My Apologies.

If you are reading this text, you are most likely exploring my site with a FRAMES-incapable brower -- this site was designed to be viewed by a FRAMES-capable browser. I did not do this just to be fancy. The site was designed to provide a commentary on The Waste Land and I wanted readers to be able to see the poem and commentary, definitions and such side by side. This means I would have to use frames or Java and I deemed frames more suitable.

The best I can do for you at my site is to allow you to visit some of my other non-framed pages. Please start at the Exploring The Waste Land's home page. Just don't select any links marked as using frames.

Another possibility is to go to this site that provides commentary on The Waste Land (with a different interpretation):

What are frames anyway?

Frames are used to allow a window to be divided into sub-windows, each capable of presenting a document by itself. An alternate use of frames is to present two or more seperate windows which will act upon each other. My site allows you to take your pick. One pick is for one window of 4 frames, the other pick is for two windows where one window contains 3 frames.

Of the two main browsers used, you would need Netscape's Navigator 2.0 or better or Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.0 or better to view this site.

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