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Deadball Stars of the National League
by Subject

See also the lists of N.L. Authors and American League Stars.

The book Deadball Stars of the National League (2004) includes 138 short biographies organized by club. Each subject is assigned to one of the eight N.L. clubs except that two executives and four umpires are assigned to the league (League). Here the subjects are listed by last name. "Role" is principal fielding position for those featured mainly as players; other roles are executive (Exec), umpire (Ump), manager (Mgr), and coach (Coach).

Each N.L. club is also represented by one "All-Era Team" (9 players) and by a series of annual representative lineups. The All-Era Teams were selected by a Deadball Era Committee survey and the team lineups were researched by one author for each season, listed far below.

Biography Subjects, National League

    Subject                 Role    Club        Author
    Adams, Babe             P       PIT     	Brian Stevens
    Alexander, Pete         P       PHI     	Jan Finkel
    Ames, Red               P       NY      	R.J. Lesch
    Archer, Jimmy           C       CHI     	Bill Bishop
    Bancroft, Dave          SS      PHI     	Trey Strecker
    Beaumont, Ginger        OF      PIT     	Dan Ginsburg
    Beckley, Jake           1B      CIN     	David Fleitz
    Benton, Rube            P       CIN     	Bill Bishop
    Bergen, Bill            C       BKL     	Joe Dittmar
    Bescher, Bob            OF      CIN     	Steve Constantelos
    Bransfield, Kitty       1B      PHI     	Dave Anderson
    Bresnahan, Roger        C       STL     	Joan Thomas
    Britton, Helene R.      Exec    STL     	Joan Thomas
    Brown, Mordecai         P       CHI     	Brian Marshall
    Brush, John             Exec    NY      	John Saccoman
    Burns, George J.        OF      NY      	R.J. Lesch
    Byrne, Bobby            3B      PIT     	Irv Goldfarb
    Camnitz, Howie          P       PIT     	Irv Goldfarb
    Carey, Max              OF      PIT     	John Bennett
    Chance, Frank           1B      CHI     	Gregory Ryhal
    Cheney, Larry           P       CHI     	Jim Moyes
    Clarke, Fred            OF/Mgr  PIT     	Angelo Louisa
    Connolly, Joe           OF      BOS     	Dennis Auger
    Cooper, Wilbur          P       PIT     	David Cicotello
    Crandall, Doc           P       NY      	R.J. Lesch
    Cravath, Gavvy          OF      PHI     	Bill Swank
    Cutshaw, George         2B      BKL     	Cappy Gagnon
    Dahlen, Bill            SS      BKL     	Lyle Spatz
    Daubert, Jake           1B      BKL     	Jim Sandoval
    Devlin, Art             3B      NY      	Jan Finkel
    Doak, Bill              P       STL     	Steve Steinberg
    Donlin, Mike            OF      NY      	Michael Betzold
    Donovan, Patsy          OF/Mgr  STL     	David Jones
    Dooin, Red              C       PHI     	Norman Macht
    Doolan, Mickey          SS      PHI     	Paul Mittermeyer
    Doyle, Larry            2B      NY      	R.J. Lesch
    Dreyfuss, Barney        Exec    PIT     	Sam Bernstein
    Ebbets, Charles         Exec    BKL     	John Saccoman
    Emslie, Bob             Ump     League  	David Cicotello
    Evans, Steve            OF      STL     	Paul Sallee
    Evers, Johnny           2B      CHI     	David Shiner
    Ewing, Bob              P       CIN     	Mike Lackey
    Fletcher, Art           SS      NY      	Peter Gordon
    Gibson, George          C       PIT     	Trey Strecker
    Gowdy, Hank             C       BOS     	Frank Ceresi & Carol McMains
    Grant, Eddie            3B      PHI     	Tom Simon
    Groh, Heinie            3B      CIN     	Sean Lahman
    Hahn, Noodles           P       CIN     	Dan Levitt
    Hanlon, Ned             Mgr     BKL     	Zack Triscuit
    Hendrix, Claude         P       CHI     	Jon Dunkle
    Herrmann, Garry         Exec    CIN     	John Saccoman
    Herzog, Buck            2B      NY      	Gabriel Schecter
    Hoblitzell, Dick        1B      CIN     	Tom Simon
    Hofman, Solly           OF      CHI     	Trey Strecker
    Hornsby, Rogers         IF      STL     	Paul Andresen
    Huggins, Miller         2B/Mgr  STL     	Stuart Schimler
    Hummel, John            2B      BKL     	Tom Simon
    James, Bill             P       BOS     	David Jones
    Kauff, Benny            OF      NY      	David Jones
    Killefer, Bill          C       PHI     	Peter Morris
    Klem, Bill              Ump     League  	Dave Anderson
    Kling, Johnny           C       CHI     	Dave Anderson
    Konetchy, Ed            1B      STL     	Eric Sallee & Paul Sallee
    Leach, Tommy            OF      PIT     	Mark Armour
    Leever, Sam             P       PIT     	Mark Armour
    Leifeld, Lefty          P       PIT     	Len Jacobson
    Lobert, Hans            3B      CIN     	Jon Dunkle
