Exploring The Waste Land
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Elizabeth and Leicester
Letter from de Quadra to Philip of Spain
Alvarez de Quadra

The citation given in Eliot's note to line 279 of The Waste Land was

V. Froude, Elizabeth, vol. I, ch. iv, letter of De Quadra to Philip of Spain

This can lead to some confusion as the book was actually published as:

James Anthony Froude, History of England from the Fall of Wolsey to the Defeat of the Spanish Armada

History of England (1856-1870) consisted of twelve volumes. The letter that Eliot quotes from is found in Volume 7, (part 1 of the series of 6 volumes subtitled Reign of Elizabeth) chapter iv. (pp. 348-350 in the AMS edition). It is found under the heading "A water party on the Thames" in the table of contents. The letter was dated June 30, 1561.

James Anthony Froude (1818-1894) was an English historian. Alvarez de Quadra was the Spanish Bishop of Aquila and Ambassador to England. De Quadra's letters are archived with the Spanish State Papers. Philip II (1527-1598) was King of Spain (1556). Lord Robert was Robert Dudley (1532?-1588), later Earl of Leicester (1564). The Queen, of course, was Elizabeth I of England (1533-1603; crowned 1558). De Quadra's letter was dated June 30, 1561, making the Queen 27 years old at the time and Dudley probably 28.

The source of the letter used for Exploring The Waste Land was:

Froude, James Anthony.  History of England
New York: AMS Press.  1969

This is the first AMS edition and it is a
Reprint of the 1862-1870 edition (London)
Library of Congress Catalogue Number 71-91303

The 12 volumes in the AMS edition were sub-titled in the following way:

Exploring The Waste Land
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