitting atoms  thus
turning  subatomic energy  inside out.  It is sort of
like cancer as once its  fluid radiation  gets out of
enclosed perimeters it destroys  subatomic structure
and blueprints that create life.  All the universes
are made of subatomic configurations based on
blueprints in geometric forms that create different
aspects of creation.

So  when the Space Brothers told all governments this
would not  be allowed in space there was a sound
reason  for  confining this  gross,  deteriorating
energy to its place of  origin.  The lesson we will
soon learn is that the science that created it has not
reached the place of understanding it or how  to
neutralize it.  By using it they are in effect
creating a blind alley  none will be able to back out
of.  This sad state of affairs will  not only
eradicate bodies but souls as well.  What is even
worse  is that the speck of Spirit in the soul will
also be effected.  This will  completely  sever any
connection to God  creating  a  total nothingness.

Many  are playing with other forms of energy  little
understood.  Take for instance ion generators which
create  negative ions.  What  you're  not aware of is
that so  many  changes  are ongoing.  Things thought
of as being beneficial in the past  will create
different  results  now.  The only  energy  needing
your attention  now  is tachion energy such as is
found  in  pyramids.  Tachion energy is rising in
everything now.  In so doing it  will eventually open
consciousness to light technologies.  All of  you now
need to understand this in order to release duality
once  the bridge is up to cross.  Do you understand?

( Pyramid Energy )

Little  is  being said on the topic but the reality
of  the situation  is  that there are many benefits to
using  a  pyramid.  For  instance,  did you know the
capacitor or  condenser  of  the tachion  energy  in
the pyramid helps break away  the  veils  of duality
in the third dimension?  When used correctly  a
pyramid aids  the  user and accelerates the person's
consciousness  to  a point that he/she is able to see
and hear light.

Pyramid energy can help to release all attachments
that bind you  to duality.  It opens doors to other
dimensions.  Light  is tachion energy and an
understanding of it will open a new  direction  and
new thinking.  When this enters into aware
understanding, then knowingness it will accelerate
in ways many do not  yet understand since experience
is the door to understanding.

Many  of  you  should be using at least  a  small
cardboard pyramid  in your meditations or in your
restful quiet times  when you  are just listening to
what's out there to be heard.  I  know few will feel
comfortable sitting around with a cardboard pyramid on
their heads.  It may even surprise you but under my
bed at  my head there is an eighteen inch pyramid that
I sleep over that has been  there  for years.  The
tachion swirling  apex  energy  goes right through my
crown chakra while I lay there whether in or out of
my body.  This is one aid which needs your review for
use  in your life.

Pyramid  energy also acts as a light shield  which
protects the body from discordant energy while astral
projecting or  traveling  the dimensions or even
while being aboard the ships.  Did you know this
energy can be lowered or raised by the individual's
thoughts  to any frequency change desired?  This
directly  speeds up, balances and creates the correct
amount of light energy  thus also adding to your
understanding of how to take your bodies into
different light frequencies or dimensions.

Knowledge  of  this  will come to many of you  in  the
next energy  shifts  in  November.

 GS> November 1990.... or November 1995?  (GRIN)

Then  you  will  understand  more completely  some of
the things mentioned to date and  will  start using
this understanding in many surprising new ways.
You'll see as this becomes more understandable in
opening to knowingness.

The  big pyramid to be built on this point has been
put  on hold  until  Spring.  Everything needed to get
started on  it  is available  but  it is getting too
wet and cold now  to  pour  the footers.  If support
toward this project continues  spring  will host a
neat pyramid many can use and enjoy with guided tours
into new consciousness.

 GS> That was 1990, now, the pyramid is 95% done.

Meanwhile  other  priorities such as the  B.B.S.  have
been addressed.  Projects have been shuffled due to
the "Alert" status on the ships and the many changes
occurring in people and energy.  The  plan  was
revised by divine  intervention  causing  certain
things in the Mission to get different priorities.
These changes will benefit all of you, the planet and
thus the Mission.

