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"You will not find a single nation - I say not a Christian, I say not a Catholic, but merely a civilized nation - that has not decreed capital punishments against deadly blows struck at its religion."
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Home Page for Michael Turyn

Here are a simple AJAX page and a {much-better}-looking simple DHTML example, both done for application processes.

An "outsourcing consultant" gave me some tips on résumé-writing, and I actually followed some of them for this MS Word 2000 version (and here's an HTML version of the same derived from Google's Word->HTML translator). She helped me tighten it up, and I then tried to keep it from looking like a résumé I would ignore. Any defect in it (e.g., it makes you not want to hire me) should be taken as my responsibility.

(There's also a director's cut, whose non-standard opening gave a few headhunters pause, in Word and HTML versions). I've recently removed my textual information, replacing it with a graphic because I was getting more and more spam from recruiters; please let me know if there's a problem viewing it.

Don't wage Jihad, don't buy McWorld.

01.03.2008: My mother,  Charlotte Turyn, Tverai 06.06.1924, died,  Rockville Center, N.Y..

01.08.2007: Started work at Verizon Business, seconded from Apex Systems---phone UI, back-end, and middleware design and development...

24.04.2006: Started work with Nexaweb, of Burlington, Ma..

23.12.2004: A year's worth of well- and overpaid consulting over the past four years, but none for 1.5 years, and savings are finite...I really need a permanent job for some reasonable definition of 'permanent'---but some more consulting would do....

25.12.2003: My father, Arthur Turyn, Warsaw 02.07.1919, died, New York City.

05.01.2002: Still no sign of land. I blame myself, even though I don't rationally believe that.

13.04.2001: Until yesterday, I worked for a Java-based {application server}/{Web commerce)/ICRM company, Art Technology Group. I was one of about 150 persons fired; I dislike the term "laid off" because that implies a more temporary condition than obtains in this case.

12.11.2000: I wrote a Sluggy Freelance—they accepted my entry into a caption contest:


The best radio station on the Net, and damn near anywhere else, is WFMU---try their 128kbps and 32kbps streams.

Every day spent listening to WFMU is redeemable at the end of your life.
Save your receipt!
(quote courtesy of their home-page). Another excellent station is WMBR, MIT's community station. Its higher-bitrate stream is locatable here, though you might have to paste that location directly into your player to hear it. (Both stations have RealAudio streams, WFMU has a WM stream as well.)

Here 's an animation based on an image by Phil Foglio, creator of Buck Godot and Xxxenophile. It 's copyright © 1999 by Studio Foglio, and is used by their permission.

And here is an animation of a "hobby holder"---next, some gung fu. (Thanks to J.F. for hosting.)

Comments? Suggestions? Other? Send mail to mturyn@world.std.com. Thank-you.

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