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The Satyricon
Section XLVIII
Petronius Arbiter, 60 AD

Sources for text

English translations in notes windowPetronius's original Latin
A.R. Allinson translationIn NOTES frame
W.C. Firebaugh translationIn DEFINTIONS frame
Unknown translatorIn AUXILARY window

Sources of text in the original and translations:

http://www.gmu.edu/departments/fld/CLASSICS/petronius1.html July 24, 2000

English (Allinson translation):
http://www.gis.net/~kcollins/petron/satyr/satyr.txt July 24, 2000

English (Firebaugh translation):
Derived from a preliminary Project Gutenburg file (pas8w10.txt)
August 7, 2002

English (Unknown translator):
http://www.akirarabelais.com/petroniusarbiter/thesatyricon.html July 24, 2000

Other pages that have equivalent text:

English (Allinson translation in HTML):
http://www.gis.net/~kcollins/petron/satyr/satyr.html July 24, 2000

http://www.gis.net/~kcollins/petron/petron.html July 24, 2000

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