Quite  frankly,  of late there has been  concern  over
just getting  the Star people lifted off as so many
are still  asleep.  As a result each new directive may
take precedence over the  last and  that is what
happened to the building of the pyramid  -  the
Bulletin Board Service "Spirit" came first.

 GS> Well, it is good to know, that the amount of Star
 GS> People "waking up" has been accelerating, ever
 GS> since 1990.

( Surviving Earth Changes )

 GS> Of course, now, in 1995, we REALLY know we are
 GS> having Earth Changes, don't we?

Many of you are having growing concern about impending
doom.  You  feel  in  your  present locations  there
is  a  dark  cloud hovering.  If that is the case make
provisions to find a place or ask for guidance to a
place where this is not present.  Otherwise your
choice is to weather whatever comes.  Survival in your
body is a decision only you can make.

If you desire to walk the whole scenario to assist
others by your decision of being here it will require
keeping your  vehicle (body)  in one piece.  This may
require stepping down  from  easy living into a
simpler life style in order to do this.

Many  have done this before you and have survived the
transition quite nicely.  Many of these are known by
you as  examples of  a simpler life.  They are your
brothers and sisters  reaching out to show you the
way.  Do not cast them aside in their love of you  as
it runs deep and is pure of heart.  Their experience
was gained  to share, not in a forceful way, but in
one of love.  If the  hand is given do not rebuke it,
but realize you  must  learn new things in your desire
to go on in a rapidly changing world.

These souls have a specific job to play bringing in
the new, clean,  abundant and free technologies
before, during  and  after the  Earth  changes  to
create the foundations of  the  new  safe havens  for
these things to occur. The rest of the world will  be
in  rapid  cleansing.  These places are the embassies
of  Spirit through  which  your greater family will be
united as  Heaven  is being restored to Earth.

 GS> This next part, is something that we need to do.
 GS> Those of you building intentional communities,
 GS> please let us know where you are.  Light workers
 GS> may contact you for more information about how to
 GS> join you, or how to organize others to build
 GS> their own intentional communities.  No matter
 GS> what happens, all the experience that we gain, in
 GS> our efforts to build Heaven on Earth, will not be
 GS> wasted.

( Islands of Light Must Form )

Our  advice  is  to get together now  to  rapidly
form  the Islands  of  Light.  Feed love and light
into  these  islands  to create safe zones on Earth to
give sanctuary to the ones here  to help Earth and
those victimized by the controlling few.  Time for
this  is about to run out.  For survival you must take
into  consideration  your  needs  anticipating up
to  a  year's  duration without  outside help.  Think
long and hard on this  one.  Rough times are coming
children.  Your survival depends on you not some false
security based on a government which is loosing it on
every level.  How many received from Spirit, "Look out
for number one?"

The  Islands are now forming and are looking for
people  to raise  capital to secure them.  Those of
you who have been  given the job of creating these
islands please check with us.  We would like to be
your source for anyone needing this information.  This
is an example of how SPIRIT, B.B.S. can be very useful.

 GS> And, course, SearchNet, the mailing lists, and
 GS> web pages, can also relay vital information.

( Ascension )

(I  have  taken the liberty of adding in my  own
comments where I felt it was necessary to qualify

After  aligning the physical, emotional, mental  and
spirit fields and achieving full internal resonance in
them to the point of  having  unified them, and having
achieved a  high  degree  of resonance  with  the
higher frequencies of Spirit,  you  will  be ready  to
begin ascension in earnest.  (You have been engaged
in ascension all along - it is a process, not an

Ascension  is  the process of raising the frequency
of  all energy  in your lower fields so that there
will be eventually  no energy  which vibrates on the
lower planes at all.  Your  lowest energy  frequency,
currently the physical body, is then  in  the Etheric
Plane.  Others in this band can see your energy
clearly and  hear you telepathically but not audibly
because they  cannot hear  sounds.  They are, of
course, invisible from  the  physical plane.  Their
energy is just too high a frequency to register  on
the physical retina or plane.  Your Plane is rising
crossing into other  dimensions.  Soon your sight will
take in new  experience.  All  this mutation creating
these new energy experiences  enables you to have new

