canoeTX e-mail list

mail sent to the e-mail address,, is automatically forwarded to members of this list.  Anyone can join.  It is free.  There are no strings attached and very few rules. 

This list has been used since 1991 and currently has about 250 members, mostly Texas paddlers.  Membership includes people in most of the major canoe clubs in the state and it can be a very fast way to get word into local newsletters.  In general, material submitted to canoeTX is available for use in newsletters, but should include a citation including the original author and the canoeTX e-mail list.  Its considered a friendly gesture to check with the author before using the material. 

Nobody has ever been removed from the list for an e-mail opinion, though some of us have been flamed a few times (try to keep it friendly).

To SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE from the list, send mail to: with nothing on the SUBJECT  line and the message: SUBSCRIBE (or UNSUBSCRIBE).  You can only UNSUBSCRIBE from the e-mail address that you used to SUBSCRIBE.  If you have problems with this, send mail to

So all you have to do to SUBSCRIBE is double-click on the e-mail address,, tab down to the message box, type SUBSCRIBE, and click on the SEND button.   You can unsubscribe here too, but only if you are using the e-mail address that you used to join.

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