    Luderus, Fred           1B      PHI     	Joe Dittmar
    Lumley, Harry           OF      BKL     	Tom Simon
    Magee, Sherry           OF      PHI     	Tom Simon
    Maranville, Rabbit      SS      BOS     	Dick Leyden
    Marquard, Rube          P       NY      	Larry Mansch
    Marsans, Armando        OF      CIN     	Eric Enders
    Mathewson, Christy      P       NY      	Eddie Frierson
    Mayer, Erskine          P       PHI     	Lyle Spatz
    McGann, Dan             1B      NY      	Don Jensen
    McGinnity, Joe          P       NY      	Michael Wells
    McGraw, John            Mgr     NY      	Don Jensen
    McLean, Larry           C       CIN     	Mike Lackey
    McQuillan, George       P       PHI     	Eric Enders
    Merkle, Fred            1B      NY      	Trey Strecker
    Meyers, Chief           C       NY      	R.J. Lesch
    Miller, Dots            IF      PIT     	Tommy Carrella
    Mitchell, Mike          OF      CIN     	Don Geiszler
    Moran, Pat              C       PHI     	Dan Levitt
    Mowrey, Mike            3B      STL     	Peter Morris
    Murphy, Charles         Exec    CHI     	Len Jacobson
    Murray, Red             OF      NY      	Cappy Gagnon
    Myers, Hy               OF      BKL     	Norman Macht
    O'Day, Hank             Ump     League  	Dave Anderson
    Olson, Ivy              SS      BKL     	Brian Stevens
    Overall, Orval          P       CHI     	Brian Marshall
    Paskert, Dode           OF      PHI     	David Jones
    Pfeffer, Jeff           P       BKL     	John Bennett
    Pfiester, Jack          P       CHI     	Stuart Schimler
    Phillipe, Deacon        P       PIT     	Mark Armour
    Pulliam, Harry          Exec    League  	Bill Lamberty
    Raymond, Bugs           P       STL     	Don Jensen
    Reulbach, Ed            P       CHI     	Cappy Gagnon
    Rigler, Cy              Ump     League  	David Cicotello
    Ritchey, Claude         P       PIT     	Angelo Louisa
    Rixey, Eppa             P       PHI     	Jan Finkel
    Robinson, Wilbert       Mgr     BKL     	Alex Semchuck
    Roush, Edd              OF      CIN     	Jim Sandoval
    Rucker, Nap             P       BKL     	Eric Enders
    Rudolph, Dick           P       BOS     	Dick Leyden
    Saier, Vic              1B      CHI     	Peter Gordon
    Sallee, Slim            P       STL     	Eric Sallee & Paul Sallee
    Schulte, Frank          OF      CHI     	Scott Turner
    Seymour, Cy             OF      CIN     	Bill Kirwin
    Sheckard, Jimmy         OF      BKL     	Don Jensen
    Smoot, Homer            OF      STL     	Peter Morris
    Snodgrass, Fred         OF      NY      	Gabriel Schecter
    Sparks, Tully           P       PHI     	Barry Sparks
    Stallings, George       Mgr     BOS     	Martin Kohout
    Steinfeldt, Harry       3B      CHI     	Tom Simon
    Stengel, Casey          OF      BKL     	Bill Bishop
    Sweeney, Bill           IF      BOS     	Peter Morris
    Taylor, Jack            P       CHI     	Dan Ginsburg
    Taylor, Luther          P       NY      	Sean Lahman
    Tener, John             Exec    League  	Dan Ginsburg
    Tenney, Fred            1B      BOS     	Mark Sternman
    Tesreau, Jeff           P       NY      	R.J. Lesch
    Thomas, Roy             OF      PHI     	Bill Lamberty
    Thorpe, Jim             OF      NY      	Don Jensen
    Tinker, Joe             SS      CHI     	Len Jacobson
    Titus, John             OF      PHI     	Allan Wood
    Toney, Fred             P       CIN     	Brian Marshall
    Tyler, Lefty            P       BOS     	Wayne McElreavy
    Vaughn, Hippo           P       CHI     	Jan Finkel
    Wagner, Honus           SS      PIT     	Jan Finkel
    Wheat, Zack             OF      BKL     	Eric Enders
    Williams, Cy            OF      CHI     	Cappy Gagnon
    Willis, Vic             P       BOS     	Dan Levitt
    Wilson, Owen            OF      PIT     	Mark Armour
    Wiltse, Hooks           P       NY      	Gabriel Schecter
    Wingo, Ivy              C       CIN     	Jim Sandoval
    Zimmerman, Heinie       3B      CHI     	David Jones

National League Team "Most Common" Lineups

	    Season          Author
	    1901            Paul Wendt
	    1902            Mike Foster
	    1903-1906       Jim Troisi
	    1907            Len Jacobson
	    1908            Dave Anderson
	    1909            Richard Smiley
	    1910            Mike Foster
	    1911            Gabriel Schechter
	    1912            Angelo Louisa, Coordinator
	    1913            R.J. Lesch
	    1914-1916       David Jones
	    1917            Richard Smiley
	    1918            Allan Wood
	    1919            Jim Sandoval

For 1901, 1907-13, and 1917-19  the same person covered the AL lineups.

Acknowledgments. Lyle Spatz coordinated biography assignments for Deadball Stars of the N.L. and provided the subject-author table.

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