In this you will begin to project a Light Body.  The
process of  planetary ascension will accelerate
dramatically as each  new wave of ascended masters
assists many others that will eventually also  ascend.
The planet and all of creation here then  steps-up
into frequencies beyond the material dimension.  When
you are not facilitating others, you will still have
your own show going  on.  Ascending  to the Etheric
Plane is a major step but by  no  means the last

How then, do you raise your base frequencies to those
of the Etheric Plane?  Ascension involves raising the
frequency of  your tachion  energy making up your aura
(including the cells  of  the physical  field) to the
frequencies of the Etheric  Plane.  This energy is the
energy behind the electromagnetic spectrum of which
light  is  a  part;  it is the energy  that  bursts
through  the physical  barrier  to  become
electromagnetic  radiation  and ultimately  to appear
as subatomic particles or waves; it is  the Light
behind what you believe light is, which is just a
shadow of the real thing.

You transmute your energy by intent.  It's that
simple.  If your  four  fields  are aligned and they
hold  the  intent  that something is true, the lowest
frequency field, the physical,  has to  change or it
will be out of alignment with the  mental  body.  So
through your thought intent you are raising the
frequencies of the energy in the physical field by one
octave, then another  and another as you learn how
this is done.  You can do this.  Remember how you
lowered your frequency a few octaves to density  into
the  physical a long time ago?  Now admittedly that
took  a  long time because you had to work out the
bugs (no pun intended).  The physical  field is an
enormously complex chemical  plant  dealing with
high-tech organic compounds within critical limits.
(Have you  ever stopped to ponder how your body
maintains its  temperature  at exactly 98.6 degrees?
Imagine what went  into  planning that!!)  Of course
it took eons to figure it all out  and  there were
many false starts and dead ends.  But with  ascension,
you know and your body consciousness knows where
you're going -- your etheric  Spiritual body is the
original blueprint and it  already exists.  You could
change this in a matter of seconds or  months if  it
were your wish.  It is under your complete control  -
to release your idea of timed duration in your

Once  your fields are aligned you will be able to  set
your thought  intent  into increased vibratory  rates
effecting  your cellular structures at will.  You can
boost your intent by  clear visualization  of light
flooding into the cells and DNA,  and  by imprinting
your cells with images of cells made up of  extremely
high-frequency energy.  Your body will literally
become light  as you  absorb  this high frequency
energy and start to  emit  light itself.  You see your
mind is a transformer from dense energy  to fine
tuned tachion "Spirit" energy.  Your thoughts regulate
all the planes as you direct the other waves of energy
from the  Mind Plane into the Spiritual Plane.  In the
Spiritual you find direction in what is called
knowingness, giving you aware use of  this knowledge
and  unlimited  control to release the  bonds  of  the
material,  emotional and mental bodies.  You become
freed up  and balanced in your Spiritual Light body.

Many of you will ascend and are all ready beginning to
feel the  joy of every moment in your fuller
understanding of who  you are and why you are here on
Earth Assignment.  You can now accelerate  your
consciousness  and arrive  at  all  the  frequencies
through your remembering, thus opening to fuller
understanding of astro-physics field resonance.  The
"etheric you" wants  you  to reunite from one body of
limited understanding into open  contact with  all of
your other bodies.  Then you can begin enjoying  the
party  of unification.  This is said for the benefit
of the  conscious mind, not the etheric Spirit self
which is fully aware  on all levels.

The  lowest  frequency  that  your  etheric  self
expresses through is obviously in the Material Plane.
From the higher Mind Planes,  which some of you are
already dancing through,  you  can bring back this
experience to help all the rest to remember.  You can
easily reach the other parts of the fields by the
desire  and intent  to do so.  Your fields will then
resonate at the  Etheric Spirit  frequencies and
foster the Spirit skills, the  remembered knowledge,
wisdom  and love in all your combined  fields.  Your
physical,  emotional  and mental fields will vibrate
in  harmony with your etheric self, already partying
away in never ending  joy and  happiness.  This will
get you to the party much  sooner  and back  to your
real home, the place you're now remembering with  a
renewed  understanding.  At the same time your energy
rises  so does  that of the Earth Plane.  Remember
your experience here  is the  seed  or root by which
Spirit changes all you  are  involved with as the
energy shifts.

