Organ Donation Agreement

Whereas a person, hereinafter called "Visitor," has accessed this Web site on the World Wide Web as determined, among other ways, by logs or other records kept by the server system and/or related computer systems, and whereas said Visitor has derived benefit in the form of information, entertainment or thought provocation, as indicated, among other ways, by additional records of clicks on links within or from this page, and whereas the individual who developed this page, hereinafter called "Creator," or members of Creator's extended family may from time to time have need of or may benefit from organ transplants or transfusions, Visitor agrees as follows:

1. In partial compensation for the effort it took to create this Web site and the benefits Visitor has derived from it, Visitor agrees to donate any spare organs in Visitor's body to Creator or members of Creator's extended family, whenever such donation is medically indicated. Visitor further grants Creator access to all medical and other records that may be relevant to determining Visitor's suitability as a transplant donor, including health, family history and histocompatibility. Visitor agrees, upon written or e-mail notice, to provide to a testing laboratory designated by Creator a certified blood or tissue sample within one week for suitability testing.

2. Creator shall pay reasonable medical expenses of the Visitor in making required donations, including testing. Fees will be determined by the reimbursement schedule of Creator's medical insurance policy then in effect. If travel is deemed medically necessary, Creator will provide air or ground transportation, hotel accommodations and living expenses of fifty U.S. dollars ($50) per day. In the event that Visitor dies within three days of organ harvesting, Creator shall be responsible for funeral expenses not to exceed five thousand U.S. dollars ($5000).

3. For the purposes of this agreement, "spare organ" shall include any body part or portion of Visitor's body whose removal is not incompatible with life. Spare organs shall include, among other parts, up to two units of whole blood, monthly platelets for two years, sperm or eggs as appropriate, bone marrow, ten percent (10%) of scalp hair with follicles, one kidney, one lung, one ear, one cornea, one ovary or testicle, as appropriate, one nostril, one leg or one arm (but no more than one limb total), skin grafts up to a total area of 64 square centimeters, veins up to 20 centimeters in total length, one coronary artery (assuming Visitor has at least three that are not occluded by more than fifteen percent), and up to twelve (12) small plugs of brain tissue, removal of which would not decrease cognitive function by more than ten percent (10%). Furthermore, if Visitor is diagnosed as being in a persistent vegetative state or has been in a coma for four (4) consecutive weeks, any and all body parts may be harvested, including heart, liver, spleen spinal cord and brain.

4. For the purposes of this agreement, medically indicated shall mean needed to save a life, cure a major disease, relieve depression or restore a major life function. Determination of medical need shall be made at the sole discretion of Creator's physician. The extended family of the Creator includes the Creator's children, grand-children, spouse, lovers, former lovers, cousins, parents, siblings and co-authors.

5. Creator will have no obligations to Visitor beyond the payments herein described.

6. Because monetary damages cannot compensate for the lack of an organ transplant, this agreement may be enforced at equity.

7. Visitor agrees to waive any claim that this agreement is unconscionable, abusive or excessive.

8. Visitor agrees to pay Creator's attorney fees, court costs and related expenses, including reasonable travel and expert witnesses, needed to enforce this agreement or in the event of any legal challenge to this agreement.

9. If any portion of this agreement is held unenforceable by a court of law, the remainder of this agreement shall remain in effect.

agr 2000-11-15 rev. 2003-3-31