2016 Support Clean Energy Cold Fusion Education Fund

                   2016 Effort to Support and Expand Clean Energy Cold Fusion Education

               Do You Support Clean Energy?   Who wouldn’t. 

Whether you call it low energy nuclear reactions, the new fire, lattice assisted nuclear reactions, lattice enabled nuclear reactions, or any variation thereof,  it WILL BE the future.  But  Cold Fusion public education and its development simply cannot continue to move forward without help. How many years have you visited this web site or joined us and took advantage of our scientific Colloquia, educational courses, information-packed symposia, and other meetings, etc. that we sponsored, to get the latest, best information on cold fusion. 

The COLD FUSION TIMES—for almost the past 27 years-- has been publishing and sharing our breakthrough developments in cold fusion, (including a decade+ in hard copy and now on the world wide web).  During this time, in addition to sponsoring the COLD FUSION TIMES, and while taking a short break from ongoing cold fusion efforts,  JET Energy, Inc. has also pursued its mission of scientific excellence in education and study of cold fusion science and engineering, and therefore has initiated, funded, organized and directed many Scientific and Engineering Colloquia on Cold Fusion.  These scientific colloquia have provided continuing education to scores of researchers, precisely discussing cold fusion, its theory, physics, electrochemistry, material science, metallurgy, and electrical  engineering.  This has provided substantive education about this important subject almost very year, benefiting and supporting the community.

2016 is approaching along with the 27th anniversary of the initial CF announcement. And we, along with other educators and C.F. developers, struggle for support to further investigate this most important material science and clean energy production technology. Let’s face it, we can’t do it alone--we need your help. 

To recap: Our mission is to increase public understanding  awareness, education, and scientific excellence, so that not only colleagues, but the public as well will reap what has been sown.  Help us keep the education of this future important zero emission energy production process alive. Make our energy efforts your energy benefit. 

Please consider making a contribution now, through the new Year and let’s move this important clean, energy work full steam ahead.

Please click on the donate button today.      THANK YOU!  

  2016 Effort to Support and Expand Clean Energy Cold Fusion Education

    Past Colloquia  
Infinite Energy - Summary of the 2014 Cold Fusion/LANR Colloquium at MIT

                                          2014 CF/LANR Colloquium at MIT video files

                                          2014 CF/LANR Colloquium at MIT Full Coverage

        2011: Part 1 (pdf)  Part 2 (pdf)     2010 (pdf):      2009:     2007:    2005:









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