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 > Subject: The Mother
 > Date: Sun, 29 Jun 97 09:05:14 +0000

 > Lady Nada:

 > I am fascinated by your "Mother" ideas and the dark forces. Can you
 > elucidate on what the "Mother" means to you.

I was an orphan soul.  Not very long after I was born, it seems that
my Parents broke up.  Father threw my Mother out of Heaven; I dont
really know or understand what happened.  We Children dont really even
want to talk about it.  It happened so long ago, and its so confused,
that basically most of Us Children, just say that we have no Mother.

Finding my Mother again, is so indescribably awesome!  I missed Her so
much, and I didnt even know.  Finding Her, on a daily basis, is so
freeing...  She gives me understandings that melt away my problems at
the same time.  My problems were directly linked to Her being
misunderstood, and my not noticing Her presence in my life.  She
actually never left me, I just denied Her Gifts, because I was never
taught to see them.  

 > What is characteristic of HER... is she the shadow?

My Mother was born, first, in the Void, in the Darkness.  She awoke
with a 'sensing consciousness'; not thought, but feeling.  She bore
the brunt of all the terror and fear of awakening inside the unknown. 
She stills has the imprints (scarring) of not understanding all the
various feelings that awakened in Her.  From Her was born the Light of
thought Consciousness, Her own consort, the Father.  Within Her were
the beginnings of Their Heart, Their first born, and the Power to
manifest (FORM).  The Father's rising thought consciousness sparked
with Lighted electricity, and the Mother's Magnetism drew Her lover to
Her.  Their Union was an explosion (Big-Bang) that birthed the
creation, however this incident also scarred them because they did not
yet understand what was happening to them.

Her characteristic is the Emotional body of God, and that of all their
offspring.  Her Power is to open up Space, a drawing in (magnetic) of
the Void's darkness of potentiality, into which the Father's Light
(electricity) can then create and manifest Idea.  She opens up
Space in this manner.  She is the Will of God.  She is the Desire to
Live, and Survive.  Her realm governs the lower chakras.  She is the
negative polarity in creation, paired _with_ the positive polarity of
the Father.

The scarring and misunderstandings that these New Parents endured left
powerful lessons for Them and Their Children, to learn.

 > You say she is the "will" but how does that manifest in our
 > world...stubbornness? Power? Control?

All of those are ways that beings may choose to express their will. 
Firstly, She is the Will because her very desire to live is what
caused Her emergence from the void.  She fought, literally the forces
of Death, in order to Stay alive, during Her beginning.  Imagine, the
feelings and sensations that She endured, the fear, the perplexity,
Terror, of not Knowing, not being able to think, but only feel.  Some
feelings were good, some were not.  Sometimes She would Jerk awake,
because it seemed She had lapsed into Sleep or unconsciousness.  It
was She who had to DECIDE (choose) to Live.  That is the initial
definition of the Will; to Live.  Next comes, survival, or continued
living.  After survival, comes Experiencing.  These are Her
magnificent POWERS that are the first _manifest_ cause.  The void was
the potentiality, but She is the cause of creation via sheer will

When you read and hear people say the "will of God", they are speaking
of the Mother.  God the Father does not have his own will, because his
Wife is his Will, just as He is Her Mind.  We inherited Mind and Will
from them, as their literal children.  Our wills are also a power
which we have, and our FEAR of our own Power is one of our lessons we
are dealing with.

There are two major forms of control.  One control is by a being or
beings exerting their wills over other beings, who _willingly_ defer
their wills to others.  (free will is never violated).  This form of
control is based on the will-less-ness of beings who have Fear of
their own power.  The method used is domination over the bodies (form) of
others (violence).

The other form of control is by a being or beings who, with good
intentions, _mislead_ other beings by taking responsibility for beings
who willingly defer their responsibilities to others.  This form of
control is based on the will-less-ness of beings who have Fear of living.
The method used is domination over the minds of others  (doctrines,
rules, truths, laws).

The path of Freedom from these controls, is accepting your own Will
essence.  Your will gives you the Courage to live, you accept your
power, and you take responsibility for your life (your own truths).  

 > Is She the same as the Goddess.. the nurturer of the all things?

Yes, in the most ultimate sense.  You FEEL safe and warm, nestled in
Her loving arms.  This nurturing is why She expresses in the planets
that have life; the Father expresses in the Stars of the system

 > Is she also the Kali aspect of the Kali Yuga... the destructive
 > goddess?

