(Maybe Not) For Nerds Only

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If you are looking for something really "COOL" you should turn back now. You won't find it here.

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The "(Maybe Not) For Nerds Only" page presents some topics that may not interest most people. However, there may be some things here that will interest some of the people some of the time (gee, that sounds vaguely familiar). We do hope to put a quirky edge on some of the non-technical stuff to keep things entertaining for those of you who didn't finish calculus in elementary school. And take heart - Sir Isaac Newton never finished a calculus course either.

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To Top of Page Technical Details of Our Web Pages

This section is going to contain some links on how Rick writes and maintains our web pages. This section will also present the design of our web pages, tell how they are produced and distributed and explain what people can get out of them. You know, the stuff that only nerds are interested in. There also might be a few goodies thrown in such as links to scripts Rick wrote and such and maybe links to some software engineering pages.

Please wait (but please don't hold your breath; I've lots to do).

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To Top of Page Rick's Guideposts

There are a number of sites out there that I like and want to have other people find too. Rather than just having a page of links though, I have created a web page for each that I call a guidepost. These pages have a better set of keywords for search engines to find. When someone enters a complicated search with a search engine like AltaVista they may not find the real page but may find my guidepost page because of my keywords. Then they can connect to the real page through a link or address that I have on my page. I have links to these guideposts through my home page so the spiders (search engines) can find them.

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To Top of Page Linguistics

Fun with words

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To Top of Page History

Both of us like history. It can be as fun as fiction and to prove it we are presenting some quirky eposodes of history here.

Did these things really happen?

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To Top of Page Nerd Talk

This section is definitely dear to Rick's heart. A collection of quotes that examplify what nerdiness is. Most will show that, just like everyone else, nerds don't take nerds too seriously.

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To Top of Page More to come

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