Unify  your  chakras and invite the etheric  level  of
your spirit-function  to  blend with your material
field.  Set  your intent  to show your conscious mind
what life on the  etheric  is like  through visions,
words, sensations or just  knowing.  Then try  to
hold the double consciousness of being  here  and
there simultaneously.  Experiment with changing your
focus between  the two realities.  Enter fully into
the etheric reality.  Be  there.  Your unified field
will resonate with the etheric energy and your
physical  field energy will lighten, in resonance with
the  higher harmonics  of  your  etheric body.  Your
emotional  field  will resonate  with  the love in
your etheric field, and  your  mental field will flood
with the wisdom of your etheric self.  You  will come
out of the experience a very different person, closer
to the being  who  you are, and who you are becoming.

When  you  get to this stage in your ascension
process,  it will seem quite normal.  Delightful in
fact!  Want it, allow  it, accept it and then just be
it.  You'll get there.  You need  only be still and
ask for this to be your next experience.  Otherwise
school  starts over again.  The period for making this
choice  is all  but over for those lingering on the
edge not quite  able  to make  the final decision and
commitment about this.  You  cannot serve two masters
when in reality there is only one.

Peace and Love, Cmdr. Kortron


Sometimes it gets a little crazy around here, but it's
still "Sanctuary".  We even have a sign proclaiming
that this piece  of Heaven on Earth is just that.  It
is a Sanctuary built with a lot of entities' love.  We
are thankful to have it to share.

I like using the term entity when referring to
"people".  A beautiful walk-in taught me the wisdom of
the term.  When you live in an alien embassy you never
really know what kind of entity you will meet next.
I've learned a lot about not having expectations as a
result.  Expectations always lead to disappointment.
No expectations brings joy in the moment.

I've often wondered and actually asked entities who
pass through here what they expected to find.  After
all I'm sure it's hard to imagine what a human being
in appearance, walk-in, commander called Kortron
might be like.  It's also hard not to imagine at all;
to have no expectations.

I'll give you a hint entities, he looks like a man and
has eyes that recognize souls.  The walk-in part was
his experience - I've only known him since his rebirth
but other family members noticed a difference after it
happened.  And don't get put off by the commander
business.  Evidently these are "space" terms decoded
to Earthen language for our understanding.  As near as
I  can tell he'd just as soon not have a title but, if
it gets the point of a need for organization across,
then he'll use it.

There are all sorts of specialists involved in the
Mission.  Some are from other dimensions recently
schooled in their area of expertise.  Life on planet
Earth this time around has been merely a training
ground in which to hone these skills and make them
workable in the Third Dimension, using what's at hand.
They're here to get the job done as pleasantly as
possible.  Earth is going to evolve to her next stage
and all life forms will evolve with her, like it or

No matter what manner of curiosity prompts entities to
beam in here it's o.k.  We're all just passing through
anyway.  That's a thought that keeps me balanced now
that we've opened our Sanctuary as an embassy.  It is
a wonderful place and space to share, and it's
important for some entities to touch base, but
sometimes I just want to go home!

 GS> Solinus means, home to the Stars.

As for Kortron - he's too brash for some, a little on
the straightforward side for others, would be a guru
to some if  he'd let  them,  and just "plain folk" to
others.  Aside  from  which, have  you ever noticed
how serious he can sound?  As for me,  I'm just
passing through trying to help others to get the job
done as pleasantly  as possible.  There are a lot of
us and we're  beginning to recognize each other as
we learn to recognize ourselves.

