======> Important Update:  UPDATED: Feb. 7, 2012

Graphical and Numerical Analysis of Steven Krivit's Lastest Rants

 February 5, 2012 - There he goes again.  Just when cold fusion scientists thought it might be safe to emerge from their laboratories, along comes major mischief-maker Steve Krivit ('New Energy Times') to spin facts into fiction.  Known by many for his serial, unqualified "analyses" and his intense advocacy of a knock-off theory, Steve Krivit has now been over-shadowed by fifth grade level logic regarding both the magnitude of numbers AND how he failed to even read a graph correctly.

 Krivit's latest kneejerk, anti-scientific, anti-cold fusion rant, against actual working, real cold fusioneers is entitled, "Swartz Makes Misleading Claim of LENR Excess Heat". The fact that the body of his attack-blog has absolutely nothing to support his misleading headline did not stop Krivit from using his typical sabotage of others' hard-fought-for cold fusion gains. In this case, Krivit yet again throws innuendoes with absolutely no basis except his own numerical and logical misconceptions, as discussed in detail below.

Mr. Krivit, on one of his junkets, "interviews" Cold Fusioneer Mr. Rossi, who later identified Krivit as "The Snake"

KRIVIT's Three Graphical Errors

======> Important Update:   February 7, 2012 - In response to Steven  Krivit's latest  excuse as to why he (or his unnamed "source" {wink,wink}) was unable to read a graph that was handed out to others in the 'IAP Short Course on COLD FUSION at MIT' and in its stead made a series of disingenuous statements, it is important to examine the actual claim he made and what he posted.

Below is the graph and text from the Krivit-NewEnergyTime's-ColdFusionAttackPage.  This was the second of two graphs which Mr. Krivit revealed from the class at MIT (January 30, 2012).   The first graph identified the first input pulse of electrical power and the system response as the "control"; and the second input pulse and the system response as the "NANOR".  Attention is directed to the fact that Krivit actually purported that the authors had failed to "provide" the 1) "maximum excess heat power level", 2) the "percent of excess heat relative to input power", and 3) the "duration of the excess heat period".  Is it true?  No, it is NOT true.

The following graph and text are directly taken from Krivit's Blog (i.e. the New Energy Times'-Cold Fusion-Attack-Page.  The details are discussed in detail in the section below, including on the very graph itself.  Just follow the red lines below to the red arrows which show where the data is located on the graph -- despite that it was missed by the sophomoric "investigative journalist" and his unnamed secret source.  Note that every single, unreasonably-demanded value is, and was, actually on the graph itself.

Even a non-technical writer could have shown  this alleged "journalist" that his innuendo was NOT TRUE and that every single bit of information  that disingenuous Krivit had  falsely claimed was not "provide(d)" was actually  in the graph -- right in front of his nose, on the very same page, right before Mr. Krivit's lying eyes.   Mr. Krivit knew his statements were untrue, and his back peddling is unsubstantial.

  The above graph and text are directly from Krivit'sColdFusionAttackPage


KRIVIT's First Numerical Inaccuracy

   "Can't Krivit read a graph correctly?", said one person who actually attended the JET Energy open cold fusion/LANR demonstration at MIT. A 5th grader had no trouble reading the graph that apparently stupified Krivit.  Krivit's muddled thinking is obvious because he falsely claimed, "the peak power output Swartz measured in that experiment was 18 milliWatts".  However, the graph distributed at the JET Energy MIT open cold fusion/LANR demonstration of the NANOR CF/LANR technology (see 2nd graph below) actually quite clearly showed, and still shows, a thermal output power of the NANOR closer to 78 milliwatts than 18 milliwatts.  Thus, the actual data from the open demonstration of Cold Fusion/LANR at MIT on January 30, 2012 shows Steve Krivit to have been untruthful in his posting.

Actual Data From the JET Energy NANOR Open Demonstration at the MIT IAP Short Course on Cold Fusion/LANR
In response to the false information widely posted by the biased, unscientific, blogger Krivit, Dr. Swartz and Prof. Hagelstein have elected to release a small portion of their collected data and derived information,  prior to publication,  the part which was actually collected and analyzed by the class. Below are the input, and the input-power-normalized output, and the calorimetry of JET Energy NANOR along with the ohmic control used to calibrate the system. For hot fusion and particle physicists and students, the background (input) are the blue (control) and green (NANOR), and the foreground (output, read off the right hand side) are the red curves (control and NANOR, plotted as input-power-normalized temperature deviation (delta-T).  Compare these to others in the CF/LANR field, and note that these curves have a thermal (ohmic) control and also time integration to determine energy, and thus rule out energy storage, chemical sources of the induced heat, and other sources of possible false positives.  Here, the active CF/LANR quantum electronic device shows significant improvement in thermal output compared to a standard ohmic control (a carbon composition resistor). Also, here, the data and information show that Steve Krivit was untruthful ... by quite a bit.

