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Deadball Stars of the American League
by Subject

See also the lists of A.L. Authors and National League Stars.

The book Deadball Stars of the American League (2006) includes 136 short biographies organized by club. Each subject is assigned to one of the eight A.L. clubs except that two executives and three umpires are assigned to the league (League). Here the subjects are listed by last name. "Role" is principal fielding position for those featured mainly as players; the other roles are executive (Exec), umpire (Ump), manager (Mgr), and coach (Coach).

Each club is also represented by one "All-Era Team" (9 players) and by a series of annual representative lineups. The All-Era Teams were selected by a Deadball Era Committee survey and the team lineups were researched by one author for each season, listed far below.

Biography Subjects, American League

    Subject                 Role    Club        Biographer      Secondary Author
    Altrock, Nick           Coach   WAS     	Peter Gordon
    Anderson, John          OF      WAS     	John Stahl
    Austin, Jimmy           3B      STL     	John McMurray
    Baker, Frank            3B      PHI     	David Jones
    Barrett, Jimmy          OF      DET     	Paul Wendt
    Barrow, Ed              MGR     BOS     	Dan Levitt
    Barry, Jack             SS      PHI     	Norman Macht
    Bay, Harry              OF      CLE     	John Simpson
    Bender, Chief           P       PHI     	Tom Swift
    Bradley, Bill           3B      CLE     	Steve Constantelos
    Burkett, Jesse          OF      STL     	David Jones
    Bush, Donie             SS      DET     	Jim Moyes
    Caldwell, Ray           P       NY      	Steve Steinberg
    Callahan, Jimmy         P       CHI     	Jim Elfers
    Carrigan, Bill          C       BOS     	Mark Armour
    Chapman, Ray            SS      CLE     	Don Jensen
    Chase, Hal              1B      NY      	Martin Kohout
    Chesbro, Jack           P       NY      	Wayne McElreavy
    Cicotte, Ed             P       CHI     	Jim Sandoval
    Cobb, Ty                OF      DET     	Dan Ginsburg
    Collins, Eddie          2B      PHI     	Paul Mittermeyer
    Collins, Jimmy          3B      BOS     	Stanton Hamlet
    Collins, Ray            P       BOS     	Tom Simon
    Comiskey, Charles       Exec    CHI     	Irv Goldfarb
    Connolly, Tom           Ump     League  	Dave Anderson
    Conroy, Wid             3B      NY      	Sam Bernstein
    Coombs, Jack            P       PHI     	Paul Rogers
    Coveleski, Harry        P       DET     	John Heiselman
    Coveleski, Stan         P       CLE     	Dan Levitt
    Crawford, Sam           OF      DET     	Bill Lamberty
    Cree, Birdie            OF      NY      	Paul Sallee
    Criger, Lou             C       BOS     	Steve Krah
    Dauss, Hooks            P       DET     	Bob O'Leary
    Davis, George           SS      CHI     	Nicole DiCicco
    Davis, Harry            1B      PHI     	Mike Grahek
    Delahanty, Ed           OF      WAS     	John Saccoman
    Delahanty, Jim          IF      DET     	John Saccoman
    Dinneen, Bill           P       BOS     	Matt Marini
    Donovan, Bill           P       DET     	Doug Skipper
    Dougherty, Patsy        OF      CHI     	Ray Anselmo
    Elberfeld, Kid          SS      NY      	Terry Simpkins
    Evans, Billy            Ump     League  	Dave Anderson
    Faber, Red              P       CHI     	Brian  Cooper
    Falkenberg, Cy          P       CLE     	Eric Enders
    Felsch, Happy           OF      CHI     	Jim Nitz
    Ferris, Hobe            2B      BOS     	Dennis Auger
    Fisher, Ray             P       NY      	John Leidy
    Flick, Elmer            OF      CLE     	Angelo Louisa
    Ford, Russ              P       NY      	Kent Morgan     David Jones
    Freeman, Buck           OF      BOS     	Eric Enders
    Gandil, Chick           1B      WAS     	Dan Ginsburg
    Gardner, Larry          3B      BOS     	Tom Simon
    Graney, Jack            OF      CLE     	Adam Ulrey
    Gregg, Vean             P       CLE     	Eric Sallee
    Griffith, Clark         Mgr     WAS     	Mike Grahek
    Groom, Bob              P       WAS     	John Stahl
    Hartsel, Topsy          OF      PHI     	John Husman
    Hedges, Robert          Owner   STL     	Steve Steinberg
    Hemphill, Charlie       OF      STL     	Paul Wendt
    Hickman, Charlie        OF      CLE     	John Husman
    Hooper, Harry           OF      BOS     	Paul Zingg      Elizabeeth Reed
    Howell, Harry           P       STL     	Eric Sallee     David Jones
    Hughes, Long Tom        P       WAS     	John Stahl
    Isbell, Frank           IF      CHI     	Trey Strecker
    Jackson, Joe            OF      CLE     	David Fleitz
    Jennings, Hughie        Mgr     DET     	Paul Rogers
    Johnson, Ban            Exec    League  	Cindy Thomson   Joe Santry
    Johnson, Walter         P       WAS     	Charles Carey
    Jones, Davy             OF      DET     	Mike Grahek
    Jones, Fielder          OF      CHI     	Paul Andresen
    Joss, Addie             P       CLE     	Alex Semchuck
