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Trico's song
John Lyly (1554-1606)

TRICO singeth.


What Bird so sings, yet so dos wayle?
O t'is the rauish'd Nightingale.
Iug, Iug, Iug, Iug, tereu, shee cryes,
And still her woes at Midnight rise.
Braue prick song! who is't now we heare ?
None but the Larke so shrill and cleare;
How at heauens gats she claps her wings,
The Morne no waking till shee sings.
Heark, heark, with what a pretty throat
Poore Robin red-breast tunes his note;
Hear how the iolly Cuckoes sing
Cuckoe, to welcome in the spring,
Cuckoe, to welcome in the spring.

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