KRIVIT's Second Numerical Inaccuracy
In his latest saboteur blog, masquerading as an "analysis", Krivit attempts to diminish the significance of the Cold Fusion Times report implying that the energy gain was other (i.e. lower) than 10x (1000% above input energy).  Of course, Krivit was wrong again.  The semiquantitatively measured output energy was actually just above ~14x (~1400%) the input.  This IS, in fact, "a significant energy gain greater than 10” despite the fact that this  advocate-"journalist", pretending to be objective, purported something less, again without a nanogram of scientific accuracy.

KRIVIT's Third Numerical Inaccuracy

   "Can't Krivit tell time?", said another person who actually attended the JET Energy open cold fusion/LANR demonstration at MIT. Krivit's muddled thinking is obvious because in his latest additional saboteur blog, LENR Researchers Reject Significance of Swartz’s Claim, also masquerading as an "analysis" but containiing more falsehoods and clear misunderstanding of physics (energy density, in particular) and BOTH time and power measurement.  In this odious case which shows Krivit makes no attempt for accuracy, he deliberately falsely claimed, "Less significant, but still important, was that Swartz failed to tell readers that the excess-heat period ran for only three minutes."   Attention is directed to the very charts above, which Mr. Krivit posted.  Not the 'brightest bulb available', Krivit has apparently posted the very graphs which showing that the duration of the excess heat was much longer than lied claimed [Krivit the Disingenuous: "ran for only three minutes"] when it actually performed for that part of its week long performance for circa [ 4 * (3592-2053)] seconds!!!   That is much, much more than "three minutes".  And THAT time was limited because it was designed for the class.  This misstatement by Krivit heralds that Krivit is clearly willing to deceive over the Internet even when the very diagrams and charts in front of him herald his disingenuity. In this case, Mr. Krivit is quantitatively off by 3420%; no doubt a second grader would have done better.

======> Important Update:   The JET Energy NANOR for the "MIT IAP Short Course on Cold Fusion" is now beginning its second (2nd) week of active operation.  At the end of the first week, there were thousands of  minutes of operation of the CF/LANR system.

KRIVIT's Fourth Deliberate Falsehood
   In his latest additional saboteur blog, LENR Researchers Reject Significance of Swartz’s Claim, also masquerading as an "analysis" but containiing more falsehoods and clear misunderstanding of physics (energy density, in particular) and BOTH time and power measurement, Krivit falsely claims  “In 23 years, he has yet to sustain anything more than 1 watt. There is little in Swartz’s work to get excited about.”  Dr. Swartz presented his work to DTRA in 2006 involving paired Stirling engines driven by CF/LANR systems which showed 19 watts of excess heat, and the results were published in the Proceedings of ICCF-14, and the Journal of Scientifc Exploration, after peer-review.

Swartz, M. "Survey of the Observed Excess Energy and Emissions In Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions", Journal of Scientific Exploration, 23, 4, 419-436 (2009)
Swartz, M., "Excess Power Gain using High Impedance and Codepositional LANR Devices Monitored by Calorimetry, Heat Flow, and Paired Stirling Engines", Proceedings of the 14th International Conference onCondensed Matter Nuclear Science and the 14th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF-14), 10-15 August 2008, Washington, D.C. Editors:David J. Nagel and Michael E. Melich, ISBN: 978-0-578-06694-3, 123, (2010).

Nonetheless, Mr. Krivit blatantly lies again without a nanogram of scientific factual accuracy

KRIVIT's Past History of Systematic Disingenuity and Inaccuracy
   Confirming the above, and documenting Krivit's previous uncaring disdain for accuracy, attached at the url below is a pdf file (which has since become public) revealing that Steve Krivit has worked disingenuously and diligently to wrongly crush cold fusioneers for years by publishing knowingly, and shamelessly, false information.  Reprehensibly, this continued EVEN AFTER Krivit received notification that he was scientifically inaccurate. To wit: these communications herald Krivit's knowledge of his serial false statements about cold fusioneers from 2007 and 2008 which remain to this day, even though  he was informed by several people several years ago that he was disingenuous, but  apparently, simply, did not care.

File on Steven Krivit Demonstrating Disingenuous Behavior (pdf)

Confer the pdf file to read email from several individuals confirming exactly this.