    Keeler, Willie          OF      NY      	Doug Skipper
    Killian, Ed             P       DET     	Dan Holmes
    Lajoie, Nap             2B      CLE     	David Jones     Steve Constantelos
    Leonard, Dutch          P       BOS     	David Jones
    Lewis, Duffy            OF      BOS     	Mark Armour
    Mack, Connie            Mgr     PHI     	Doug Skipper
    Mays, Carl              P       BOS     	Allan Wood
    McAleer, Jimmy          Mgr     STL     	David Fleitz
    McBride, George         SS      WAS     	Stephen Able
    McInnis, Stuffy         1B      PHI     	Aaron Davis     Paul Rogers
    McIntyre, Matty         OF      DET     	Richard Smiley
    Milan, Clyde            OF      WAS     	Tom Simon
    Moore, Earl             P       CLE     	Anthony Bunting
    Moriarty, George        IF      DET     	Eric Enders
    Mullin, George          P       DET     	David Cicottelo
    Murphy, Danny           2B      PHI     	Doug Skipper
    Navin, Frank            Exec    DET     	Mark Okkonen    David Jones
    O'Loughlin, Silk        Ump     League  	Dave Anderson
    O'Neill, Steve          C       CLE     	Adam Ulrey
    Oldring, Rube           OF      PHI     	Bill Bishop
    Orth, Al                P       NY      	Chris Hauser
    Parent, Fred            SS      BOS     	Dan Desrochers
    Peckinpaugh, Roger      SS      NY      	Peter Gordon
    Pelty, Barney           P       STL     	Christopher Williams    Robert W. Bigelow
    Pipp, Wally             1B      NY      	Lyle Spatz
    Plank, Eddie            P       PHI     	Jan  Finkel
    Powell, Jack            P       STL     	David Fleitz
    Pratt, Del              2B      STL     	Steve Steinberg
    Rickey, Branch          C       STL     	Tony Bunting
    Risberg, Swede          SS      CHI     	Rod Nelson      Kelly Boyer Sagert
    Roth, Braggo            OF      CLE     	Dan Holmes
    Russell, Reb            P       CHI     	Richard Smiley
    Ruth, Babe              P       BOS     	Allan Wood
    Schaefer, Germany       2B      DET     	Dan Holmes
    Schalk, Ray             C       CHI     	Brian Stevens
    Schang, Wally           C       PHI     	Don Geiszler
    Schrecongost, Osee      C       PHI     	Dan O'Brien
    Scott, Jim              P       CHI     	John Bennett
    Seybold, Socks          OF      PHI     	Vincent Altieri
    Shibe, Ben              Exec    PHI     	Stuart Schimler
    Shotton, Burt           OF      STL     	Joan Thomas
    Sisler, George          1B      STL     	Bill Lamberty
    Smith, Frank            P       CHI     	Sam Bernstein
    Somers, Charles         Exec    League  	Fred Schuld
    Speaker, Tris           OF      BOS     	Don Jensen
    Stahl, Chick            OF      BOS     	Dennis Auger
    Stahl, Jake             1B      BOS     	John Stahl
    Stanage, Oscar          C       DET     	Jim Moyes
    Stone, George           OF      STL     	John McMurray
    Stovall, George         1B      CLE     	Steve Constantelos
    Strunk, Amos            OF      PHI     	John McMurray
    Sullivan, Billy         C       CHI     	Trey Strecker
    Tannehill, Jesse        P       BOS     	Nathaniel Staley
    Turner, Terry           IF      CLE     	Scott Turner
    Veach, Bobby            OF      DET     	Bob O'Leary
    Waddell, Rube           P       PHI     	Dan O'Brien
    Walker, Tilly           OF      PHI     	David Jones
    Wallace, Bobby          SS      STL     	Scott Schul
    Walsh, Ed               P       CHI     	Stuart Schimler
    Weaver, Buck            SS      CHI     	David Fletcher
    White, Doc              P       CHI     	John Bennett
    Williams, Jimmy         2B      NY      	Dixie Tourangeau
    Williams, Lefty         P       CHI     	Jon Dunkle
    Wood, Joe               P       BOS     	Mike Foster
    Young, Cy               P       BOS     	David Southwick

American League Team "Most Common" Lineups

            Season          Author
            1901            Paul Wendt                  
            1902            Sheldon Miller              
            1903            Allan Wood                  
            1904-1905       Matt Marini                 
            1906            Richard Smiley              
            1907            Len Jacobson                
            1908            Dave Anderson               
            1909            Richard Smiley              
            1910            Mike Foster                 
            1911            Gabriel Schechter           
            1912            Angelo Louisa, Coordinator  
            1913            R.J. Lesch                  
            1914            Matt Marini & David Jones   
            1915-1916       Matt Marini                 
            1917            Richard Smiley              
            1918            Allan Wood                  
            1919            Jim Sandoval                

For 1901, 1907-13, and 1917-19 the same person covered the NL lineups.

Acknowledgments. Lyle Spatz coordinated biography assignments for Deadball Stars of the A.L. and provided the subject-author table.

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