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To find a position in a dynamic and innovative organisation where my experience and abilities will be exercised in the solution of interesting or vital problems and the creation of new and useful software.



(Xap is an XML-based declarative markup system for creating browser and stand-alone client-based applications and connecting them to data sources.)  Creating widgets using Javascript/HTML/HTML_DOM ( “Ajax”), and the  Zimbra and Dojo toolkits.  Contributed to the ongoing architecture process for the product suite.  Given strong responsibility for a large portion of an aggressively-scheduled project.
Did extensive comparative analysis of different recognisers' accuracies in noisy environments using Python, Java, MATLAB, and MS Excel. Conducted evaluations of different text-to-speech synthesisers using an interface built in Java Swing. Hacked the open-source FreeTTS product to expose its pronunciation-guessing functionality. Wrote a simple speech recogniser in C using Fonix's API.

Nombas, Inc., Medford, MA 1996-1998

        Sensimetrics, Inc., Cambridge, MA     1995

         A small phonetic and  acoustics research and development company.

        Software Engineer