  Other Implications of KRIVIT's Numerical Inaccuracies
  There are two important implications here from Krivit's ineptitude.

  First, a fifth grader with a calculator can compute Krivit's error here regarding the CF/LANR output to be a whopping 433%, and Krivit's error regarding time elapsed for the CF/LANR event to be an astronomic 3420%  And so, there other implications.   For example, this is so large a magnitude that Krivit's previous, unfounded, unrelenting persecution of real contributing cold fusioneers like Dr. Michael McKubre are shown to be 'witch hunts' without basis.  Krivit has conducted this for years over what now turns out to be a smaller percentage error than Krivit's own error. This heralds that Krivit's attacks on Dr. McKubre have been nothing more than self-serving agenda-driven nonsense.
Second, if Krivit is so inept at reading an energy graph, he should hire an expert BEFORE publishing it on-line. He could show a little due diligence for a change and even hire a fifth grader to help him out.  Or, he ought to consider wearing a 'warning label' so his readers can alert themselves to his unscientific diatribes and advocacy compulsion in the NEW ENERGY NEWS and elsewhere.

   KRIVIT's Overriding Agenda and Modus Operandi
In light of the above disingenuities, Krivit appears unencumbered by the need for truth, accuracy, or to have first achieved some sort of self-commensurate achievement.  Instead, Krivit apparently is bouyed with grandiose feelings of self importance, and as a result, he has made numerous provocative attacks on serious cold fusioneers whom he deems a threat to his agenda of promoting Widom-Larsen "theory" (a theory backed by no experimental data--except that of others, like the original equation, itself).   Krivit's attacks have been against serious cold fusioneers, such as Dr. Michael McKubre, Prof. Peter Hagelstein, Dr. Mel Miles, and Dr. George Miley, just to name a few. These are very robust researchers whom Krivit has attacked unfairly, without accurate foundation,  but with considerable  misstatements on-line with his seeming intent  to inflict improper professional harm. Ironically, and by contrast, Krivit has absolutely no real achievement in physics or serious experimental and theoretical work.   He imagines himself a 'Woodward and Bernstein' uncovering Watergate, but in these cases, there is nothing there.

  In the present attacks, Krivit again seriously gets his numbers wrong, and fails to accurately describe others' work, and again uses a misleading headline to libel and sabotage others' scientific efforts.  And Mr. Krivit had Evidence in front of him that he was lying.

These egregious attempts to rewrite science and history by Steve Krivit have been long standing, as discussed above; but there is more. Despite Krivit's personal lack of qualifications, and lack of personal serious significant experience in CF/LANR, even when he was a "newbie" to the field, he quickly attacked Dr. Russ George (author of the very first periodical in the field of cold fusion), and then Dr. Mitchell Swartz (author of the third periodical in the field of cold fusion), and then Ms. Christy Frazier (editor of 'Infinite Energy', Dr. Gene Mallove's periodical in the field of cold fusion).  None of his criticisms were true. Following THAT, Mr. Krivit has actually had the impetuousity to attempt to revise history to falsely claim that HE self-published the "first" blog in the field.  Utter nonsense and blatant fabrication.  By contrast, the real record demonstrates Krivit's salient envy, systematic haughty behavior, and self-serving agenda.

   Consistent with the above, below are a few more comments of what others have written recently about the Krivit-attack operation.

   When reading them, consider the sad fact that cold fusion is struggling to make its resurgence, driven by researchers who have worked their fingers to the bone at enormous expense.  It does NOT need bullies trying to make a name for themselves by advocating a "theory", they personally like and may have been paid to push and lobby.   Hard-working experimental cold fusioneers worldwide need real support and not Krivit's version of reality founded on disingenuity.   Steve Krivit ought to shape up.

Comment from Prof Brian Josephson:

"What Drives Steven Krivit?"

Comments from the NET:

"I hate when people take emails and make them public without their permission.  The Snake did that to me ... He was duplicitous and published a "private" email ... I did not trust him after that.  It was a good lesson."

[S...., Subject: The Snake is a Snake, Nov 2011]

"I think Larsen is jealous that Rossi has been able to build practical cold fusion systems, and he has not. He is so desperate he has Krivit helping him attack those who do not support his theory."

[n..., Subject: Re: [Vo]:Lattice Energy LLC comments on Rossi, 26 Nov 2011]

"I just noticed that Krivit just created a few pages that shows that he is declaring war against anyone that uses "Cold Fusion" name as a description to LENR.
... Notice that the purpose of all this is to promote Widom Larsen theory."

[DR,, 22 Dec 2011]