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INCA SON is a group that performs the music and dance of the Peruvian Andes and Latin America. INCA SON's main purpose is to introduce and promote Andean folk music and culture internationally.

INCA SON, was formed in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, in 1989. It's first collection of music is entitled Ascope, Tierra del Amanecer (Ascope, Land of the Dawn). After having triumphed as the best ethnic group at the inauguration of the International Year of Indigenous Peoples at the United Nations in New york in December, 1992, INCA SON presented the public with its second album, entitled Vamos a mi Tierra (Come with Me to My Land).

For information regarding INCA SON recordings and performances, or to contact INCA SON to arrange for concerts or workshops, you may write to:

Cesar Villalobos, INCA SON
P.O. Box 38-1899
Cambridge, MA 02238 USA

Tracks from INCA SON, volume 1, "Ascope, Tierra del Amanecer"

Tracks from INCA SON, volume 2, "Vamos a mi Tierra"

Instruments used:

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