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My Past
Chapter IX, The Infatuation of Mary Vetsera
Marie Larisch (1858-1940)

Countess Marie Larisch, My Past, G.P. Putnam's Sons (1913), pp. 207-208

Technically, since the Count and Countess Larisch divorced in 1896, the Countess was not so entitled. However, she was created Freiin (Baroness) von Wallersee shortly after her birth and the signature Marie Wallersee appeared on the book cover above the block letters "COUNTESS MARIE LARISCH." She was a member of Bavaria's Wittelsbach family. At the time of writing the book she was married to Otto Brucks.

My Past had the dedication:

Mrs. Maude Mary Chester ffoulkes
in gratitude for her kindness in helping me to prepare
these reminiscences for publication

Actually, ffoulkes was the ghostwriter.

The Countess wrote another biography:

Secrets of A Royal House, John Long Ltd, London (1936)

Authorship was credited to Marie Louise, Countess Larisch von Wallersee-Wittelsbach with Paul Maerker Branden and Elsa Branden.

Additional information on Marie Larisch can be found in this biography of Maude ffoulkes:

Violet Powell, A Substantial Ghost: The Literary Adventures of Maude ffoulkes William Heinemann Ltd, London (1967)

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