Due Diligence Investigation & Fraud Investigation proprietary background information for the United States.

Due Diligence Investigation Database

Boston, Massachusetts Paralegal & Licensed Private Investigator.

From 1980 through 2016, MICHAEL N. MOORE compiled the names of alleged and reputed swindlers, gangsters, embezzlers, corrupt officials, and other people you need to know about (128,983 records).

This database, in conjunction with searches of online commercial sources and relevant public records, is essential for background investigations. Also, these names can be downloaded into any other relational databases of personal names for computerized mass background checks on campaign contributors, insurance claimants, employees, etc.

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The data is centered in, but not limited to, the northeast United States. Each record has a cited public source and date that should be used for confirmation of the information. Major States include:

Massachusetts: 46,000 records

New York: 21,500 records

New Jersey: 10,000 records

Connecticut: 5,500 records

California: 5,200 records

Florida: 4,500 records

Rhode Island: 3,000 records

Washington DC area: 4,200 records

Illinois: 1,600 records

New Hampshire: 1,200 records

Major topics include:

  • 23,000 records were selected from reports of financial crime.

  • 7,000 records were selected from reports of organized crime.

  • 43,500 selected records relate to civil, business, political, and professional due diligence for the United States.

  • 12,000 records were seleted from reports of Massachusetts drug, gun, political corruption, and sex crimes.

  • 3,000 records selected from records of political lobbyists in DC and Massachusetts.

  • 25,000 selected records relate to civil, professional, business, and political due diligence information for Massachusetts.

  • 3,400 records were selected from the indices of investigative books.

  • 27,000 record are selected federal criminal defendants from the 1980s in Massachusetts, southern New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

    Data Fields in each record are:














    Dates of data are:

  • 1980-1989: 13,436 records

  • 1990-1999: 62,272 records

  • 2000-2009: 35,377 records

  • 2010-2016: 17,983 records
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