Exploring The Waste Land
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Cross reference topics for line 262

And a clatter and a chatter from within

There are multiple cross reference topics for line 262. Choose from:

  1. Use of alliteration
  2. Mentions of crowds

Topic: Use of alliteration

Alliteration - Al-lit-`er-a-tion, noun:

The repetition of the same letter at the beginning of two or more words immediately succeeding each other"," or at short intervals; as in the following lines:

Behemoth, biggest born of earth, upheaved His vastness.

Fly o'er waste fens and windy fields.      -- Tennyson

The recurrence of the same letter in accented parts of words is also called alliteration. Anglo-Saxon poetry is characterized by alliterative meter of this sort. Later poets also employed it.

In a somer seson whan soft was the sonne,
I shope me in shroudes as I a shepe were.

     -- P. Plowman

Please excuse me. There are some things in here that are not alliteration. I need some time to clean up.

S sounds:

Atter & Ma:

F and Ph:



S sounds again:

Pretty obvious:

Ms and Hs:

B sounds:

Topic: Mentions of crowds

See the following lines:

Exploring The Waste Land
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