About the teams of twelve.  There's significance in
the number twelve itself (which someone else can
explain better than I can) but I do know there are
suppose to be groups of 12 + 1 who work as teams.
Here at the Headquarters Command outpost we may sound
a bit frustrated on occasion.  This is due to the fact
that we are missing several members of the "command"
structure and  we sure could use their advise, input
and expertise.

You never know what new entity is going to call on the
phone ...  Now with the B.B.S. two line system we can
actually  be communicating with three entities over
the air waves at one time.  Such is the price of
progress!  Once we received a phone call and the
entity  on  the other end was a soft  spoken,
hesitant  but committed sounding soul.

...He's delightful!  Here's some information he wanted
to pass on to you:


Concerning  Red Alert:  My sensing is that due to the
rapid gathering  of  LOVE and LIGHT here and the
approaching  asteroid (Wormwood)  and possibly other
such changes...certain members  of the Illuminati are
very scared.  When one perceives that the very life of
self or loved ones is in danger, loyalties tend to
shatter.  Some  members do not want to wait and go
along  with  the general  time scheme plan of the
others.  They feel they have  to act  right now or
forfeit/lose their chance!  They think that  if world
war is initiated now, there may still be time to bring
the resisting powers and the people to their
knees...but they are too late...we  are here...we
stand in the Greatest Power of the  universe.  Now
the Light Army will take its place in TEAMWORK.

I have now anchored my Light Body into the physical
and into the Earth.  I have fully arrived in Soul
Presence and there is no power  in  creation  that can
stop or interfere  with  my  Divine purpose.  I AM
THAT I AM.  So it is.  So BE it.

Certain light codes are now being brought forth
through  the Light  Workers  who,  when  in place,
will  activate  the  final ascension  process  for
the  planet.  These  are  strategically located
across  the continent, in the Plan, and along  the
East Coast.  Ascension cannot take place until all is
in order.  There are  large sites which can
accommodate many Light  Workers.  Because  of  the
presence of so much Light and the  safe  locations
being on universal grid focal points, there is
tremendous  potential for rapid mutual group

For  the world public, these will be areas of living
example for the new age including education,
health/healing,  counseling, art/music, intergalactic
communication, survival skills, networking closely
with other Light Centers linking up in the  worldwide
gridwork  which follows meridians, independent from
governmental control and based on love-in-action.

The  only  time we have left for this focus is  now
through 1992!  This message will strike a strong chord
in some.  If  so, please  ACT NOW.  There are those
ready now with money, land  and know-how.

[End Quoting]

 GS> Although his time limit until 1992, is past, we
 GS> can still fullfill this Plan.

Cmdr. Kortron (Message via The Command)

We  cannot manifest material objects on the third
dimension  to fulfill the needs of the Mission.  It is
your job to create in your combined effort setting
firmly in place the Earth-base as  a representation of
Spirit.  Heed the call.  Take action now.  The success
of  the Mission depends on  a  multi-dimensional
effort supported at each level, and all command


 GS> Notice the subject areas that were planned to be
 GS> offered, five years ago.  You see that now, all
 GS> of these, and more are already in place, in the
 GS> SearchNet network, for your use.

The following is a list of Areas we have devised for
information on various subjects:

* Earth Updates                   
* Communities/Islands of Light   
* Link-up to the Command
* Events, Seminars, etc. 
* Reviews: Books, Audio, etc
* Services        
* MASH - Medical Reports
* Newsletters     
* New Technologies
* Science Reports     
* Political Forum
* Updates from Kortron 
* Lost & Found Light Workers

At this point we have several people who are willing
to  act as  Nodes.  They have computer systems
adequate to upload  (send) and download (receive)
information from the central computer  and thus will
be instrumental in getting out information to
individuals and groups who request this.

 GS> Please see the SearchNet section of this website,
 GS> for more information about becoming a node of
 GS> SearchNet.

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The newsletter may  be  copied  and shared  but
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supporting  our  efforts to network, inform and
create  for  the Earth  volunteers to get the job
done.  Donations  and  subscriptions go to Spirit's
work to support all of you.  Think about it. It's  now
really happening in ways none thought possible
before. There  will  be  more coming!!!! (Grin),

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