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Lillith is the archetypal Unshackled Woman who refuses to be controlled. Lillith passionately claims her personal power, stands firm on her convictions, and is driven by an internal motive. She was considered a Divine Lady in Sumerian texts. She is also referred to as Handmaiden to the Goddess Inanna and is woven into her mythology and the story of the sacred huluppu tree, or the Tree of Life. She is a largely misunderstood archetype who has been called Poetess of Darkness, Imp of Impetuosity, and Occasional Serpent of Seduction. Lillith is the personification of the restless sea. She is deeply committed to her personal freedom and keeps her moral strength alive.

Being governed by the number eleven, a master number, suggests leadership through struggle, sacrifice, and even martyrdom. The number also symbolizes an archetypal gateway through which Lillith passes as she claims her individuality and takes charge of her own Self. Numerologically, Lillith is connected to the sensitivity of Isis and the wisdom of the Priestess (since one plus one equals two, but also because Isis' glyph is 1111 and Lillith's is 11).

Symbolized by Tarot Strength, she turns to her instinctual nature and sacrifices ego strength for a different type of strength. Lillith is both fearless and untamed and she roams freely in the wild. In Tarot symbolism, she is seen taming a lion. In the Thoth deck, Aleister Crowley calls her Lust, indicating that the Lillith archetype is in full command of the female sex force. She is an enchantress living in the undiluted multiplicity of the spiritual force. She has a mysterious power that is permanent, direct, and instinctual. We learn that "strength and experience are required in dealing with instinctual drives if one is not to be overwhelmed or carried away."

Lillith's energy is anchored in the Sun in Leo. Fiery and fixed, her energy is deliberate and dramatic. She is unabashedly self-possessed. She functions from a place of personal dignity. Lillith has many qualities. She is generous, youthful, self-assured, and affectionate. She is emotionally exuberant and displays a dramatic approach to life. She is willing to express herself and is active in her endeavors. She is fond of children.