Exploring The Waste Land
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Early publication history

In a deal allowing Eliot maximum income from his poem, his American publisher's, Boni and Liveright, allowed the poem to be printed (without his notes) in the first issue of the Criterion magazine (London, October 1922) and also in the Dial magazine (New York, November 1922). Boni and Liveright then published The Waste Land in book form with the notes (New York, December 1922). The deal allowed the annual Dial award of $2,000 to be awarded to Eliot.

In September 1923, the Hogarth Press also published a copy of The Waste Land. Hogarth Press was run by Leonard and Virgina Woolf, Eliot's friends.

(The Criterion was a magazine started and edited by Eliot.)

Exploring The Waste Land
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