Explanation Area

Wait! Don't resize this window just yet. While there is a lot of text here now, explaining what this area is used for, this window typically will only show a few lines of text.

This area is used mainly when you select a link in the poem itself. To help remind you of that it has the same background color as the area with the poem. This area is used for a few purposes:

  1. It is used to explain things. For example, select "Starnbergersee" (on line 8).
  2. It supplies definitions. For example, select "colonade" (on line 9).
  3. It supplies translations. For example, select "Frish weht der Wind" (on line 31).
  4. It sometimes displays a brief commentary.
  5. It may sometimes be used to show auxilary text when a link is selected in the Notes Area. If so the background color of this area will be changed to match the color of the Notes Area.

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