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  • SABR has about 50 local or regional "Chapters" including nine Chapters in New England, Montreal, and New York City
    The Boston Chapter has a close neighbor that meets every Spring and Fall.
    The Southern New England Chapter will meet May or Jun 2007 at McCoy Stadium, Pawtucket RI (contact: Len Levin) (Fall 2006 recap)
  • past Regional Meetings. - program sketches for Boston meetings; guest speakers for SoNE and Central Massachusetts meetings
  • Baseball Websites and Baseball Books by New England SABRen and friends



    The Boston Chapter

    and the Boston Hot Stove League

    The Boston Chapter, Society for American Baseball Research (SABR)
  • Hot Stove League - monthly offseason gatherings at pubs ( next, Sunday, 28 January 2007 )
  • Regional Meetings ( last, Monday, January 15 [program]; next, Saturday, late March or early April )

    Did you miss it last spring? Opportunity only knocks once.

    Saturday, 20 May 2006 -- baseball statistics and sabrmetrics with John Thorn

  • Books by the chapter. We are writing a series of collected biographies featuring the 1975 Red Sox ('75, in print), the 1967 Red Sox, the 1918 Red Sox (two forthcoming winter 2007 and winter 2008), and the 1948 Braves plus Red Sox (all subjects assigned to authors). What next? Think of a year that ends in '9' or '0'. . . . Bill Nowlin ( coordinates the series initiated by David Southwick.

  • Member Websites - Baseball Websites by New England SABRen and friends
  • Member Books - recent Baseball Books by New England SABRen and friends

    Featured image : : George Wright retired from the major leagues to the sporting goods business.
    See a Wright & Ditson business envelope, postmark 1900.

    Featured website : : Cecilia Tan, Why I Like Baseball. Essays illustrated with photos.
    Cecilia spent a fortnight at Spring Training one February, before they play the games! ("Spring Forward"). One fall she played in a 24-hour baseball marathon ("Women's Baseball Marathon"). One spring she was "Traveling the Bambino Road - a drive through the the south in search of baseball landmarks", beginning Day One (6 March 2003, North Carolina).

    We send occasional email notices.

    Seamus Kearney, Chair
    Paul Wendt, Secretary & Web Editor
    David Laurila, Publicity

    The Boston Chapter, SABR

    The Boston Chapter was revived October 1999. A formal chapter meeting or "Regional" typically features a guest speaker and a program of prepared presentations by members. Some chapter business is usually transacted. Visit a sketch of each past program.

    Our most recent meeting was Monday January 15 at Friends Meeting. (program)

    The next will probably be on a Saturday in late March or early April.

    Contact Seamus Kearney concerning Boston Regional meetings.

    What else did you miss?
    Thematic "specials":
    Ted Williams Symposium (Sep 2003)
    1975 Red Sox 30th Anniversary (Nov 2005)
    Sabermetrics Conference (May 2006)

    The Boston Hot Stove League

    The next Hot Stove gathering will be Sunday, January 28.

    The Boston Hot Stove League was established January 1998 by two regular participants in the Southern New England chapter meetings who keenly felt the void in Boston. The Hot Stove season is a series of casual monthly gatherings, consistently during the baseball offseason and occasionally otherwise. Casual means that there are no prepared presentations and no chapter business is transacted. All members and friends are invited. Advance notice may be helpful if you will arrive after 6:30 and will dine with the group, as we will be seated before then.

    "Come as you are, when you can. Look for baseball caps. Listen for baseball talk."
    The most recent Hot Stove gathering was Sunday, January 7, at John Harvard's Brew House ( finding and parking instructions ).

    2006-2007 schedule:
    - Sunday, Dec 10
    - Sunday, Jan 7
    - Sunday, Jan 28
    - Sunday, Feb 18
    - Sunday, Mar 11
    - Sunday, Apr 1 (opening eve for some teams)

    Contact Paul Wendt concerning Hot Stove gatherings.

    (NE) notices and other mailings

    The Boston Chapter Corresponding Secretary Paul Wendt composes occasional articles and distributes them, email only, to almost 1000 New England SABRen and friends, including all New England members who do not opt out. Some are forwards, usually from a SABR source. By policy, each article is mailed with Subject prefix "(NE)". Traffic is 0-5 per month. Most of them are compilations of "Upcoming Events and more." Send notice of any event as early as possible; even so, we do not promise timely distribution.

    Contact Paul Wendt to join the one-to-many, read-only email list. If you are a SABR member, resident in New England, with a good eddress on file at the Society Office, then you will be on the list unless you opt out.

    2002 Convention (SABR32)

    The Boston Chapter hosted "SABR32", the 32d Annual Convention of the Society, at the Park Plaza Hotel, 26-30 June 2002.

  • Official Blurb and Photo (select "Convention"; then "'02 Boston")

  • The companion book was distributed to each Conventioneer on-site. It is a collection of research articles with a regional theme, The Northern Game - and Beyond: Baseball in New England and Eastern Canada, editors Mark Kantar and Barbara Flanagan. (View the Table of Contents.) The Northern Game is available from SABR by web (select "SABR Store"), phone, or mail. Price $12.50 plus TS&H.

  • The companion T-shirt is still available in some sizes from SABR (web, select "SABR Store"). View the T-shirt design, full size.

  • The companion CD-ROM was canceled. Contact SABR if necessary.

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