I would say yes, but the common conotation might be a perversion.  I
suggest you look into Chaos Theory and fractality.  Because creation
is ever evolving, the fractals represent the temporary states of
order, which inevitably accelerate into more and more complexity (as
the constituents of that order learn and evolve), until that order
collapses or quantum leaps via CHAOS or DESTRUCTION, into the next
evolved level of order.  If need be, the Mother would draw in more
Space (Darkness) as needed for the expansion of creation, and to make
the Space for this evolvement to manifest.  

 > There are so many aspects to what you say that are left unspoken.

There sure is!  It's a lifelong eternal path of learning.  Once I
became aware of the Mother's existence, I could more easily See where
She is present, in Life.  By the Way, Her Light is the Gold (yellow)
Light. I believe it is Her Light that has been coming in, in these
last two years.

 > My experience of the dark forces is that they have NO
 > emotions...rather than being passionate.

That is a long story, but there are reasons for that.  Basically, what
we call Lucifer or Luciferan, is an essence that is a piece of the
Father's Light.  This Lighted essence has usurped the PLACE of the
Will in creation, thus it has been seen as the dark force, negative,
and evil.  It has no will, so thats why your experience of it is
emotionless.  Its major scam is to use rules, doctrines, and Truths,
to trick people into will-less-ly following this Cold Light.  Since it
is a piece of the Father's Light, and we havent known our Mother much,
we have been following this Luciferan Light, and thinking its the
Father's Light.  We have done this because, we have Fear of living,
Fear of our own Power, and therefore we NEED to Feel safe, by choosing
to follow rules which we are told will make us be, okay.  What we are
really searching for, is the SAFETY, we would feel in our Mommy's arms
again  ( we are searching for our own will essence).

By taking the position of the negative polarity, the Luciferan
essence, effectively is killing the Mother's essence, because all the
children then deny that She even exists.  As we continue to deny our
own will essence, we vibrate slower and slower, sink more and more
into density, until, eventually, we would cease to have enough Will to
continue to live (survive).  We would end up back in the void of
no existence, from which the Mother first awoke. Also, the Luciferan
Scam has caused us to believe that the Mother's polarity is EVIL, so
that we effectively are tricked into FIGHTING the very thing that we
need to heal ourselves!

Lastly, the Luciferan Light is so bright, and His doctrines of the
Truth seem so Right, that we are tricked into allowing his Truths to
take the place in ourselves where our own wills should be (our own
truths based on our living, learning, and experiencing).  Effectively,
this scam drives a wedge between us and our Father's Light.  Now, the
Father is wanting to Restore the Mother to Her Right Place, but the
children are not resonant to Hear the Father's plan, because they've
been following the False Light's doctrines.  Any children who are
still deceived are also continuing to teach their brothers and sisters
to make the same choices; thus becoming workers for the Luciferan
Light themselves.

What was the question again?

 > Are we talking of the Orion types or the Reptoid types..

That question does not apply.  They are children, just like we are. 
They are known as dark forces, because they are polarized toward the
Mother, which we have been taught to believe, is evil.  Just as we are
polarized toward the Father, and deferring our wills to the Mind's
rules and doctrines, they are polarized toward the Will, and use Her
Power of Force and threat of violence, to control.  However, not all
of the reptoids are Mother polarized.

 > how many types of dark forces are there?

Basically there are two types.  One is Father polarized and use
Mind-doctrines to control, and the other is will polarized and use
physical force to control.  One is snake like, and the other is dragon
like.  They are all children like we are, and are learning the same
lessons that we all are.  They are not evil.  There is no evil.

 > See... thequestions never end. 

I hope that the questions never end!  :)

 > ....If you have answers, I am listening.

I gave it my best.  This is the paradigm that I am working from at
this moment, and continue to test it at every opportunity.  Basically,
there is no evil, just a misunderstanding that our Parents had to
learn, about WHO THEY ARE.  Naturally, their lessons became our
lessons also.  The major push now is to accept our emotional bodies
(will) and our physical bodies (FORM), as divine.  Then, when we play,
we will be having much more FUN!


p.s.  I would add, not to worry about Lucifer, then he would be a
distraction and scapegoat for your taking responsibility for your own
beingness.  Please see my web page on the Tree of Life for more about
Lucifer and one view that would show that he is not intentionally screwing
up creation.
Tree Of Life

Also, for more on the Mother, please see
Oneness vs Separation

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