Limited Property: Zoning and Takings.

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Most libertarians are in favor of absolute property rights, in contradiction to essentially all traditions of property ownership.


The New Politics: speech on property rights.
A speech by Carl Pope, Executive Director of the Sierra Club, explaining why "takings" laws and other aspects of the property rights movement are ahistorical, unworkable, and undesirable.
Zoning: A Reply To The Critics
Bradley C. Karkkainen's article from the Journal of Land Use and Environmental Law. A scholarly examination of the arguments for and against zoning. It provides strong rebuttals to libertarian positions, a plausible explanation for the value of zoning and why it is so prevalent (Houston is the ONLY major US city without zoning.)
The Takings Project: Using Federal Courts to Attack Community and Environmental Protections
A history of the conspiracy to overturn government regulatory powers by appeal to bogus constitutional interpretation. See especially "Epstein Critiqued" in Chapter 2.
Takings: Rhetoric, Not Substance
Professor F. Patrick Hubbard presents the big picture of takings, showing that the issues are not as presented by the takings ideologues.

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